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Rochester Observer
Rochester Observer
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Description: Various local, regional and national news.

Date: September 1 1827

Newspaper published in: Rochester, NY

Sept. 1, 1827
In Ontario, Daniel WELCH, Esq. Of Mendon, aged 78
In Sweden, Mr. Reuben STICKNEY, aged about 67.

Mr. _______ MUNGER, a revolutionary soldier, aged 70.

In Brighton, on the 30th inst. Rev. Charles THORPE, late Pastor of the congregational church in that town.

On Friday, the 18th inst. As Mr. Moses EWERE, of Wendell, Mass. Was descending a hill upon a load of boards, on a wagon, one of the forward wheels struck a rock with such force as to split the axletree; the wheel ran off, the axletree dropped, when he slipped between the horses and the whipple tree; his legs were crossed, the whipple tree resting upon them, and the waggon on the whipple tree; in this situation he was drawn several feet. His leg from the lower part of the calf to the knee, was literally broken and bruised to pieces. - On Saturday morning, his leg was amputated above the knee, and at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, he expired. He has left a wife and three children, and a numerous circle of relatives and friends to lament his sudden death.

The notorious counterfeiter and forger, John SMITH, alias REED, who has been an inmate of state prison, and was lately lodged in the state prison in New Jersey, has made his escape, and is again at large.
A Miss Sally PRATT daughter of Mr. Wyllis PRATT of Saybrook, CT. Was drowned on the 16th inst. While on a party of pleasure on the river. The boat contained seven ladies, and three gentlemen when it capsized, all of whom were rescued except Miss PRATT.
At the Court of General Sessions for the County of Ontario held in the village of Canandaigua last week, the trial of James LACKY, Isaac EVERTSON, Chauncey H. COE, Holloway HAYWARD, Hiram HUBBARD, John BUTTERFIELD, James GANSEN, Asa NOWLEN, Harris SEYMOUR, Henry HOWARD and Moses ROBERTS, for a conspiracy to kidnap and carry away William MORGAN, was moved by the District Attorney. The trial of Isaac EVERTSON was postponed until next term upon proof of the absence of a material witness. At the suggestion of the court the other defendants were divided into two classes for trial; and Harris SEYMOUR, Henry HOWARD, Halloway HAYWARD, Moses ROBERTS and James GANSEN, were first put upon their trial. After a patient examination of two days and an half, the cause was submitted to the jury without any remarks from counsel, and the jury in a short time brought in a verdict of not guilty.
On Saturday, Chauncey H. COE, Hiram HUBBARD and James LAKEY, were put upon trial. After an examination of one day a verdict of not guilty was likewise found for them. A notie prosequi was entered as to Asa NOWLEN.
John BUTTERFIELD was not tried, it is supposed, from a conviction that he must necessarily be acquitted. Eli BRUCE, David HAIGH, Orsamus TURNER, and Jared DARROW, of Lockport, were at the same time indicted for a conspiracy to kidnap William MORGAN. Orsamus TURNER being at Canandaigua, was arrested and discharged on a recognizance to appear at the next term of the court to answer the indictment. He was recognized in the sum of $1000. And two sureties in $500 each. Paul MOSHER, Cozydon FOX, Edward GEDDINGS, and Ebenezer PERRY, were recognized to appear as witnesses at the same term.

From the Rochester Daily Advertiser
FIRE - The Starch factory recently put in operation by Mr. BOOTH, on Johnson and Atkinson's tract in the eastern part of this village, was burnt down on Wednesday evening last. Mr. BOOTH's loss we are informed is about $700.
The sufferer is an industrious and worthy citizen, and to him the loss is peculiarly afflicting, as he had invested all his property in his factory, and had but just completed it. A subscription paper has been put in circulation for the benefit of Mr. BOOTH, and we sincerely hope that our citizens, in accordance with that spirit of benevolence for which they are so justly distinguished, will again evince their liberality by enabling him to rebuild his factory.
A Merchant of Vermont, named Avery, who had come to Hartford with two double wagons loaded with wool, and sold them with their contents and horses, was proceeding towards Boston alone in a sulkey, on Friday last.
He left Hartford about half past 3 P.M. and was in the woods almost to Stafford Springs about 8 that evening, where he passed a man who eyed him with great care as he passed, but offered him no molestation. The stranger was either black, or wore some disguise. At a short distance he heard him whistle; when two men sprang from the road side, one of whom seized his horse. The other then coming up, two of them presented pistols to his breast, searched him, and demanded the key of his trunk.
They took from him his money, which amounted, as we understand, to $3772, and leading him into the woods, gagged and bound him to a tree.
The money was principally in $50 bills of the Middletown bank.
In that condition he remained until about 4 the following morning; when he succeeded in loosening the gag from his mouth, and making the passengers hear him. They hesitated a moment, thinking there might be danger; but the driver and one of the passengers went to his relief, brought him to Hartford. The robbers were masked. We understand measures were taken at Hartford to apprehend the robbers.
We understand that Mr. James COLBURN, of Dracut, has invented a composition, which renders shingles incombustible. Many buildings in his neighborhood have already been covered with them.
FROM GREEN BAY - The steam boat Henry Clay arrived at Buffalo the 23d inst. From Green Bay. We learn that a treaty was concluded, fixing the boundaries between the Menemonies, Winebagoes, Chippawas and New-York Indians that a section of land on the Fox river, 24 by 12 miles, was purchased of the Indians - and that there was no apprehension of any further aggressions on the part of the Winebagoes.
CREEK INDIANS - A general Council of the Creek Nation was held on the 11th instant, at the call of Col. CROWELL, the agent and Col. BREARLY, at Woweku., when the subject of emigrating to the west of the Arkansas was taken into consideration - the result was, that a considerable portion of the Nation would, no doubt, agree to emigrate. At this meeting a reconciliation took place between Chilly McINTOSH and the head men of the nation.
FIRE - About half past 2 o'clock, Friday morning, a fire broke out at the corner of Grand and Harman streets, opposite Mount Pitt Circus, and before it was got under, two wooden two story buildings were burnt to the ground.
Both were occupied as groceries and dwelling houses. One of them was owned by Mr. JARVIS, and insured for $1500. The ground floor of the other was occupied by Mrs. MARTIN, as a grocery, and several families lived up stairs. It is not known how the fire originated.
UNHAPPY EVENT - Drowned, in the Susquehanna, opposite this village, on the night of the 9th inst., Mrs. Mercy COVERT, wife of Wm. COVERT, aged 34 years, together with her infant, of about 2 weeks old. Mrs. C. had been unwell for several days, but was supposed by her friends to be on the recovery. On the morning of the 10th, however, when the family awoke, herself and child were missing, and shortly after, both bodies were found in the river, a few rods below her house. She had, at times, during her illness; manifested symptoms of derangement and without doubt was under its melancholy influence when she committed the fatal act. The deceased was much respected by her neighbors and friends, and has left an affectionate husband and 4 small children to mourn their unhappy bereavement. Owego Gazette.
ROBBERY - On the night of the 16th inst. Between 9 and 11 o'clock, the Store of Messrs. C. & N. BURR, at Trumansburg, was broken open, and about six hundred dollars in cash stolen therefrom. Entrance was effected through the back window, in the absence of the clerk, while the lights were still burning. The robber, or robbers, have not been detected - Ithaca Journal.
DISGRACEFUL TRANSACTION - We have been informed by a gentleman of respectability and veracity, knowing to the facts, that on the night of the 9th inst. A man who was taken sick on board of a Canal Boat, on his way from Seneca Falls, where he formerly resided, to Medina, was left in a helpless and distressed condition on the tow path at Knowlesville, by the unfeeling captain of the boat, where he was found the next morning by the citizens of that place, more dead than alive.
He was taken in and carefully nursed and attended by a physician, but was found to be beyond the reach of recovery - he expired on the 13th inst. - His name was Peter WEST - was about 40 years of age; - a cooper by trade, and was going to Medina for work. - Orleans Advocate.


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