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Richmond Times Dispatch
Richmond Times Dispatch
Contributed by Susan

Description: Interesting Relics

Date: March 17 1903

Newspaper published in: Richmond, VA

Page/Column: 2

Interesting Relics

The seal presented by the English government to Sir Walter Raleigh as Governor of Virginia in March 1584, his seal as Warden of the Stannaries in Cornwall, England, and his private seal have been purchased from a descendant of Raleigh by a number of English gentlemen and placed in the British Museum.

The money to purchase the seals was raised by the sale of facsimiles in white metal, resembling silver. The facsimiles subscribed for by the Virginia Historical Society have been received by Mr. W. G. Stanard, and are now being framed. When they are put in place they will form a most interesting addition to the collection of curios and souvenirs already owned by the society. As the founder of the State of Virginia and one of the knightliest and most scholarly figures of his day in England, Raleigh must always keep a stronghold on the affection and respect of Virginians, even in the twentieth century.

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