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Morning Democrat
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Date: May 20 1890

Newspaper published in: Davenport

A marriage license was issued yesterday to:
Henry WOLTERS and Bernardina TILLMAN.

DAVIS & Co. of Rock Island have formed a new gas company with a capital of $150,000 which will adopt the EVANS gas process.

Canon C.H. KELLOGG of Davenport has been secured to preach at Trinity church during the first five weeks of Rector SWEET's absence in Europe.

News has been received of the death of Wm. C. HAMILTON at Independence, Ia. He was well known in this city, where he attended school a number of years ago. He was 32 years of age.

Bert MALCOM of Moline accomplished the feat of walking from that city to Geneseo, 19 2/3 miles, in seven minutes less than five hours, and by so doing won a bet of $25. Considerable money changed hands on the result.

The court house lawn is being cut and presents a beautiful appearance. Some good work has also been done with the knife on the dandelion roots and other varieties of weeds and "greens" which tend to add disfigurement.

The contract for the cemetery building has been awarded to S. SCHEAL of this city, the price being $2,900. The oven will be built by Dr. DAVIS of Lancaster, Pa., who is a man of experience in ths line, having supplied Detroit and other places. The work is to be completed by Aug. 1.

George E. COPELAND has returned from a business trip to Springfield, Ill.

Mrs.S.F. SMITH, after a prolonged visit to friends in Chicago and eastern cities, has returned home.

S.P. MOSHER, M.B. PEARSALL, J.P. McCLEVERTY, and W.C. BERRY prominent business men of Fort Scott, Kan., are in this city.

Miss S.E. TOLLER, Mrs. C. NEWFELD, Mrs. R. DOW, John BERWALD and family sail together on the Ems May 24th. They will make a merry company on the water.

Mrs. A.D. LUDDEN and daughter, Miss Violet, who were visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. TREFT of Gilbert, left for their home in Tacoma, Wash. Mr. LUDDEN preceded them.

The many friends of the family of Judge John F. DILLON in this, his old home, will be interested in learning of the marriage of his second daughter, Miss Annie Price DILLON, to William Bentley OLIVER, Jr., at the residence in New York. Davenport acquaintances will send congratulations in their minds if not by mail.

The business men of Des Moines are considering the matter of parks and how to get them. It is an interesting question in the towns that have done as Des Moines has, and neglected the opportunites for securing good public grounds till they are not to be had. Davenport has been more thoughtful. Her park commissioners have something to work upon, and they will make good use of the means at their command.

Henry RUSCH, a lumber piler at WEYERHAUSER & DENKMANN's yard, met with a quite serious accident at about 11:30 a.m. Monday. he was standing upon the elevated staging engaged in pulling up a piece of lumber, when he stepped backward off the platform and fell to the ground below, breaking his right leg just above the knee. He was conveyed to his home on Spring street.

Gas Main
What might have been a serious accident occurred at the corner of Third and Rock Island streets yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. At that point an excavation had been made by a force under the direction of Foreman Frank QUEEN, which uncovered the gas main. Before proceeding with some work upon the pipe, a man was sent to the Gas works to see that the flow was cut off that line of main. The man came back and reported that this had been done, whereupon a workman, John McCARTHY, went down into the trench and uncoupled the pipe. In an instant a tremendous volume of gas shot up into his face and almost immediately he fell down, unconscious. His fall was witnessed and help being at hand, by a very fortunate circumstance, he was rescued from the dangerous ditch in which he was lying. He was carried, limp and helpless, into BILLIP's saloon immediately at hand, where after a time he revived so that he was able to sit up and later so that he could proceed to his room at Joe TRAEGER's boarding house.

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