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Description: M. P. Church Service Page 6

Date: December 22 1922

Newspaper published in: Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio

Democratic Banner, Mt Vernon, OH Dec. 22, 1922 M. P. Church Service Page 6

'Santa's Christmas Slipper' Will Be Presented On Friday Evening

A Christmas cantata, “Santa's Christmas Slipper,” will be given in the M. P. church Friday evening, Dec. 22, at 8 o'clock. The cast of characters is as follows:
Cinderella, who missed the slipper – Miss Pearl SMITH.
Santa Claus, who found the slipper – Harry BENNINGTON.
Lollypop Pete, who bought the slipper – Elliott STOYLE.
Mrs. Money – Mrs. Ruth BUCHANAN.
Mrs. TALENT – Mrs. Helen NORRICK.
Mrs. Culture – Mrs. Virginia HOPWOOD.
Who hope their daughters can wear the slipper.
Miss Money – Miss Frances TAYLOR.
Miss Talent – Mrs. Mary JONES.
Miss Culture – Miss Mary RANSOM.
Miss Fortyate, a little old maid – Mrs. Isabelle ALLSPAUGH.
Choruses composed of fairies, doll-makers, Corporal Sam's boys, and tots. Musical numbers:
Christmas in the Air – Opening chorus.
I'm Santa's Sambo – Sambo and the chorus.
Solo, Tra-Loo-Oola-Tum-Tum – Santa.
When Christmas Is Past – Boys; chorus.
Money Makes the Reindeer Go – Miss Money and chorus.
When Santa Finds It Out – Tots.
Christmas Eyes – Miss Talent and chorus.
If the Slipper Fits You – Trio, comic.
The Really Real Fairies – Fairies.
Solo, 'Christmas Doughnuts – Cinderella.
Just a Little Christmas Carol – Cinderella and chorus.
Behind Old Santa's Sleigh – Goodnight chorus.


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