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The Cairo Bulletin
The Cairo Bulletin
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Horse Thief. MODGLEY, LYNCH

Date: February 24 1875

Newspaper published in: Cairo, Illinois

Last Saturday night a gentleman named John LYNCH, of this city, while standing in front of the Planters' House, on Ohio levee, noticed a man pass by whose face looked familiar, and, stepping up to him, asked him if his name was not Daniel MODGLEY. The man replied that it was, and after talking for a few moments with Mr. LYNCH, passed on. LYNCH recognized in MODGLEY a man who had been incarcerated in the county jail at Golconda some months ago for burning a barn, and knowing that he had escaped on the 13th inst., made up his mind to watch him and have him arrested. Accordingly, he followed his man, who went straight to the livery stable of Mr. PARKER, where he had left a fine grey gelding, and mounting him, rode out to the Mississippi levee. LYNCH informed a man employed at the stable as to who and what MODGLEY was, and the two mounted horses and followed him. MODGLEY, after leading them around for some time, was finally caught near the Methodist church, by LYNCH and his friend, and handed over to Sheriff IRVIN. When first questioned by Sheriff IRVIN as to where he got the horse, he said that he belonged to his father. On another occasion, he owned that he had stolen him from a farmer who lives near Metropolis. The Sheriff lodged MODGLEY in the calaboose, where he remained until Monday morning, when he was removed to the county jail. LYNCH avers that MODGLEY is a desperate man, having been implicated in the burning of barns, houses and hay stacks, in the vicinity of Golconda. MODGLEY, when he found the jig was up with him, told LYNCH that it was a damned shame for him (LYNCH) to "do" him that way. "But never mind," said he, "if ever I get loose I'll kill you; I'll get even with you in some way."

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