The Boaz Leader (AL)
The Boaz Leader (AL)
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Description: Allgood Writes Washington on Homesteading Lands

Date: August 7 1919

Newspaper published in: Boaz, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 1

Montgomery, Ala.—Commissioner of Agriculture M. C. Allgood wired Secretary of Agriculture David F. Houston and Senator John H. Bankhead at Washington for information concerning the bill recently passed by Congress which opens up certain lands in the West and other places for division into homesteads for soldiers. Mr. Allgood wants to know if any Alabama lands are included in the congressional plan, and if not, why. He states there are thousands of acres of cut-over lands in Alabama which could easily be made available for this purpose. He points out that the lands in Alabama are fertile and do not need irrigation, as is the case with much of the western lands. The commissioner declares that Alabama does not want her sons to go to other sections of the country seeking opportunities that could be offered them at home, and says that full investigation will be made to see if Alabama lands cannot be turned to this homesteading purpose.

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