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Brimfield News
Brimfield News
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Description: General including Mrs. Johnson died Friday

Date: April 10 1890

Newspaper published in: Brimfield


Mrs. Johnson died Friday morning and was buried Saturday afternoon at French Grove. She was 79 years old, and the mother of M. Dimmich of this place and A. Dimmich of Elmwood.
A.D. Wycoff is up and around again.
A number of children have the whooping cough.
Mrs. E. P. Lambertson is visiting with her son Milton this week.
The G.O.P. elected the whole ticket with 2 exceptions.
E. P. Lambertson is having his phaeton repaired and painted. Mr. Ben Huber is doing the work.
James Collins and Wm. Benjamin are farming the Cartis place.
Fred Adams has been laid up with erysipelas for the past week.
Mrs J. Gale visited at Jaques Wednesday.
Lerony Stevenson is breaking colts and doing general horse taming business in this neighborhood. Lerony is ready at any time to ride a bronco or dehorn a steer.
"Old Shady"


We will not say a thing about the robin or spring kase it may snow ere this reaches the readers.
Wm. Brooks is at the hardware store again, slinging goods around in fine shape.
Mr. Brigg special agent for the Conneticnt Insurance Co. of Chicago, spent a part of last week with S.S. Welch.
For a dandy corn planter call on Johnson.
Finest oranges on the market at Abys.
Unless yu are filled out in your ring suit don't say any thing against Dora Reed's stallion, when in Laura, if you do square your self, you will see someone's paws a flying up in the air.
Say! Jeemes, that feller what drives a yallar bronko to a kivered de mocrat last summer, that feller who'd ring a bell and than, if he would see a sun bonnet, he'd role off the seat like he was shot out of a gun and dodge around behind the wagon and jerk down the trap door and give darned good meat and good weight's, Say! Miss Laura has some hungry kids.


Tuesday evening John Sherlock, an old gentleman between sixty and seventy years of age was struck by the north bound freight train from this place, and fatally injured, a few miles this side of Monica. The facts as near as can be obtained, are as follows: The old gentleman had been calling on some neighbors and was returning home by way of the railroad track. He was walking towards the north and was within a few rods of the crossing, east of John Walkington's when overtaken by the train. Engineer Davis saw him, whistled, gave the danger signal, and slowed up but was unable to stop the train befor the engine struck him. He was thrown from the track, his left leg almost torn from his body and the left side of his skull smashed. He was taken to Monica where he died during the night. Whether he did not hear the whistle or was unable to get off the track or thought he had time to reach the crossing and step off on the road will never be known. He left the house of Mr. John Church but a few a hours previous and seemed to be in his usual health and spirits. The deceased had no family excepting a son who survives him.

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