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Evening Star
Evening Star

Description: Society[2 of 2] Page 1

Date: February 2 1885

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

The Evening Star Feb. 2, 1885 Society[2 of 2] Page 1

SOCIETY. (con't)

Hon. John R. DOS PASSOS, of New York, the law partner of ex-Senator CONKLING, gave one of the finest dinner parties last evening in the art gallery of Chamberlin's which has thus far marked this season. The large table was the center piece of a bank of the choicest flowers. A portion of the Marine band was stationed in the ante-room. Representative ADAMS, of New York, COLLINS, of Massachusetts, LAMB, of Indiana, OCHILTREE, of Texas, and CAMPBELL, of Ohio, and Messrs. Lawrence JEROME and Lovell JERONE [sp.], of New York; W. F. PEDRICK, Maj. FASSETT, Stillson HUTCHINS, Maj. CARSON, James R. YOUNG, C. M. OGDEN, R. WEIGHTMAN, M. G. SEEKENDORFF, H. L. NELSON, Geo. W. ADAMS and Judge McCAMMON were among the guests.
Many of the ladies who have been in the habit of receiving formally on afternoons during the season, will, after the commencement of Lent, receive their friends on the evenings of the days they have generally been at home.
On Monday next, the 16th instant., Mrs. Estes RATHBONE will give a german [sp.?] at the Hamilton, assisted by Mrs. CAMPBELL, Mrs. HORD, Mrs. QUACKENBUSH and Mrs. HOLMAN.
This evening there will be a reception and musical entertainment given by the members of Federal Lodge, No. 1, in the lodge parlors at Masonic Temple, to which members of other Lodges and their families are invited.
On account of sickness in the house, Mrs. Senator HAWLEY will not receive visitors to-morrow.
Miss May LORING, daughter of the engineer-in-chief of the navy, will give a tea this afternoon, assisted by her visiting friends, Mrs. E. P. RICHARDSON and Mrs. Wm. M. BREMER, of Boston.
This evening the Wednesday Club will give another of their pleasant germans. To-morrow afternoon Mrs. M. W. GALT will give a tea, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. FENDALL, and in the evening there will be two private germans, given respectively by the Misses VAN ANCKEN at Wormley's and Miss Lillie DUNCAN, on 14th street. On Friday evening Miss VOORHEES' german promises to be a very handsome affair.
Mr. W. C. SQUIER, wife of the Governor of Washington Territory, and Mrs. George SPENCER, of Alabama, will assist Mrs. Warner MILLER tomorrow in seceiving [sp.].
The wife of Lieut. KELLY, of the navy, who has been dangerously ill for the past few days, is now much improved, and is considered out of danger.
Mrs. PORTER, widow of Gen. Andrew PORTER, who was in command of Washington during the early part of the war, has taken a house for the season, No. 1820 Jefferson Place. Mrs. PORTER has with her two neices, the Misses BIDDLE.
The wife and daughter of Senator CAMDEN, who returned some time since from Europe, are now at the Arlington.
Ex-Senator David DAVIS and wife are guests of Representative GREEN, at his residence, 1601 16th st.
The ladies who will assist Mrs. VAN WYCK in receiving to-morrow are Misses BEACH, COSBY, HORD and ROSEWATER, and Mrs. BRODHEAD.
Mrs. Wm. D. BALDWIN and her sister, Miss Constantia ABERT, have gone to Rockville to spend a week with their brother, Dr. ABERT.

Submitted: 02/01/15 (Edited 03/12/17)

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