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Description: Miners in Race Riot. Italians Terrorize Town to Prevent Evictions.

Date: February 1 1908

Newspaper published in: Benton, MO

Officers from this city are on the way to Bush, a mining town in the northwestern part of Marion county, to arrest Italian rioters who Thursday night fired more than 100 shots, following a declaration of war between the Italians and the American residents of the town.

Reports from Bush Friday morning are to the effect that no one was killed or wounded and that no arrests have yet been made.

Quiet has been practically restored, it is said, but the Italians will not be reinstated in the mines, which are owned by the Western Coal Company, with the principal offices in St. Louis.

No warrants have been sworn out, and it is entirely possible that the officers and posse men will decide, when they reach the scene of the trouble, that if complete peace can be established and the Italians will peaceably surrender possession of the company's houses and leave the town, to declare a truce and refrain from making arrests.

Enter Town Armed.

The trouble arose over a quarrel between the superintendent of the mine and one of the Italian coal diggers. As a result of the dispute the entire Italian colony took up the cause of their countryman, and the American residents sided with the superintendent.

Finally an order was issued by the company discharging all the Italians employed at the mines and commanding them to surrender possession of the houses occupied by them and owned by the company within 24 hours. As an answer to this demand the Italians, almost to a man, armed themselves with Winchesters and revolvers and paraded the streets with the evident intention of terrorizing the town.

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