Peoria Star
Peoria Star
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Description: Funeral tribute to OSCAR F. DUBUIS

Date: April 21 1906

Newspaper published in: Peoria

Source: scrapbook and library microfilm

OSCAR F. DUBUIS Funeral of the Engineer of the Park Board. Yesterday afternoon the members of the park board and citizens paid the last sad rites to Oscar F. DUBUIS, late engineer of the park board. There was a very large following, and the floral tributes were beautiful beyond description. Members of the park board attended in a body to manifest their respect; the employees of the park were present and filed past the coffin in the parlor of the residence and made their chief a last farewell. The beautiful Episcopalian burial service was read, followed by a song by a quartette, and then E.F. BALDWIN, on behalf of the park board and the citizens said: "Dearly Beloved: We are assembled here to pay the last tribute to our fallen comrade, and it is fitting that we should express our opinion of him in no unstinted praise, for we can truthfully say 'Here lies an honest man,' and we say it without reservation or limitation. In all of his service to the public no suspicion of graft or mismanagement or double-dealing marked his official career. He engaged in no political strife, he participated in no ring, he organized no faction; he devoted himself wholly to his work. He saw with rare artistic eye the glorius possibilities that lay before him, for he was not only a civil engineer and a landscape gardener, par excellence, but he had a poetic sense of the beautiful. When he came to Peoria and saw the hollow cutting into the bluff his designs were so original and colossal that he astonished and dismayed the official board that had employed him, but they soon saw that he was fully master of his profession. They had the good sense to allow him full sway, and the result justified their confidence; a confidence that he never abused and never overtaxed. It is to our dead comrade that Peoria owes our beautiful park system, where the little children can breathe the fresh air and wander at will; where the birds of heaven are protected and the fish of the streams find abiding places. He has stamped his character deep upon Peoria. He loved nature, not in her wild and wayward moods, where, in fierce wrath she crushes the work of man, crumbling his monuments, his edifices and his highways into shapeless fragments, but nature in her softer moods, garnished with flowers, bedecked with trees and glowing under the golden rays of the sun. The work that he did shall live after him, for it partook of his own honesty, as rugged as the peaks of his native Alps, and so we gather around his bier today, sorrowing for our loss, but rejoicing in the fact that he has left behind him monuments that shall endure as long as this city is occupied by civilization. With these feelings we lay him at rest in Springdale, in sight of his labors. And the birds shall sing his requiem and the trees shall unite their branches in loving amity over him, and the flowers shall breathe over the green turf that marks his grave their sweetest perfume, and the sun shall irradiate the spot with his loving caress, and he shall sleep forever and forever in eternal peace."

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