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Scott County Kicker
Scott County Kicker
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: 2 Persons Shot at Wedding Party. Illinoisian With Pistol Tries to Prevent Stepdaughter's Marriage.

Date: January 4 1913

Newspaper published in: Benton, MO

Taylorville, Ill.

John BELDER, a contractor of Staunton, Ill., after shooting his mother in law and defying a cordon of police, was shot, probably fatally, here as a climax to his attempt to prevent the marriage of his stepdaughter.

BELDER fired twelve shots into the wedding party, compelling the guests to retreat in a panic. He then pursued his mother in law, Mrs. John FISHER, to a bedroom where she was hiding and inflicted a serious wound on her after firing five shots.

He then ran after the bride and bridegroom and fired through a barred door at them, but they escaped through a window.

Also Defies the Police.

When police came to arrest him he barricaded himself in one room and returned shot after shot at their fusillade, but finally fell mortally wounded, when a policeman's bullet hit him while he was dodging in front of a window.

BELDER and wife were separated. When he learned of the proposed marriage of Mrs. BELDER's daughter, he came to Taylorville and, uninvited, entered the house where the wedding was to take place at noon.

The bride, Miss Elsie BATES, and the bridegroom, Ora REDFERN, were uninjured, and after police had subdued the attempted assassin they were married as prearranged.

Despite the affray the other details of the function, including the dinner and reception, were given as if nothing unusual occurred.

BELDER Taken by Ruse.

During the time the battle was being carried on between the members of the police force and BELDER, the bridal couple, after escaping, retreated to the home of William MCROBERTS. While they fled BELDER reappeared at the door and reopened fire on the officers. Deputy DAVIS retaliated with a shotgun and Officer CEAF fired with his revolver. BELDER retreated to the rear of the house.

Slipping into the place, Officer KEARNS found BELDER lying in the kitchen with a bullet wound under the heart. KEARNS, in order to bring the battle to an end, told the wounded man he would help him fight the officers and asked him for a gun.

BELDER, ignorant of the ruse, gave up his weapons, and was taken into custody.

Submitted: 04/06/16

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