The Boaz Leader (AL)
The Boaz Leader (AL)
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Description: "I Am a New Man" - Archibald McKenzie

Date: October 16 1919

Newspaper published in: Boaz, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 5, Column 2

Montgomery Man Got Back All His Old-Time Health and
‘Pep’ by taking Sulferro-Sol, “The Wonder Medicine.”
Used to get up mornings always tired. No energy whatever. No vim. No push. Wanted to sit down and rest all the time. Least exertion caused fatigue. For more than a year suffered terribly with bladder and kidney trouble. That was the condition of Mr. Archibald McKenzie, corner Bell and Whitman Streets, Montgomery, Ala. Then somebody recommended Sulferro-Sol. Mr. McKenzie began taking it. He took two bottles. Now listen to what he says: “I can’t say too much in praise of this wonderful nerve tonic and blood purifier. I am a new man now, full of the old-time energy which I began to think I had forever lost. To all persons who suffer from like conditions to what I did, I simply say, Give Sulferro-Sol a trial and receive the benefit I derived from it.”

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