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The Cairo Bulletin
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Description: Abducted. A Centralia Girl the Victim of Mrs. LEWIS. MOORE

Date: September 15 1874

Newspaper published in: Cairo, Illinois

Sheriff IRVIN received a telegram late Saturday evening, from the city marshal of Centralia, giving a description of a girl, that had been enticed away from home by a woman, who had been boarding with her mother for a week. In the absence of sheriff Ham. IRVIN, Deputy sheriff Henry P. MARTIN opened the telegram, and immediately called on constable Robert BILLINGSLY to assist him in working up the case. They first visited all the hotels.

The first clue was obtained at the Planters House. The clerk said a party of three, answering the description in the telegram, had been at that house, and wanted two rooms for the night. He, not liking the appearance of the party, told them that every room was occupied. They went from the Planters' to a fish boat, moored at the point, to which place MARTIN and BILLINGSLEY tracked them. They were immediately arrested. The city marshal of Centralia was notified and arrived Sunday morning, and left with the prisoner and little girl on the evening train.

We called at the residence of BILLINGSLY Sunday, and interviewed the girl, and obtain the following details:

My name is Nancy MOORE; my father died on our farm in Linn county, Kansas four years ago; soon after pa died we removed to Illinois, and have been living at or near Centralia ever since. This woman, "Mrs. LEWIS," came to our house to board a week ago, and seemed to think much of me. Last Friday mother went out to spend the day, and during her absence Mrs. LEWIS asked me to go to Ashley with her, promising me good clothes and plenty of everything that was nice, and promised to take me home to mother the next day. We left on the afternoon train, and when Ashley was reached I started to leave the car, when the woman tole me to sit still; that it was not the right place to leave the train. When we reached Cairo a man met us who passed off for the husband of Mrs. LEWIS. We went to a hotel. Before going to bed this woman brought a man into the room and told me to go to bed with him; that he would pay me ten dollars, and in the morning she would buy me some nice clothes with the money. This I refused to do, making considerable noise. They then went out and left me alone for the balance of the night. The next morning we all went to a fish boat just below the city, when this woman tried to make me lay down with a man. I held out to the last, and about eight o'clock I was rescued by Mr. BILLINGSLY and another officer.

The girls is about of an average size of girls of her age, well developed, dark hair, eyes and complexion, and converses freely for one of her years.

This was one of the most outrageous attempts on virtue that it has been our lot to report for years. The people of Centralia are greatly incensed at the outrage. We only regret that the man or men who had a hand in this bad business were not captured with the women.

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