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The Calhoun Monitor
The Calhoun Monitor
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Fact Guaranteed - Van Salisbury Cured

Date: July 26 1906

Newspaper published in: Pittsboro, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 1

Neuralgia and Anemia are Cured by Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills
For nearly a generation the people of this country have known Dr. Williams’ Pink Pill, during which time proof of thousands of cures by this remedy has been published and confirmed and not one person has been harmed in the slightest degree by their use. The pills contain no opiate, narcotic or stimulant, nor any drug which could injure the most delicate constitution.
“For over a year,” says Miss Charlotte Van Salisbury, of Castleton, N. Y., “I suffered from neuralgia and palpitation of the heart. My skin was pale and sallow and I was troubled with dizziness, fainting spells and fits of indigestion. I was very nervous and would start at the slightest sound. At times a great weakness would come over me and on one occasion my limbs gave way under me and I fell to the sidewalk.
“Of course I was treated by our local physicians and also consulted a noted doctor at Albany, but nothing they gave me seemed to benefit me. One day I read in a newspaper about Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People and I immediately gave them a trial. I soon felt much better and my color had begun to return. I continued using the pills and by the time I had taken eight boxes I was entirely cured.
“My sister, Sarah Van Salisbury suffered terribly from anemia. She was pale and thins and we feared that she would become a victim of consumption. She tried Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People and in a short time she began to gain in strength and weight. She is now strong and well and we both heartily recommend Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills to all who are in ill health.”

Submitted: 12/04/14

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