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Description: A Virginia Elopement A Runaway Couple from the Old Dominion Married in this City

Date: May 7 1884

Newspaper published in: Washington, DC

Page/Column: 4

A Virginia Elopement A Runaway Couple from the Old Dominion Married in this City

[Transcriber's Note: "A. N. Beasley" is no doubt Albert Newton Beasley. Albert and Corinne Aubrey remained married until her death in 1937 in Shenandoah, Page County, Va.]

In Greene County, Va., in the village of Standardsville, resides the Commonwealth's Attorney of that county, who had a daughter of 17 years rejoicing in the name of Corinne Aubrey Bray. Nearby lives Mr. A. N. Beasley, a farmer, aged 22, and for 12 months past they have been regarded as lovers. There was some opposition to the union from both families, but all efforts to delay the union ended today. Some weeks ago the young lady, knowing that they could not get married at home, went to visit friends about 90 miles distant, at Riverton, and a few days afterwards the young man left, and it was supposed that they would marry if they could. Miss Bray's mother thereupon went after her and brought her home, arriving on Monday. Last evening a brother of Mr. Beasley riding by her home on horseback took her up behind him and rode on a mile or two until they met the groom in readiness with a buggy, and she took a seat in the vehicle and with the brother they rode 18 miles to Somerset on the Virginia Midland Railroad where they took the train. They arrived here (Washington, DC) at 10:20 this morning, and making their way to the court house, the necessary license was procured. Rev. M. A. Turner was sent for and married them in the marshal's office according to the usages of the M. E. Church.


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