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Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Unique Operation on South Poultney Woman.

Date: December 24 1914

Newspaper published in: Bennington, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

Page/Column: Page 1

Unique Operation A Success.

South Poultney Woman Has Jaw Made From One of Her Ribs.

Rutland, Dec.22.-Mrs Anna Pritchard of South Poultney, is making a complete
recovery from a most unusual surgical operation.
She has been ill over a year with tuberculosis of the lower jaw, the disease
causing the jaw to entirely rot away. Almost seven weeks ago she was taken to
the Presbyterian hospital in New York. The surgeons removed the diseased flesh
and bone and made a new jaw by grafting on a piece of rib bone which they took
from the woman's side.
Recovery is naturally slow but a healthy growth has begun and the surgeons are
very optimistic as to final results.

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