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Pontotoc Democrat
Pontotoc Democrat
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Description: All Knobbers - Miles and Berry Trial for Murder

Date: April 11 1889

Newspaper published in: Pontotoc, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 4

Testimony Going to Show That the County Officials of Taney County Are All Bald Knobbers.
FORSYTHE, Mo., April 6 The case against William Miles and James S. Berry for the murder of Captain Nat N. Kinney, the Bald Knobber leader, was called Thursday in the district court, was called Thursday in the district court, when the defense filed a motion for a change of venue. Judge W. D. Hubbard allowed sixteen witnesses on each side.
James Miller, school commissioner for Taney County, was the first witness for the defense. He stated that he knew there were some hard feelings against Miles. He had heard quite a number of people say that Miles could not get a fair trial. The county was divided into two factions called Bald Knobbers. Defendant Miles was an anti-Bald Knobber and belonged to the militia in Taney County at the time of the Bald Knobber excitement. Captain Nat Kinney was the chief of the regulators in Taney County.
W. K. Wright said he had heard people say the Miles and Berry could not get a fair trial in Taney County. Being asked what kind of feeling existed in Taney County between the two sides he replied: Quite a hard feeling. I thing that it would be hard to get a jury in this county that would do justice to Miles and Berry. I do not aim to say that there are no honest men in this county, but the majority are Bald Knobbers and anti-Bald Knobbers.
Do you attribute the killing of Captain Kinney to the part he took in organizing Bald Knobbers in Taney County?
I do.
Was he called a bad man?
He was.
W. J. Johnson said there were two parties in this countyBald Knobbers and anti-Bald Knobbers. He did not believe either party could get a fair trial in this county. There were two sides in this county and each one would hang the other if they could.
Judge W. Lindsley, a member of the county court and a Bald Knobber, being asked: Judge do you know whether or not all of the county officials belong to what is known as Bald Knobbers or not? answered, I think they do.
After Dr. Baldwin, an anti-Bald Knobber, had said he did not think Miles and Berry could get a fair trial in Taney County, Judge Hubbard said he had heard enough testimony and would grant a change of venue to Greene County.
Miles and Berry were surrendered by their bondsmen and put in jail, but Miles gave a new bond in a few hours, but Kinneys friends were all at court and trying to keep any one from going on Berrys bond. They seemed to think he was the guilty one and that he planned the whole murder.

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