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Weekly Antioch Ledger
Weekly Antioch Ledger
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Description: Saturday, 12 October 1878

Date: October 12 1878

Newspaper published in: Antioch

The Weekly Antioch Ledger
Antioch, Contra Costa County, California
Saturday, 12 OCTOBER 1878

BORN - At Antioch, October 10th, 1878, to the wife of J.W. GANN, a son.

MARRIED - SANDERS-GOTTENBURG - At Martinez, Oct. 5th, 1878, by Justice Wm. FORD; Mr. John F. SANDERS to Miss Barbara GOTTENBURG, both of Marsh Creek.

H.E. WARD, of Somersville, was convicted before Justice RANKIN of using vulgar language and committing an assault and battery upon the person of Mrs. John QUILLON, a woman 45 years of age. A little son of Mrs. QUILLON had, some months ago, fallen from a wagon at Somersville and received an injury from which he has not recovered. Having a family of 9 children to support, Mrs. QUILLON was directed to Justice RANKIN as the proper person to give information as to the requisite steps necessary for placing the child in the County Hospital. Going to RANKINs office for that purpose she met WARD, who made use of indecent language toward the woman and struck her in the face with his riding whip. WARD was arrested, tried, convicted and fined $20, or the alternative of 20 days in the County jail. Refusing to pay the fine he was taken to Martinez Monday by Constable SHARP. He made an effort to be released upon a writ of habeas corpus, but failing in this concluded to pay the fine in lieu of incarceration. On complaint of WARD, Mrs. QUILLON was fined $10 by Justice RANKIN for using vulgar language, and the Judge paid the fine.

M.S. LEVY returned to Antioch Tuesday, with health somewhat improved, though still unable to attend to business.

A SCORE of young folks enjoyed a moonlight ride to the residence of W.P. WILLIAMSON, 3 miles from town, Thursday evening. These October nights are full of poetry and romance.

There is present and prospective trouble on the El Sobrante ranch. Squatters can only be kept in check by the aim of the rifle. A city paper says:
Mr. McLEAN and his 2 sons, residing about 4 miles east of the town of San Pablo, were arrested by constable W.P. BALDWIN for beating 2 squatters - one a man named FLYNN and the other a woman, whose name has not been ascertained. It appears that the previous evening 11 squatters, one of them a woman, established themselves on Mr. McLEANs farm, the greater part of which is on the San Pablo ranch, and about 40 acres embraced within the El Sobrante rancho boundaries, and built a shanty on that part of the property outside of the El Sobrante line and close to the McLEAN house. In the morning 8 of the squatters left, when Mr. McLEAN undertook to interview the remainder. It is represented that FLYNN, the man assaulted, held a gun in his hand, while the parley was carried on. This resulted in McLEAN seizing the gun and wrenching it from FLYNN, whom he then belabored with it. FLYNN was struck on the head with the stock, the trigger opening a fearful gash in his head. The stock of the weapon was broken to pieces. During the struggle which followed, the woman got a severe beating also. FLYNNs male companion, a man named SHAW, seems to have escaped unhurt. The wounded squatters were taken to San Pablo and then removed to Oakland, their place of residence. It has been reported that FLYNN died on Thursday night from the injuries received, and the woman is reported to be lying in a precarious condition. The McLEANs were brought up before the Justices Court at San Pablo on Wednesday for preliminary examination, but owing to the inability of the prosecuting witnesses to be present, the case was continued.

About half a dozen squatters located on WYHEs farm, situated about 7 miles east of San Pablo, but they received such a warm reception that they were glad to get away. Scarcely had they made themselves moderately comfortable in their new possessions, before the claimant of the soil made his appearance with a posse of armed assistants. The squatters took refuge behind the large live oak trees growing on the premises, but the bullets from the Spencer rifles fell like hail among the branches and peeled the bark from the trunks in every direction, and they were glad to avail themselves of a temporary lull in the fusillade to get to a safer place of refuge.

Most of the squatters are represented to be residents of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco.


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