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Description: Our Letter Box - Concord Cullings;
Fitzsimmons and Jeffries to Fight;
Ad for Geo. Cox & Son;
Ads for Milton Johnson, State National Bank;
Dr. J. H. Samuel

Date: February 11 1899

Newspaper published in: Maysville, KY


Page/Column: Page 4

=============== Page 4, Column 1 =================
The Editor of THE LEDGER is not responsible for opinions expressed by Correspondents; but nothing reflecting upon the character of any person will be admitted to these columns.
Correspondents will please send letters so as to reach us not later than 9 o'clock a.m. Give facts in as few word as possible. We want news in this department, and not advertising notices or political argument.
The Ledger Correspondent at That
Point Sends a Batch of Good Items.
Mrs. Amanda Cox is visiting at California, O.
Mrs. Susan Sparks is on the sick list this week.
Miss Annie Belle Hendrickson visited Mrs. O. B. Cox this week.
Joe Sparks and wife of Vanceburg visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. Ham Burns of the steamer M. P. Wells is home for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linns gave a donkey party Monday night. It was much enjoyed.
Mr. O. B. Cox is preparing to erect an electric telephone from his store to his residence. Now doesnt this speak well for our little town?
Miss Maggie Hendrickson, who has been with friends here for some three weeks has gone to Vanceburg for a few days. She will return to Champaign, Ill., about March 10th.
Our Town Council resolved on their last meeting that we should no longer wade through mud and water as Maysville people do, but we will have good streets and sidewalks.

=============== Page 4, Column 2 =================
Semi-cannel Coal cheaper than Pomeroy at Wm. Davis's, near Limestone Mill.
Mr. O. H. P. Thomas is confined by an attack of grip to his home on West Third Street.
Don't irritate your lungs with a stubborn cough when a pleasant and effective remedy may be found in Coussen's Honey of Tar. Price 25 cents and 50 cents. J. Jas. Wood & Son.
Mrs. Mary Dimmitt, who has been quite ill at her home at Bernard for several days, is somewhat better.
La Grippe is again epidemic. Every precaution should be taken to avoid it. Its specific cure is One Minute Cough Cure. A. J. Sheperd, Publisher Agricultural Journal and Advertiser, Eiden, Mo., says: "No one will be disappointed in using one Minute Cough Cure for La Grippe." Pleasant to take quick to act. Henry W. Ray, adjoining Post office.
Mr. Elizabeth Andersen Sadler died Wednesday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Horace C. Ashton, at Flemingsburg. Mrs. Sadler was born in Fleming in June 1811, and was one of that county's eldest native citizens. She was the mother of Mr. W. C. Sadler of this city.

=============== Page 4, Column 3=================
Bob Fitzsimmons and Jim Jeffries signed articles Friday for a fight some time between April 24 and May 26 before the club offering the largest purse. The fight is to be for 25 rounds, or to a finish if that can be arranged.

=============== Page 4, Column 5 =================
Housekeeping Goods Generally on Hand.
Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, and on the first of each month thereafter, we will give free to every lady visiting our store a copy of Modes and Fabrics, a monthly journal of fashion and literature.
Attorney at Law
Court Street, MAYSVILLE, KY.
Prompt attention to collections and all legal matter.
State National Bank
CAPITAL STOCK . . $100,000
SURPLUS . . . 30,000
WILLIAM H. COX, President
C. B. PEARCE, Cashier. J. N. KIRK, Vice-Pres.

=============== Page 4, Column 6 =================
Dr. J. H. Samuel
Ex-resident Surgeon Good Samaritan Hospital; Executing Superintendent Longview Insane Asylum.
Office and Residence:
Third Street, opposite the Courthouse.

Submitted: 07/07/15

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