Gurley Herald
Gurley Herald
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Description: Adjourns Sine Die - Constitutional Convention

Date: September 5 1901

Newspaper published in: Gurley, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 2

Montgomery, Sept. 3—The Alabama constitutional convention of 1901 has passed into history. The convention adjourned sine die at 2:10 o’clock this afternoon amid scenes of bustle and enthusiasm, and in the present of a brilliant assemblage of spectators.
This morning the new constitution was read at length from the parchment came forward and signed their names to it alphabetically. Each of the delegates was presented with a pen, which, after signing the document, they carefully preserved and will carry to their homes.
The president of the convention signed the document with a pen sent him by H. L. McKee, formerly of Selma. It was with this pen that the call for the first and second conventions was signed. It will be preserved and presented to the Girls’ Industrial school at Montevallo.
President Knox was presented with a handsome gold watch in appreciation of his valuable service as a presiding officer. Frank Julian, secretary, and W. F. Herbert, assistant secretary, were each presented with an elaborate silver service.
Just before adjourning the members of the convention got herded together and lifted up their voices in __. There was a touch of pathos in it all, the singers raising their voices to “Auld Lang Syne,” “Home, Sweet Home,” and the Doxology.
Rev. A. L. Andrews then pronounced the benediction, after which each of the delegates went forward and bade the president goodby. Tears were in many eyes as the farewells were spoken.

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