Pontotoc Democrat
Pontotoc Democrat
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Description: Two Brave Southern Women

Date: May 30 1889

Newspaper published in: Pontotoc, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 7

Two Brave Southern Women
Near Shiloh, Ga., in a modest cottage, lives “Captain Jane Smith,” who has won the title by the courage and independence she has shown in working a farm of one hundred acres. Left on rented land with only a mule, two cows and four hogs when her brother went to the war, she and her sisters have, out of crops of their own tillage, supported themselves and their aged mother, bought the farm, and built a comfortable dwelling. Rising at four o’clock, summer and winter, they worked a field till after sunset and fed the stock in the dark. From supper time till ten o’clock there was a constant clack and clatter of the loom, with the humming of the wheel rising above it. They spun and wove all the cloth for their garments. Their brother was killed in the war, but they are now beyond danger of want.—Chicago Tribune.

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