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Iron County Register (MO)
Iron County Register (MO)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Saloon-Keeper and Family Butchered

Date: August 24 1882

Newspaper published in: Ironton, MO


Page/Column: Page 2, Column 2

Evansville, Ind., was intensely excited on the morning of the 13th by the discovery that Alexander Wieber, a German saloon-keeper, his wife and his little son, seven years old, had been butchered in bed. The heads of all three were crushed with a hatchet, and their throats were cut and mangled in a most brutal manner. An infant of six months was found unharmed in its crib, smiling and crowing, unconscious of bereavement. The house in which the tragedy was enacted was formerly owned by a German named Krugg, who was killed there about six years ago by negroes. His widow married George Lenhart, a German laborer, who has done little or no work since his marriage. He has frequently asked his wife to let him have the house and run a saloon, but as Wieber. the man who was murdered, had a lease on the house, she could not do it. Lenhart is an ignorant fellow, and believed himself aggrieved by Wieber's possession of the house. Frequently he quarreled with him, and threatened to kill him several times. There were tracks leading away from the house, made by a man with but one shoe, and a sock on the other foot. Lenhart has a sore upon the instep of the left foot, and has walked without a shoe for some days in consequence. His tracks correspond with those found. He denies the commission of the crime. Charles W. Carter and Philip Voll were arrested about ten miles from the city. Carter was searched, and had in a pocket a razor covered with blood and a handkerchief spotted. Voll is but a boy, who had been looking for work and was going back to Mount Carmel. If the purpose of the murder was robbery it failed signally, for they got not a cent or a valuable, though several hundred dollars were concealed behind a drawer in the bureau.

Submitted: 03/15/17

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