Richmond Whig
Richmond Whig
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Description: Proclamation by the Governor of Virginia

Date: December 12 1862

Newspaper published in: Richmond, VA

Page/Column: 3

Proclamation by the Governor of Virginia

Information has been received by the Executive that T. H. Cobb, a member of Captain Robinson's Cavalry Company from the County of Patrick, who is charged with horse stealing, and that G. H. Huff, a member of the 18th Georgia Regiment, charged with highway robbery, have escaped from the jail in the town of Danville and are now going at large; therefore, I do hereby offer a reward of FIFTY DOLLARS for each, to any person or persons who shall arrest the said escaped prisoners and deliver them into the jail of the town of Danville, and I do moreover require all officers of this Commonwealth, civil and military, and request the people generally to use their best exertions to procure the arrest of the said prisoners, that they may be brought to justice. Given under my hand as Governor, and under the Less Seal of the Commonwealth at Richmond, this eighth day of December, in the year 1862.

John Letcher
By the Governor:
George W. Munford, Secretary of the Commonwealth.

T. H. Cobb is about 25 or 30 years old, five feet nine or ten inches high, light hair and eyes, hair usually combed back, fair skin, left without a had, had on brown pantaloons and dark frock coat; is a married man and will probably endeavor to get to his family in Patrick County.

G. H. Huff is about five feet seven or eight inches high, dark skin, black eyes and hair, rather silent. Had on a black sack coat and high crowned hat.

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