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The Daily Mercury
The Daily Mercury
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Description: Sacrificed to Blood Poison - Mrs. T. W. Lee

Date: February 21 1900

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 1

Sacrificed to Blood Poison
Those who have never had Blood Poison cannot know what a desperate condition it can produce. This terrible disease which the doctors are totally unable to cure, it communicated from one generation to another, inflicting its taint upon countless innocent ones.
Some years ago I was inoculated with poison by a nurse who infected my babe with blood taint. The little one was unequal to the struggle, and its life was yielded up to the fearful poison. For six long years I suffered untold misery. I was covered with sores and ulcers from head to foot, and no language can express my feelings of woe during those long years. I had the best medical treatment. Several physicians successively treated me, but all to no purpose. The mercury and potash seemed to add fuel to the awful flame which was devouring me. I was advised by friends who had seen wonderful cures made by it, to try Swifts Specific. We got two bottles, and I felt hope again revive in my breasthope for health and happiness again. I improved from the start, and a complete and perfect cure was the result. S.S.S. is the only blood remedy which reaches desperate cases.
MRS. T. W. LEE, Montgomery, Ala.

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