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Evening Star
Evening Star
Contributed by barbara-dave

Description: New Orleans Worlds Fair Page 4

Date: February 11 1885

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

The Evening Star Feb. 11, 1885 New Orleans Worlds Fair Page 4

The Great Attraction at New Orleans.
The vast crowd of strangers attracted to the great World's Exposition of Industry at New Orleans, looked with delight at the fairness which marked the 170th Grand Monthly Drawing of The Louisiana state Lottery, on January 13th, last. It resulted that ticket No. 15,965 drew the first capital prize of $75,000, and was held by Mr. Thomas M. THORNTON, a prominent banker of Shelbyville, Ill., who collected it through the Third National Bank, of St. Louis, Mo.; No. 57,741 drew the second prize of $25,000, and it was sold in fifths (each at $1), one to H. E. BROWNE, of Fairmount, Ind., who collected it through the Fairmount Bank; one to Daniel SHUTT, of Chicago, Ill., who collected it in person; another to Lee SAMPSON, Sigourney, Iowa; and the remaining portions were scattered elsewhere. No. 5,153 drew the third prize of $10,000, sold also in fifth; two-fifths collected through Exchange Bank, of Dallas, Texas, for Mr. A. E. HALL, salesman for Sanger Bros., Dallas, and Mr. Fred CHEADLE, also of Dallas; one to O. J. FERRIS, of Cincinnati, Ohio; another to Louis H. KAICHAN, of Messrs. Stix, Krouse & Co., also of Cincinnati; and so it went with $252,500 worth of fortune flying in all directions. Next (the 178th) drawing will be on Tuesday, March 10th, 1885, of which M. A. DAUPHIN, New Orleans, La., will give all information on application. Be wise In due time.

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