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Description: Local Laconics;
Portis and Wray Married;
Card of Thanks - Harris Family;
In Memoriam - Richard Bevil

Date: November 26 1897

Newspaper published in: Pontotoc, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 3

================ Page 3, Column 1 =================
Mr. W. R. Jenkins was up from Houston a day or so this week.
George T. Mitchell and bride and Dr. M. R. Clark returned Friday evening from Abingdon, Va.
Mr. J. M. Pappasan, of Matthews, gave THE BANNER office a pleasant call Wednesday evening.
Several of the young people enjoyed a frolic at Mr. Frank Hobsons, at Rosalba Mills last Friday evening.
Miss Maud Hargroves returned to her home in Ripley last Saturday morning, after a short visit to Miss Alma Stanford.
A. J. Watts, who killed Charlie Smith, his negro tenant, Wednesday of last week, had a preliminary hearing before Justice Pitts last Saturday, and was placed under a $1,000 bond for appearance at circuit court.
Dr. Pegram has again assumed his professional duties in his office over Salmon Bros. & Wilsons store, and with his previous work here as a dentist to recommend him, there is no doubt that he will soon have a lucrative practice.
I can give hearty testimony to the efficacy of Dr. F. W. Stookeys treatment. My wife has been in ill health for several months, and found no relief until the treatment was tried on her. Her health is now rapidly improving.
Mr. S. S. Stewart, Buckhorns enterprising merchant, deserves the palm for the biggest load of cotton brought to the market this season. Mr. Stewart came in last Friday with a wagon which contained fourteen bales and was drawn by a team of twelve oxen.

================ Page 3, Column 2 =================
Acting upon the urgent need of someone to look after the towns property at night, a citizens committee has secured sufficient funds and appointed Mr. W. C. Nowlin night watchman for the term of one month and probably longer. Mr. Nowlin will prove a capable and efficient officer.
Miss Mackie Mooney, of the Palestine neighborhood, Orin Turner, from Randolph, Robert Hattox, from Thaxton, and Miss Don Pickens, of Toccopola, have lately been added to the clerical force at Salmon Bros. & Wilsons store, and that excellent establishment is now well equipped for severing their patrons.
The Baptist church was tastefully decorated for the thanksgiving services held there yesterday forenoon. Rev. R. A. Cooper conducted the services, preaching a sermon full of thought and of unusual power. A feature of the services was excellent choir, which contained some of the best voices among our singers, and which rendered splendid music for the occasion.
The New Albany Gazette makes the following mention of the marriage of a young lady well known here, and we add our congratulations to those of the Gazette:
J. H. Portis of Tupelo and Miss Bessie Wray of this county were happily married at the residence of the brides mother, Mrs. J. Keith Wray, Tuesday morning at 8 oclock. The bridal party left on the morning train for Tupelo where an elegant reception awaited them. Mr. Portis formerly resided here and had many friends to congratulate him upon the acquirement of so precious a jewel. Miss Bessie was one of our most popular and deserving young ladies. The Gazette joins their host of friends in good wishes.

================ Page 3, Column 3 =================
Card of Thanks
Mr. S. J. Owen, Editor Sentinel, RipleyDear Sir: Pleas allow us space in your paper to express our heartfelt thanks to all the citizens of Ripley for their many acts of kindness and kind expressions of condolence in our overwhelming bereavementin the loss of our beloved son. We wish also to thank our dear boys friends all along the line of the G. & C. R. R. for the deep interest shown during his last illness.
To the people of Pontotoc, who so universally expressed their sorrow, and who showed so much respect and sympathy for our son, as well as ourselves, we with so tender our since thanks. Also the many friends who have written such kind letters, will be gratefully remembered.
We regret that we cannot command language to more earnestly express our thanks to everyone whoin thought, word or deedhas shown such true kindness and friendship for Walter.
Very sincerely and truly,

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
In Memoriam
Richard Bevil
Again, the dark angel of death has visited our midst and claimed for its victim little Richard, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bevil. Standing as it were where the river and the brook met, he was called to die. A silence usher leading to the judgment, a reaper with sickle always in hand. Life was sweet to this little one, but the pure daisies and violets bloomed not long for him. He was called so soon to fold his hands upon his heart in silent restall labor done. Richard was born September 9, 1887 and died November 8, 1897. He was sick only a short while and all that kind hands and physicians could do was in vain. At last and alas, he was forced to go, leaving many bruised and aching hearts.
He was laid to rest in the Duncan Creek cemetery by his loving friends. Oh, the touching scene as we stood in that silent place and watched the hands of his beloved playmates pile the clods upon that cold and pulseless breast. All who knew Richard loved him; he was such a kind, sweet, affectionate and obedient child and pupil. He had gone to school to me three years without missing a day. Oh, we will miss that sweet little face in the school-room. Yes, we, his teacher and school-mates miss him. We miss him more when his class is called and see his accustomed place vacant. We are grievedour hearts are sadbut how much deeper and stronger is the grief of his devoted parents, brothers and sisters. He was a bright and promising boyhis mothers pride and his fathers joy. In bygone days little Pearl, Katie, Moody and Richard sat around their mothers knee, reciting their lessons, and filling her heart with joy to see their bright smiling faces turned to her in thanks for the praises which she bestowed upon them. But the circle is broken now. One of the dear faces is gone. One loved voice is stilled. Two little hands that clasped mammas neck are folded peacefully across his breast. Two little feet that would run at papas and mammas bidding are still and cold in death. The little form they loved so well is lying silent in the city of the dead. We think we can hear them say Dearest Richard, how we miss you! When the evening shadows come, and they are gathered around the fireside of their sad and lonely home. A few years ago Richard came into your home, adding sunshine and joy to your hearts and you regarded him as a happy gift. But he is gone, never to behold that sweet face or hear that gentle voice again. A vacant place is left that no one can fill. Oh, how hard to submit to Gods will! But weep not fond parents, your boy only sleeps
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none every wake to weep.
My pupils, assistant and myself tender out heart-felt sympathy in this, their sad, dark and gloomy hour. Dear grief-stricken ones, weep not as those who have no hope. Your darling is not dead, but gone before. There is now one more link in the chain that binds you to heaven; one more face to shine with celestial light; two more hands to beckon your onward and to clasp your own in joyful greeting when you enter the pearly gates. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid. Jesus said Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Put away dear Richards clothing,
That when here he used to wear;
He will need them on earth, never,
He has climbed the golden stair.
Flowers bloom above him,
And winds in the grass
Breathe low, solemn dirges
As gently they pass.
And we are left to mourn him
With many a tear,
And cry in our sorrow
Would Richard were here.
But, ah, when lifes restless moments are past,
And we go to abide with angels at last,
Among the joys in heaven will share
With Richard, sweet Richard, who is waiting us there.
Toccopola, Miss.


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