The Bennington Evening Banner
The Bennington Evening Banner
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Description: Foster Mother Of A King.

Date: December 13 1910

Newspaper published in: Bennington, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

Page/Column: Page 2

The Bennington Evening Banner. December 13,1910.
Page 2.


Mrs. Ann Roberts of Poultney Nurse to King George V.

Mrs. Ann Roberts who until recently resided at Poultney, Vt.has the unusual distinction of having been
foster mother of a king, the present King George V of England. It was on the morning of June 3, 1865,
that she was summoned from her home, which was in close proximity to Buckingham Palace to act as
nurse of the baby, Prince George. Of her experience in the royal household, Mrs. Roberts writes in part
as follows: "When I stepped out from the royal nursery for the last time it seemed that I was leaving my
own child in another's possession." Mrs. Roberts' own child, a little girl, had died shortly after she left it
to the care of others and she conceived a great attachment for her royal charge. She continues: "He
was a peaceable and a tractable child to nurse and his health had been perfect during the entire time
that he was in my care. His royal parents and his good grandmother, Queen Victoria, were all pleased
to say nice things to me when I was leaving. His beautiful mother told me that I was privileged at all
times to call her boy as "my boy" and that I well deserved such a privilege. A gold watch with a suitable
inscription was presented to me by the royal father, and Princess Alexandra presented me with this
heavy gold brooch that appears at my throat in the picture. I have also received other marks of their
favor and have in my possession photographs of Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Consort,
presented by Victoria herself and bearing her signature. I prize these above all else that I possess."
Mrs. Roberts was appointed by Princess Alexandra to a position in the Royal Maternal Charities
Society of London, which she subsequently resigned, owing to advanced age, defective hearing and
the dangers involved in answering night calls in London's poorer quarters. She came to America and
has resided for some years in Poultney, Vt., where members of her family and other relatives now live.
A few weeks ago Mrs. Roberts sailed again for England and upon her arrival at London she was called
upon by a representative of King George, who stated, that he had been sent to learn what could be done
for her comfort. She informed him that it was her desire to have a little home of her own among the hills
of her own native Wales, in Carnavonshire, and preferably on the Penrhyn estate. Lord Penrhyn was
instructed to find a cottage for this purpose and to have it fitted up with all the necessary comforts and
she was also told that a substantial annuity was to be settled on her. Word has already been received
by her relatives in this country that Mrs. Roberts is comfortably provided for her remaining years._Troy Times

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