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Gurley Herald
Gurley Herald
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: A Sensation - At Constitutional Convention

Date: June 6 1901

Newspaper published in: Gurley, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 2

Montgomery, Ala., June 3.A mild sensation was caused here today by the receipt by members of the constitutional convention of a negro paper published in Mobile, containing a lengthy article criticizing the tone, temper and sentiments of the appeal of Booker T. Washington., W. H. Council and other leading negroes to the constitutional convention in behalf of the negro race.
The article declares that the negroes not only ask for fair play of the convention, but demand it; that there is no use in attempting to fool anybody; that if the negro is treated right he will help make the south bloom and prosper; if treated wrong he will seek what opportunity he can to weaken it, so that he can destroy this system of semi-barbaric slavery, and that the country cannot live in peace and happiness with one law for one class and another for another class; and that the negro is not now satisfied, and that the race only submits because they are powerless to help themselves; that the negro is either a citizen or slave, and the country is only making trouble for itself in the distant future; that the negro submits now, but that submission is by force and with discontent, a cancerous sore, which will come to the surface in an eruption in a few years.
The paper quoted from is published by two prominent negro ministers of Mobile. It is believed that the violent tone of the article will do much to destroy the good effect and favorable impression created by Booker Washington and W. H. Councils appeal in behalf of the race in convention made a few days ago.

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