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The Daily Mercury
The Daily Mercury
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Description: Thoburn's Plan Of Campaign Outlined

Date: May 6 1900

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 2

He Would Institute Vigorous Crusade Against Sin
Bishops Proposition to Make War Against Vice to be Given
ConsiderationWill Come Before Conference at an Early Date
CHICAGO, May 5.Bishop James M. Thoburn has explained his plan for raising an army of 100,000 workers to fulfill the bishops call. The bishops plan has been freely debated by members of the general conference and probably will come before that body early this month in the form of a memorial published by some delegate.
Bishop Thoburns plan briefly is an organization of church members to become evangelists, and systematized efforts to gather in 2,000,000 souls and $20,000,000 before the close of the century.
I cannot give my plans in detail at this time, said he, for when I came to the conference I had them only in the outline. Since coming here and finding the interest that is manifested I can say it is probably that they will be before the conference soon.
In a way, my plan may be compared to the military policy of the United States. There is a large volunteer army scattered throughout the country. Say that a war is about to begin what has the government that it can lay its hands upon? The recruiting sergeant. Surely there are a large number of recruiting sergeants to be found in every congregation, every district and every annual conference throughout the country.
Could the members of the church be induced to rally in support of such a movement? That depends on how it is managed. It cannot be done unless the right kind of men and women are put in charge of it and the right plans adopted for carrying it forward. It can be stifled at the outset by a perfunctory and heartless policy or it may be organized and prosecuted so as to make itself felt far into the next century.
The first step in this movement will be to select five or six men who have had experience in Christian work and let them decide on the bet plans for putting the idea into effect. The great peril to be settled first is that of the kind who shall be selected as the leaders in such a movement.
Among the memorials presented to the conference but not acted upon was the following:
A memorial from R. E. Bramlett of Georgia asking that the work of education among white people in the south be taken out of the hands of the Freedmens Aid and Southern Education society, the purpose being to separate white children from the negroes in the south. It will probably be taken up during the discussion of the race question.
Standing Committees Named
The standing committees of the Methodist Episcopal general conference have been organized as follows:
Book ConcernChairman, Governor Leslie M. Shaw, Iowa; secretary, Charles Millard, New York.
Church ExtensionChairman, Dr. John Field, Philadelphia; secretary, J. C. Cox, Iowa.
Freedmans Aid and Southern EducationChairman, Rev. Joseph Pullman, New York; secretary, Reuben S. Lovingood, Texas.
EducationChairman, Rev. James R. Day, New York; secretary, Ira M. DeLong, Colorado.
Sunday schools and TractsChairman, Dr. N. M. Hamill, Illinois; secretary, D. S. Payne, Iowa.
MissionsChairman, Dr. William F. Edham of Ohio; secretary, Dr. James Mudge, New England.
State of the ChurchChairman, ex-Governor Robert E. Patterson of Pennsylvania; secretary, Rev. Edward J. Gray, Pennsylvania.
Temporal EconomyChairman, Dr. J. M. King, Pennsylvania; secretary, Professor Solon M. Bronson, Illinois.
EpiscopacyChairman, J. M. Buckley, New York; secretary, Dr. W. Bowen, Atlanta.
Epworth LeagueChairman, Professor Royal S. Copeland, Michigan; secretary, Dr. I. Irving Penn, Georgia.
RevivalChairman, Dr. E. E. Sawyer, New York; secretary, Dr. E. E. Goss, Pennsylvania.
TemperanceChairman, Dr. Samuel Dickie, Michigan; secretary, Dr. J. W. Bashford, Ohio.
ItineraryChairman, Professor Isham Ingraham, New Jersey; secretary, Abram E. Decker.
BoundariesChairman, one of the bishops, secretary, not yet elected.

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