The Journal (AL)
The Journal (AL)
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Description: Masonic Grand Lodge - Officers Elected

Date: August 24 1911

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 2

Holds its 34th Annual Session at Tuskegee Institute
Exciting Contest for Grand Master
Ends in Victory for Jas. T. Gregory
Tuskegee Institute, Ala., Aug. 17.—
It’s all over.
Three days did the work.
That is three days and one night.
Wednesday brought the all-night session.
The balloting took up the time.
Gregory was out on the first ballot, “Tom” Woods got second place, Deputy Grand Master without opposition.
C. N. McDaniels, Grand Secretary, also achieved the rare distinction of a unanimous vote for re-election.
The Grand Master has the auditing committee on hand with the goods in good shape. The recommendation binding the G. M.’s term was approved with a whoop.
Also the recommendations dividing the office of Endowment Secretary-Treasurer was adopted enthusiastically. The Mount Meig’s Boys reform band was one of the attractions of the occasion. Their music was captivating.
Provisions were made to put things in shape so as not to conflict with the new Lam governing Fraternal Benefit Societies.
Tuskegee Instituted by its warm welcome and generous hospitality won the hearts of the delegate and was again selected as the next place of meeting with enthusiasm.
Dr. Washington’s telegram conveying greetings from himself and the National Business League in session at Little Rock, Ark., stirred up the natives and was reciprocated amidst much hearty applause.
Vice President Warren Logan, Commissary-General Atwell and Hon. Emmet J. Scott put in some strenuous work entertaining the advance guard of the Grand Lodge itself before leaving Monday for the Business League.
The able forces left behind under the successful generalship of Major Ramsey completed the work of making the Grand Lodge and the Grand Chapter welcome with satisfaction to all concerned. Except board and lodging, everything else seems to have been furnished free and most graciously. Tuskegee was in “apple” order and with the copious daily showers showed its stately buildings, beautiful streets and well-kept lawns to fine effect, in fact a veritable flower garden. Nobody with an eye for the beautiful and an ear for fine music could grow tired of Tuskegee Institute under the circumstances.
Fitting honors were paid to the memory of the late Grand Master H. C. Binford, Sr., both in the Grand Lodge and in the Lodge of Sorrow. R. W. (Brother) Jere Barnes, chairman of the committee on Foreign correspondence read the letters of confidence from most of the Grand Masters of sister jurisdictions in America. The committee’s report authorizing the erection of a monument over his grave was adopted.
The Ballot for Grand Master
The ballot for Grand Master stood:
J. T. Gregory . . . . . . 616
H. C. Binford, Jr. . . . 192
N. H. Miller . . . . . . 118
C. H. Evans . . . . . . . 113
G. W. Shepherd . . . . . 15
S. S. H. Washington . . . 12
Total . . . . . . . . 1,066
Officers-Elect and Appointed:
Officers are elected as follows:
Grand Master—James T. Gregory of Greenville, Ala.
Deputy Grand Master—Walter T. Woods, Mobile, Ala.
Grand Senior Warden—Charles H. Evans, Tuskegee, Ala.
================ Page 2, Column 3 =================
Grand Junior Warden—Oscar Lee, Troy, Ala.
Grand Treasurer—J. O. Diffay, Birmingham, Ala.
Grand Secretary—Catson N. McDaniels, Hartselle, Ala.
Endowment Secretary—A. A. Peters, Girard.
Endowment Treasurer—Richard B. Hudson, Selma, Ala.
Appointed Officers:
Rev. P. W. White, Georgiana, R. W. G. Chap.; Silas Jones, Mt. Meigs, R. W. G. Lecturer, N. E. Division; J. L. Garrett, Selma, R. W. G. Lecturer, N. W. Division.; E. G. Humphrey, Montgomery, R. W. G. Lecturer, S. E. Division; J. W. Powell, Mobile, R. W. G. Lecturer, S. W. Division; W. C. Campbell, Fitzpatrick, R. W. G. Orator; W. M. Donald, Enterprise, R. W. G. Marshall; C. E. Shortage, Pratt City, R. W. G. Standard-bearer; H. W. Skinner Jackson, R. W. G. Sword-bearer; H. C. Rowans, Tuscumbia, R. W. G. S. Deacon; L. G. Ward, Demopolis, R. W. G. J. Deacon; J. C. McKenzie, Chapman, R. W. G. S. Steward; J. T. Daniel, Andalusia, R. W. G. J. Steward; A. Cunningham, Monroeville, G. Pursuivant; Charles C. Todd, Montgomery, G. Tyler.
Auditing Committee
P. F. Clarke, 1913, chairman, Birmingham; J. B. Ramsey, 1911, Tuskegee Institute; Charles Hendley, 1912, Huntsville.
Committee on Fraternal Correspondence
Jeremiah Barnes, Chairman, Tuscaloosa; Henry Roberts, Decatur, Ala.; G. L. Williams, Mobile.


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