The Daily Mercury
The Daily Mercury
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Description: Mob Was Enraged at Action of Court

Date: July 16 1903

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 2

Life Sentence Too Light For William Thacker
To Secure Murderer of John Gordon, Jailer at
Maysville, Ky., Is Overpowered by Mob and
His Prisoner Hustled to a Tree and Hanged.
Maysville, Ky., July 15.—Enraged at the court’s action, a mob broke into the Flemingsburg jail this morning and hanged William Thacker, a white man, who had been given a life sentence for the murder of John Gordon, two years ago.
Thacker, in a quarrel with Gordon at Foxport, shot and killed him, and then sat on the body, Winchester in hand, while he smoked his pipe and dared any one to arrest him. At the time Thacker escaped, but was later arrested and lodged in jail at Flemingsburg. He was given two trials and finally got a life sentence.
Gordon was a good citizen. Thacker appealed to the court of appeals and was waiting for another trial. Thacker had some money and was able to command the support of some influential men, and it was feared that he might escape punishment altogether.
The mob collected at Mount Carmel, where Gordon once lived, and came into Flemingsburg by twos and threes, in order not to arouse suspicion. They advanced upon the jail shortly after midnight. The jailer refused to surrender the keys. He was overpowered and the keys taken from him. Thacker was hurried to a tree near the jail and was given two minutes to say his prayers, which he refused to do, but begged for his life. To hush his cries he was hit on the head with a rock and his unconscious body strung up until life became extinct.

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