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The Cairo Bulletin
The Cairo Bulletin
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: A Woman's Revenge. OLCOTT, EHRIG

Date: May 2 1874

Newspaper published in: Cairo, Illinois

(Peoria Democrat.)

The following dispatch was sent from Des Moines, Iowa, under date of the 22nd instant:

Officers were in the city yesterday in search of Wm. OLCOTT, a printer, who, it is suspected, is connected with the murder of F. W. EHRIG, at Davenport in 1866. He has been suspected since the murder, but nothing positive could be established. It is supposed that recent developments have warranted his arrest. OLCOTT left this city several months ago, and was last heard from in La Salle, Illinois.

Other rumors of the same nature have been in circulation, one going so far as to state that he wife of Mr. OLCOTT was under arrest, which is utterly false. The most singular feature of such rumors, is the fact that Mr. OLCOTT is a well-known printer, and has been at work in the various newspaper offices in this and that section of the country during the entire time since that murder was committed, and has been ready and willing to meet the charges preferred against him, well knowing his ability to prove his innocence.

Mr. OLCOTT is now at work in this office, and we are authorized to state to any officer of the law that they can find him here at any time, and find him able to prove his whereabouts on the eventful night, and to show that it was utterly impossible for him to have had a hand in the bloody deed. He also states that the rumor was started by a Miss GINNIS, formerly of Davenport, Iowa, but now of Toledo, Ohio, who was once a "sweetheart" of his, but is now an enemy on account of disappointment in "love affairs," and he has every reason to believe that she has started this rumor for the sole purpose of gratifying her revenge at the risk of his life. He is ready to meet his accusers at any time before the proper tribunal.

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