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The Urbana Union
The Urbana Union
Contributed by Michele_McNabb

Description: Various article including obit Francis M. Own in Houston, TX

Date: 1857

Newspaper published in: Urbana

Source: Champaign County Genealogical Quarterly Vol. 6:4, 7:1 and 7:2.

"Independent in Everything -- Neutral in Nothing"
Vol 5 #1

January 1
Circuit Court
-Uri Balcom vs John Huftaling

January 8

-Resolutions Adopted by the Middletown Lodge of Free Masons: Whereas: it has pleased the Supreme Ruler of the universe, in His all-wise providence to remove by death from our Society, our worthy brother Francis M. Owen.. He was one of its earliest most worth and distinguished members..
-Danville Land District has been closed.
-List of Letters remaining at the Post Office at Urbana on the first of January:
Andrews, N 2
Archdeacon, Wm.
Armstrong, W B
Ambrose, Miss J
Athey, D. S.
Armstrong, J.
Bardell, J. B.
Braton, J
Brown J J
Bolser V. A. 2
Bond, B. C.
Burnett G.
Bond S. J.
Bowers R.
Beader E. M.
Blue J. M.
Beach S.
Burnett E
Barthell H.
Broom C
Bear S E
Butler P H
Corwin, J
Courtney Wm.
County Surveyor
Cummings A
Casey J
Constant F
Clark J
Crall J
Castle J
Campbell D C
Carter S
Cranfoid A. T.
Collins S.
Cheroinig J
Curry A G
Conrad Wm.
Carlisle Jos.
Cable H J.
Cary S B
Canfield W J
Commack J
Carter Wm
Christholm A
Gase G H 2
Carol P
Doyle M 2
Dayton J
Dillany J
Doman E
Dugan D
Dunham S
David Wm
Diggs D O
Delady D
Drake Miss C
Dougherty J H
Egan C
Eubanks Wm A
Edmunds Mrs S A
Elliott Mrs J A
Ellis Miss J C
Evans J A
Ellis D
Earl Wm H
Frances P P
Foss Miss
Frazee A E
Frame D V
Fay C
Franklin D
Forrest A H
Folkes C 2
Franklin L A
Fisher J W
Goodey P
Gulick J G
Gulid L P
George D T V
Gallaspie J
Goan M 2
Gummel J W
Guning M
Gavor S M
Harris W L
Hunter D
Hind P M 2
Hill M
Higgins J P
Harrier S
Hunt W
Houston R
Hager Miss R
Hardin J A
Harold & Quime
Haitzler J D
Hews R
Hays L D
Hubert A
Hart J
Hays L D
Hubert A
Hart J
Hayelstein J W
Hagar M
Hays T
Ingmire J
Jackson E
Jarrell Wm 3
Johnson Miss A
Jilson A F
Johnson J H
Jones Jonathan
Jones James
Jones T A
Jackson J
Judge P
Jeffries S
Kauffman & Nelson
Kerteman Wm
Kelly Bryan
Kennedy Jas
Leal T
Knick J L
Lynch T
Lanis D
Leggin M E
Lohness J T
Lyon B F
Lennis W D
Lummis S E
Lilney Mary
Lilley J
Morrow P
McCarty E
Murry Wm
Morton V A
Moore A
Mcclatchy K
Miner Hez
Marsh B
McLain J B
Martin E
McWithey J 2
Miller C E
McCullock T D
McLugar M
Miller J 2
Miner S B
Monroe J
Moredock E.
Manbertly B
Medlow J
McDonald C
McGee J
Miller A 2
Myers, Mary
McWigan E
Nabors Miss M J
Obamer M
OGara N
Patten Miss A
Porter G
Poage M 2
Philips C A
Ploughlan Wm
Pratt C W
Patterson B E
Pike G B
Pittsford C
Probst J H 3
Page T K
Pitman E
Patrick J
Pierson Jos
Parsons G 2
Porter Wm
Prentice J B
Robinson P
Randall B
Rowe H
Raney J
Richey R
Robinson J
Ridgely Wm
Smith S 2
Smith J
Smith B
Savis O
Stout S
Smith T
Springer M
Shooh C F
Stevenson P 2
Shaw A
Stuckey S
Stearn, G W
Stevenson E D
Southworth J R
Stewart J H
Siner W
Staal S 2
Sedoria E H
Sawleyrs W A
Shaw A
Spenser J M
Swarenger T
Sharren M
Toule M
Tibbet J
Thomas J M
Truluiger C
Tucker A 2
Thornison W.
Thomason W.
Timmons O
Taylor Mr H H
Thomas & Zimmerman
Umfried E 5
Varner A
Valentine M A 2
Vass O P
Wallace R
Walton J W
White E
Wood D
White D
West J
Ware J 2
Warren A F
Whavor G E
West of Wests Farm
Wray W J
White G M 2
Wood H
Wheeler G D
Williams J
Wood E J
Yager S A
Young S
Young Wm
John Gere P.M.

Mrs. Fletchers Young Ladies Seminary, West Urbana, IL.

Dead Letters remaining at West Urbana Post Office
Adany Uriah
Allsohwagen F.
Adams Jas
Allison M W
Burton Wm 2
Bridges Wm
Briggs Z R
Benlen Joseph
Beck Wm L
Beates Pat
Burt Mary
Coonbs Z
Cross Martha
Cumberland O P
Codray M 2
Crist Geo
Cadwell Geo L
Cody Cridget
Cherry Abram
Clark Betty
Clark John B
Collins, Thos 2
Davis Mary A
Davis Jas W
Davis J E
Egean, John
Elzra James
Fitzgerald H
Fagan Elmira
Fitzgerald James
Fowler Mary E
Gorham J D 2
Gorman John
Galligher Barney
Grace Mike
Guldenfennig H
Hall Amanda
Hardiman Thos
Hay Jas S
Hawkias J J
Healy Jas 2
Herald Amos
Holt Beverly
Huckins R A
Innes Mary C
Johnson Thos
Kock Joseph 2
King Wm M
Lawbyes W. A.
Leary Martin
Lynch F H
Mullen Jas 2
Mulliuns Wm
McAloly John
McNelty John
Marshall Wm A
Neisler Geo
Noble Jacob
Nelson B C
OReilly Thos
OMaly John
Pitman Ed
Price Thos 2
Ruder Michael 2
Russell Wm B
Rolph Has
Ritchie Robt
Sesler A
Sexton C
Stranck A
Smith W F A
Steel Jesse
Steel Henry
Southworth J
Smith, Chancey
Stewart, James
Tribbetts John
Thrasher S V
Tyrrell Thos
Taylor G L
Urtie Geo L
Vobana John
Weller John
Weller S E
Wilsby Wm
Wear W R
Weeks G B
White L H
Zaring L

-Census of West Urbana was taken last week revealing the fact that there are in the place 1202 inhabitants. In Aug., 1855 there were 416 in the town. The number of children over 4 years of age and under 21 is 357. There are 234 houses; 8 dry good stores, 1 clothing store, 3 drug stores, 2 shoe stores, 3 millinery stores, 6 lumber yards, 5 hardware and stove stores, 2 furniture stores, 2 jewelers, 2 saddler shops, 3 blacksmith shops, 2 bakeries, 4 warehouses, 1 flouring mill, 1 livery stable, 3 schools, 2 churches, 3 physicians, 1 dentist, 4 clergyman.
-Prof. Porters school has opened a school at West Urbana.
-Cattle Bank to be opened at West Urbana in the spring. The officers are as follows: Edward Ater, president and Chalmers M. Sherify cashier.
-An inquest was held in the town of Lyons, on the body of a German named Frederick Metz, who was found frozen to death in a swamp. His head was bent downwards and his hands clasped asis common in the attitute of prayed. He was a young man without family, and it believed to have relations in Ohio (Chicago Press).
-New grocery store of Powers and Nye.
-Urbana House of Health, Dr. Whitcomb, proprietor.

January 15

-Married: Wm. E. Davidson and Mrs. Mary Ann Wilson, Jan. 6th, in West Urbana.
-Died: David C. Hill, of Middletown, Jan. 13th, of typhoid fever.
-Died: Francis M. Own, in Houston, TX, Nov. 14th, in 30th year. A native of KY and resident of the County for some years, he had recently migrated to TX with a brother.
-Died: Mrs. Catharine S. Bacon, wife Jonathan Bacon, in West Urbana, age 22y 6m. A recent resident, she was buried in her childhood home in Mass. where she leaves parents and an only sister.
-W. T. Somers and W.W. Young admins. est. James S. Young.
-James P. Morrison and David Morrison, Jr. admins. est. Jacob Morrison.
-First snow of the season.
-Bookstore opened by Messrs Jaquith & Miller
-New pastors: Rev. A. L. Farr accepted a call from the Baptist Church; Rev. Mr. Stryker, of New York City, has accepted a call from a new organized Presbyterian Church.

January 22

-New Government lands in Iowa fo sale beginning the 4th of May.

January 29

-Married: John Gere and Mrs. Jane Dare, both of Urbana,
January 25th.
-Married: G. N. Richards, publisher of "Our Constitution," and Molly Jarvis, Urbana January 29th.
-Andrew Stroup advertises that his wife, Christiana, has left his bed and board without just cause.
-A. O. Clapp Esq was elected to the office of Police magestrate.
-Accident on GWRR rry a few miles this side of Springfield, by which a conductor, Mr. Done, was killed instantly. Several of our citizens hurt: W. H. Somers, and R. B. Smith.

February 5

-Andrew Stroup advertises that his wife Chistiana has left his bed and board without provocation.
-O. W. Upp and A. Upp adms. est. George W. Upp, decd.
-Horse stolen from the stable of Mr. James Davis, West Urbana. The thief is a young man, about 18 yrs old, of light complexion and had on, when he left, a light colored frock coat. Reward.

February 26

-Died: William Cummings, son of Alexander and Jane Cummings, of West Urbana, of brain fever, Feb. 18, age 7mo 1d.
-Died: Rachael Littler, wife of Samuel Littler, of Urbana, the morning of Feb. 15, in 35th year. Member Christian Church.
-The name of Sodom P.O. in county changed to that of East Bend.
-The name of Sodom Post Office in the county has been changed to that of East Bend.

March 5

-Married:: Harrison Wright and Matilda Acres, both of county, in Urbana, Feb. 26.
-Charles M. Chenoweth, late of Chicago, has rented and opened the American House.
County Court
List of Grand Jurors for the April Term: A. Campbell, L. Littler, R. Stewart, Cornelius Thompson, James S. Wright, Albert Mulligan, John Hamilton, A. G. Carle, Benj. Ladd, John R. Rayburn, F. L. Scott, W. R. Combs, Wm. Brown, Samuel Koobler, Samuel Houston, Joseph Warner, Wm. Harmerson, Jesse A. Drake, Otha W. Upp, John Buckles, James Core.
-Pettit Jurors: Drake Manning, Wm. spaulding, Andrew Lewis, James Lee, C. F. Columbia, J. S. Powell, Jesse Burt, Joseph M. Harry, I. N. Phillips, Wm. Herriott, Adam Kerr, J. C. Killgore, Emory Harwood, Thos. Stevens, Henry Dickinson, Wm. A. Gross, Phillip C. Yates, reason J. Francis, Henry Michenor and Allen Poage.
-Appointed Road Supervisor for the coming year: 1st district, Joseph Martin; 2nd Edward Corbly; 3rd, Lyman D. Chadon; 4th, Alfred Houston; 5th, J. W. Pancake, 6th, Wm. R. Puzey, 7th _____Merritt; 8th, Wm. Williams, 9th, W. c. Beck, 10th, Daniel O. Brumley; 11th, John Maxwell; 12th, Abraham Sprague; 13th John S. Harvey; 14th Samuel Steen; 15th Daniel Oylr; 16th David Wolf; 17th Jesse Cloyd; 18th David Deare; 19th, H. C. Stewart; 20th, Thos Malory; 21st S. P. Percival; 22d, John P. Tunbrook; 23d, Wm. OBryant; 24th, Victor Burroughs; 25, Alfred Bocock; 26th Jos. Sullivant; 27, John M. Mansfield; 28, Moses Deer; 29, Ambrose Strong; 30, Alva Pl. Coffeen; 31, James Umbenhower; 32, L. M. Hall; 33, Armstrong Swearengen; 34, J. K. Patterson; 35, C. S. McCullum; 36, Street commissioner of Urbana; 37, Hezekiah Cramer, 38, J. S. Powell.

March 12

-Married:: Lewis Hoskinson and Helen Yates, March 10.
-Married:: Wm. A. J. Yates and Mary Peat, both of county.
-Caleb Harriston arrested in West Urbana last Saturday for stealing a pair of pants from the store of P.S. Palmer.
-City of Urbana vs Wood Piles et al.
-The mildness of the weather has been entirely soured by the blustering character of March. On Sunday as much snow fell as upon any one occasion during the whole winter months. The mercury feel to 5 degrees below zero.
-A Chap named Caleb Harrison was arrest at West Urbana charged with stealing a pair of pants from the store of P. S. Palmer.

March 19

-Died: Mrs. Cynthia E. Woodworth, wife of A. O. Woodworth, of West Urbana, March 14, of consumption. Member Baptist Church.
-Rev. W. H. Halliwell is pastor of the Congregational Church of West Urb.
-Died: Edward Ater, leaving a wife. Member IOOF.
-State Fair will be held at the city of Peoria
-Mr. Combs has some fine blooded cattle for sale.
-B. Burt has oxen and cows for sale.
-C. A. Thompson has purchased the store of Hill & Smith.
-M. D. Coffeen has a fine tract of timber land which he offers to sell very cheap.
-Estate Notices: Thos. J. Price decd. by Jno. H. Thomas, Adm.; George W. Myers decd. by John H. Thomas, Adm; Benjamin Bartley decd by James J. Rankin, Adm.; George W. Perry decd. by H. M. Russell, Adm.
-Ad for Washington Academy in West Urbana: C. L. Porter, principal, Miss Kate Hart, Teacher Instrumental Music; Miss Martha Moore, Primary Department.
-Urbana House of Health located at the corner of Market and High streets.
-David Davis has a farm for sale.

March 26

-Married:: Hiram Collins and Naoma Young, both of Urbana, March 22.
-Died: Eliz. H., dau. Nathan M. and Emily L. Clark, West Urbana, March 19, age 3mo 18d.
-Vote no on March 30th against the new county of Douglass giving them a portion of our southern strip.
-Paris, Urbana & Bloomington RR was chartered.
-Election to be held April 7th for the voters of this county to decided whether or not they will give a tier of townships from the north end of the county to help make the new county of Holmes.
-Mr. E. S. Packard advertises fruit and ornamental trees for sale.
-Dr. Cunningham is again making pictures.
-J. N. Boutwell has plows for sale.

April 16

-Married:: Robert Fulton and Elizabeth Shaffer, both of Urbana, April 12.
-Cyrus S. McCullam adm. est. John Hoss, dec'd.
-A. J. Devore adm. est. Richard Chissom, dec'd.
-Accident near LaSalle the Ill. Cen. RR killed five and eight injured at the bridge over the Illinois River. The embankment gave way and the whole train went down some twenty-five feet.
-Citizens of town 22 wish to be a part of the new Holmes Co.: R. W. Claypool, George Islar, W. H. Carter, Phiny Lam, Michael Huffman, Abia Lucky, Samuel Huffman, F. W. Shannon, Jas. Sonestreet, A. H. Wood, Lewis Kuder, Chas. W. Gulick, S. S. Vernatte, W. H. Crawford, Wm. Huffman, Wm. Laneive, Abraham Claypool, James L. Canada, Thomas McGowan, Henry Small, R. C. Small, Joseph Lyon, John Lyon, Wm. Hart, Wm. Rayl, John Crawford, Daniel Johnson, John wilson, Levi Bloomfield, J. P. Huffman, Isaac Hobert, Andrew Waker, Wm. Tomilson, C. A. Moore, Adam Stonestreet, Noah Wood, S. White, J. A. Crawford, Jabus L. Taber, W. H. Whitman, John Lucas, Stuart Young, Wm. Jordon, Thomas Lyon, Peter Murray.
-List of Letters remaining at the Post Office at West Urbana, March 31, 1857. If not claimed in three months will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.
Andre Almire Mrs.
Anare Adamline Miss
Asher Samuel
Baracles Matilda
Beek Jacob
Benjamin Lewis
Butzell Henrietta M
Baily Marg. Mrs.
Bradly B C
Bruton Wm
Brernan Wm
Brace Stephen
Bennett Aaron
Broshars A
barllett Wm H
Bradley Susan E
Bungue Auguste
Begner M Joseph
Case Shaddens
Craig John W
Cantner David
Codray M
Conner Micheal
Chapman A H
Cramer J
Claflin Willard
Davidson Wilson
Davis Mary A Mrs.
Donoran Elizabeth
Evans Martha J
Ennes Sayre
Frankenberger Mary A
Frankenberger F O
Friand A M
Fiernan E A Mrs.
feiler Phillip
Good Peter
Galligher Barney
Graham J D
Goodspeed & Son. SS
Goodspeed & Son Wm
Geard John
Grace Charles
Hager Rose
Hand S H
Hartigan Daniel
Hanchett Miles
Hardin Daniel
Harris L D
Hays Sarah
Holmes G W
Huffman J H
Jackson Rhoda
Jones Ellick
Johnston Richard
Kiing James H
Kearney Saml
Killmore T F
Kinney C M
Klinck George
Little Benjamin
Lloyd Henry T
Montgomery T or E P
Morisk Augeline
Mericle Edward
McEntyre Thos
Moor Mary S
Martin ----
Macadom Wm
Nov Wm
ONeal Thos
Owens Wm
Ong Jane W
OBryan Cornelius
Price Thomas
Peny Catharine
Page Mary Mrs
Peck Charles
Parks L D
Paske Chas
Pineo John
Peters Mary
Peterson Peter
Powers John
Runey Timothy
Rhueder Wm
Rankin Wm
Rankin Wm A
Rankin Thos C
Stone G E
Stephenson John
Swans & Co Wm
Swinton C M
Smith Emanuel
Sampson Isaac
Sheldon Bab
Smith Jacob
Shereling John
Strouse Joseph
Staner M V
Shaffer J A
Stayman Helen M
Shan Francis
Stephens T H
Sullivan John
Shan Mary
Thomas George
Thomas George S
Timmons Wm
Thomas Joseph
Urtle G S
Wallace B A
Welden Marion Miss
W R Wm
Wilkinson E
Wood Daniel
Wyatt A C
John Mills PM
Executors Notice: Richard Chissom decd by A. J. Devore, executor.

April 9

-Dr. Biddle, dentistry; James D. Jaquith, Attorney; Dr. J. T. Miller, Physician and surgeon; A. M. Ayers, Attorney; H. C. Whitney, Notary Public; A. M. McWilliams, Attorney; J. Teeple, Practical Surveyor; A. M. Whitney, Real Estate Agent; Will. D. Somers, Attorney; Henry C. Whitney, Attorney; John N. Ebey & Son, manufacturers and dealers in every variety of Stone and Earthen Ware, fire brick, draining pipe, stone washboards; Dr. C. A. Thompson; H C. Howard, M. D.; Dr. C. H. Mills; S. W. Kincaid, M.D.; Dr. R. Whitcomb practicing medicine upon the Botanic system as formerly taught in the Botanico Medical College of Cinncinnati; Joseph Cloke, proprietor of the Central House, a private hotel for boarders.
-Letters remaining in the Urbana Office for Geo. Reinhart, C. M. Sherfy and J. W. Stewart.
-Geo. W. Johnson, one of the largest sugar planters of the Mississippi, below New Orleans, died recently, leaving an estate valued at $7,000,000 and by his will, manumitted all his slaves, 1200 in number.
-Election in the Literary and Library Institute: President, J. W. Jaquith; VP, Dr. C. A. Thompson; Recording Sec., J. Zimmerman; Corr. Sec., W. Somers; Treasurer, J. C. Sheldon, Editor, J. W. Somers.
-Prospectus was recently issued by Mr. Albert Gore for the establishment of the West Urbana Weekly Journal:, which met with considerable agreement. Mr. gore has taken L. G. Chase into partnership with him and that they together intend starting the Agricultural Press.
-Official vote upon the new county of Douglas in Champaign county stood as follows: Against, 522; for 22. In Coles co. the vote is reported as being: Against, 961, for 930.
-Mr. C. M. Chenoweth since taking the American House in this place has entirely changed and refitted the whole house, now to be called the Chenoweth House.
-Holmes county: for, 20; against 176.
-J. B. McKinley, Esq has removed his place of business from Clinton to Danville.
-Mrs. Fletchers Young Ladies Seminary in West Urbana.

April 16

-Proposal of a RR from Danville, Urbana, Bloomington.
-Official vote of the county upon the new county of Holmes: Against, 248; for 143; it lost in Vermillion co.
-John Campbell Esq. has sold interest in the Doane House, West Urbana, to Mr. Hubbard, of Mass. Mr. Campbell returns to his old occupation of railroading. He goes south to an important position upon the Fulton railroad.
-Our esteemed friend O. H. Black, Esq. of West Urbana contemplates removing soon to Minnesota, where he will pursue his business of Architect and building.
-The jail is to be erected upon the south east instead of the south west corner of the square.

April 23

-Two Irishmen named McCarty and Duncan found guilty of assault on an old couple in West Urbana. Sent to Danville jail.
-The courthouse in Lincoln, Logan Co., was entirely destroyed by fire including all the county records on Monday night the 13th.
-The courthouse at Mt. Carmell, Ill., burned to the ground a few nights since.
-Arguments come thick and fast in favor of action on the part of our county to guard against like casualities.
-10,000 emigrants have arrived in the Kansas territory since the opening of navigation.
-Railroad Meeting - Danville, Urbana & Bloomington; the following corporators were present: s. W. Noble david Cheney, J. P. creager, John M. Downing, and E E Greenman, of McLean county; Wm. Fithian, Guy Merrill, O. T. Palmer, of Vermillion county; J. W. Jaquith, Elisha Harkness, Asa Gere, A. M. Whitney, W. D. Somers, W. N. Coler and H. C. Whitney of Champaign county.
-Voted in the Ohio Legislature making it a penitentiary offence to claim to hold slaves in Ohio.
-Circuit Court: 85 indictments were found against different individuals for selling whiskley: we noticed the names of George Odell; Issacher Morris; B. C. Mossir; Martin Helbert; S.S. Goodspeed and David Cantner. Odell has a large number of charges against him, takes a change of venue to Macon County where the court sits on the first Monday of July. Lawrence Murphy plead guilty to five charges, fined $40 and costs. John Duff found guilty on 4 charges fined $40 and costs. Alex. Eubling plead guilty to one charge and fined $10 and costs. Caleb Harrison, who a few weeks since stole a vest from P. S. Palmer, at West Urbana, was sent to Danville jail for three months.
-James W. Somers and Homer W. Ayers Esqrs. Were at this term of the Circuit Court admitted to practice in the Courts of this State.

April 30

-First trustees of the "Town of West Urbana": J. W. Baddley, A. M. Whitney, E. T. McCann, J. J. Sutton, and J.P. Gauch.
-Robert Dean, Esq. has sold his large farm, six miles west of this city, to Messrs. Barney Kelley and John Campbell. The price paid was $35 per acrew. The farm contained about 1,000 acres.

May 6

-Died: Sarah A. Jaques, wife of W. H. Jaques, in Urbana, of consumption, May 1, age 28y 3mo.
-Dr. W. H. Pearce has sold his farm.
-Lots in Mt. Hope cemetery are offered for sale.
-The Urbana Seminary will be opened under the supervision of Mr. R. Leal.

May 14

-Married:: Oscar F. Pickerel, of Dubuque, IA and Mary J. Biddle, of West Urbana, May 7, in WU.
-Wm. Sim adm. est M. G. Courtney, dec'd.
-Small pox at Mattoon.
-State Normal to be located in the City of Bloomington.
-Masonic Lodge was organized at West Urbana under the name of Western Star Lodge, U. D. The followed named gentlement were elected officers: A. M. Whitney, W. M.; J. P. Dellenbach, S.W.; A. P. Hensley, J.D.
-M. B. Wellman is missing an old black cow.

May 28

-Married: Phillip Shaffer and Rachel Dupuy, May 21, in Urbana.
-Married: Charles F. Rigsby and Athalia Harvey, both of Urbana, May 26.
-Wm, Stewart adm. est. D. C. Hill,'d.
-J. D. Purkins is a candidate for Police Magistrate.
-Work on the new jail is going rapidly.
-In Chancery, Bill for Specific Performance: Henry Isam vs Eliza Miller, Elizabeth A. Scott, Rob. T. Miller, Adelade A. Miller, John K. Miller, Carles R. Miller and William H. Miller.
-Circuit Court, attachment: David A. Morrison vs Suel Arthur and Alonzo Upp.
-The Comet which was advertised to strike the earth in June, has passed our frightened planet. The nearest is came to us was twenty millions of miles.
-Mr. Jackson has opened a Saloon in the building just east of the Union Buildings. He is serving the public with the best of ice cream and confectioneries.
-James W. Somer has been appointed by Gov. Bissell a Notary Public for Urbana.
-Campbell & Col have opened an Ambrotype Gallery in the Cantners block.
-Circuit Court, Attachment: Charles A. Hunt vs William Bridges.
-Administrators Sales of Real Estate: Estate of William Regoerson by John C. Baddeley, Admr.

June 11

-For some cause or other the running arrangements on the Illl Cen. and G. W. R. Roads are so fixed that no connection is made at Tolono; passengers from either road being obliged to lay over at that point from five to eight hours. A hack is now run from this place to Tolono by Messrs. Hutchinsons for the purpose of bringing away such passengers as do not wish to remain there for the next train.
-J. B. Anderson advertises his farms for sale.
-The friends of Dr. R. W. Shumaker will be plased to learn that he has returned and commenced practice again in our community.

June 18

-Married: Samuel N. Hewlett, of Horicon, WI, renowned Temperance Orator, and Helen Augusta Pratt, sister of Walker Pratt, and dau. N. Pratt, of Chicago, June 3, St. James Church, Chicago.
-Married: Dr. J. S. Cunningham of Urbana and Nancy A. Clark of Marion, OH, May 28, in Marion.
-Wm. S. Coe, living 12 mi east of Urbana, is suffering from smallpox, communicated by a stranger to whom he recently gave lodgings.

June 18

-Mr. Sherfy advertises the Aetna Insurance Company.

June 25

-Married: Andrew J. Allen and Amanda N. Gere, dau. Asa Gere, in Urbana.
-Pana, a new town on the main branch of the IL. Cen. RR was visited by a tornado a few days since, by which every house in town was either blown down or injured.
-Temperance Meeting at West Urbana: W. M. Stokes, chairman and R. B. Smith, Secretary.

July 2

-Teachers Meeting: Mr. J. W. Jaquith, chair; speeches by Messrs. cutcheon, Coler, Sim, Hunt and others. Thoas R Leal, Secty.
-W. H. Pilgrim has lost a sorrel horse colt.
-James Curtis, Esq. has lost a small, black terrier dog.
-On the evening of the 4th while a little son of Mr. McWilliams of this place, was playing with powder, a small quantity held by him in a glass bottle exploded, burning his face severely.

July 9

-Report of a speech made by the Hon. A. Lincoln in the House of Representatives in reply to Judge Douglas.
-Died: Richard Nolan, by the hand of Patrick Higgins, near Paris, IL on the evening of June 19. Higgins at large.
-Married:,: Joseph W. Sim and Sarah A. Busey, both of Urbana, June 25.
-Died: W. J. Powell, residing 3 mi east of Urbana, of shock after the amputation of a fractured leg from a log-rolling accident.
-A new p.o. established at Tolono.

July 16

-Married: Pierce Coler and Rebecca Rock, both of county, July 12.
-Henry N. Nevil, a notorious bully, and a comrade named Barker, arrested at Sidney for house- breaking.
-Circuit court, Attachment: William H. Jaques vs William Bridges; Parris Shepherd vs William Bridges.
-Letters remaining in the Post Office at Urbana, Ohio, for Rev. J. P. Stryker, David Winger, James D. Wilson, Maj. A. M. Whitney.

July 23

-Married: A. O. Woodworth, of West Urbana, a former resident of Senaca Co., and Sarah Mandeville, of Canogo, last Mon.
-A. J. Huffman adm. est. Jacob P. Huffman, dec'd.
-The walls of the jail are up and nearly covered.
-On account of the removal of his old building, H. M. Russell has been obliged to seek other quarter for his grocery; he may now be found in the room formerly occupied by Mr. Courtney, opposite of the court house.
-We are pleased to see a move on foot in our place to organize an independent military company. A meeting will be held of those interest at Cantners Hall next Saturday evening.
-Musical Association. - pursuant to a call the citizens living on the north side of Big Grove met at the Somers School House and organized a Musical Society bearing the name of Pleasant Ridge Musical Association. The association was organized by the adoption of a constitution and the election of the following names officers: Jas B. Anderson, Pres.; L. C. Mellett, VP, L. T. Eads, Sec.; Wm. Brownfield, Treas.; C. C. Carns, H. A. Haley, E. H. Turner, R. M. Williams and Wm. Kirby, a standing committee.
-Circuit Court, Martha Palmer vs George A. Palmer, for divorce.
-Charles Boys vs William Bridges, attachment; J. M. Dunlap & James Dunlap, partners vs William Bridges, attachment; Lysander S. Hill vs William Bridges, attachment; J. S. Gould & W. R. Gould, partners vs George W. Toy, attachment; Giles F. McGee vs William Bridges, attachment.

July 30

-Circuit Court: Levi Hutton vs William Bridges, attachment; Amos Weedman vs William Bridges, attachment.

August 6

-Married: Henry C. Whitney and Sarah A. Snyder, Aug. 5, Urbana.
-Martin Rinehart adm. est. John Truman, dec'd.
-The military Company completed its organization by the adoption of a Constitution and the election of officers. The name of the company, Swift Guards, is very appropriate, not only for the adjective signification of the term, but from the high military character of Col. R. K. Swift, of Chicago, in whose honor the name is given. the Guards very properly elected W. N. Coler, Caption, under whose gallant leadership we feel assured valiant deeds will be accomplished and laurels won.

August 13

-Letter received from Samuel J. Stewart, of Cofachiqui, Kans. He notices the arrival in that neighborhood of our former fellow citizen, Judge I. N. Phillips. Family all in good health.
-Circuit Court: David Clouser, Richard W. Fisher, Garrett B.Gulick, John M. Fisher vs Zipporrough Fisher, Isaac Fisher, Septanus Fisher, James Fisher, Nelso Fisher and Arrena Fisher, Petition for Partition; George W. McLean, admr, Rebeca W., Admix, John T. Rankin, James Wiley vs John A. Wiley and William L. Wiley, petition for partition.

August 20

-Died: Samuel Askey, of Snowshoe, Centre Co., OH, age 81. A pioneer in the area; born Northumberland Co. VA, served under Gen. Harrison.
-Died: John Ring, an Irishman, after having been run over by train after falling asleep on the track near Pera.
-Woolen factory to be built by Messrs. Walker, Kidwell & Cole, from Franklin, Ind. The building will be 3 stories high, 45x50. Located north of the foundry.
-The Grand Prairie Bank is about to erect a building at West Urbana.
-Rev. T. C. eaton, Universalist, will soon become a resident of this place, being about to assume the pastoral charge of a society of his faith, recently organized here.
-Pleasant M. Parks is a candidate for the office of County Clerk.
-Solomon J. Toy a candidate for the office of County Clerk.
-William Munhall a candidate for County Treasurer.

August 27

-Died: An Irishman, last Friday, near Tolono. Bad whiskey the alleged prime cause.
-Died: John Fitzpatrick, murdered in Covington, Nebraska Terr., by Geo. L. Griffey, a claim jumper. Fitzpatrick late of Urbana, where his father and brother now reside, was married 4 months ago. Bur. in Sioux City cem.

September 3

-Two sons of a Mr. Leigh, age 10 and 12, living on Salt Fork 10 mi east of Urbana, were accidentally shot by a neighbor named Marshall while hunting prairie chickens.
-Died: James D. Butler, of Homer, July 19, leaving a family.

September 10

-Died: Mrs. Catherine Donnely, at Woodstock, McHenry Co., Sept. 1, age 111y.

September 17

-Rev. A. M. Wheeler of VT has been employed to take charge of the Urbana Male and. Female Seminary.
-Died: "Prof." Peter Descompt of Urbana, last Friday, from the bite of a prairie rattlesnake.

September 24

-An old man [unnamed] living in Piatt Co. is now 104 years of age. He was born in Northumberland Co. VA c1753. In Revolutionary War, he is now living with a son, very active, and appears to be about 60.
-Married: Charles Cheery and Mrs. Eliza J. Rains, both of county, Sept. 22, in Urbana.
-F. B. Sale adm. est. J. W. Parson, dec'd.

October 1

-A new Railroad Station has been established in Coles Co. midway between Pesotum and Okaw named Tuscola.
-The house of Geo. Parker, a few miles south of Urbana, destroyed by fire.

October 8

-Henry Robinson adm. est. Thomas Robinson, dec'd.

October 15

-Married: I. Livingston, of New Orleans, LA and Sarah F. Dater, of NJ, in Urbana.
-Married: D. C. McClallan, of Urbana, and Electa L. Burdick, of Milwaukee, WI, Oct. 1, at latter place.

October 29

-Wm. R. Lindsay sentenced to 7 years in penitentiary for the robbery of a Mr. Reed of IN near Danville. Lindsay about 25, slender, with black hair and deep blue eyes.

November 12

-Married: T. Wright and Eliza J. Burlingame, both of West Urbana, Nov. 10.
-Married: Charles T. Dox and Sarah B. Burlingame, both of West Urbana, Nov. 10.

November 19

-Geo. W. Bloxom adm. est. James H. Whitehearst, dec'd.

November 26

-Married: F. M. Sherfy (?) and Mary L. Lander, both of Homer, Nov. 2.
-Married: Jesse Burt and Alma C. Hall, both of county, Nov. 1.

December 3

-Died: Zaccheus Summers, in Urbana, Nov. 18, in 23rd year.
-George Vest arrested for stealing $11 from A. O. Woodworth.

December 17

-Married: David Slider and Emma F. Mallory, both of county, Dec. 15.

December 24

-Martin Stevenson adm. est. John Tarpy, dec'd.


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