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Davenport Democrat
Davenport Democrat
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Date: April 4 1890

Newspaper published in: Davenport

At 10 o'clock yesterday, at his home in Des Moines, Hiram B. HATCH died aged 66 years. He was born in Orange county, Vermont, but in 1848 came west,settling at Rock Island. He lived across the river from this city for six years, after which he removed to Des Moines, which place has since been his home. He was in moderate circumstances.
Fine bananas and fancy figs at RISLEY's.
Very pretty white aprons will be found at ARNOLD's
Nice oranges at WILEY's
Try MURRAY's new shoe house this time.
- Train Dispatcher Frank HORTON of the Rock Island office is in Chicago.
- J.H. McGEE, who has been in the mattress business here, has taken the road for a Milwaukee house.
- John LOUGHLIN, a young man who has many friends in the city, left a day or so ago for business in Butte, Montana.
- Miss Emma Adelia RICE leaves this evening for Chicago whre she will spend a few days with friends.
- Thomas WILKINSON is at home from Ann Arbor university, called to attend the funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. McMANUS.
- P.W. BURR of Charles City, Iowa, a prominent lawyer of that place and a former Davenport boy, is visiting his parents and other friends in this city for a few days.
- George SIMONS, formerly of this city, now a resident at Omaha, is in the city. He will meet the Libbie Conger here and accompany her on up to Dubuque where he will take the position of second clerk on the Mary Morton when she comes out.

- The Hibernians have spent about $700 on the old Christian chapel, in making it over into their new hall. The lower floor is occupied by the LaSalle club and the upper by the A.O.H.
- When the Democrats named Al BEYER for alderman in the First ward they called out a man who will make a strong run and be a live wideawake alderman. his seat in the council will be intelligently filled.
- When you vote for Gus ECKHARDT tomorrow you will vote for a solid sensible citizen who is hand and glove with the best interests of the city. He is a laboring man and always has been.
- Lemuel PARKHURST was a good man in the treasurer's office. He will be a good man in the council too. He has seen the city grow up from a village to its present proportions. All that time he has been a Davenport man all over.
- The fact that Frank L. DODGE is a successful lawyer won't hinder his election. People have come to the conclusion that the mere circumstances of having education and brains is no real bar to the naming of the position of alderman.
- Col. C.W. BOUTIN of Hampton, Ia., is out among the different companies of the Iowa National Guard on his annual tour of inspection. He will find Company B with bright barrels and buttons, waiting for him in the attitude of the most respectful attention.
- No one questions the worth of Louis H. RIECK. As candidate for the position of city treasurer he can have but little opposition. He has been too faithful an officer for anything of that sort.
- Among the teachers and city superintendants of Iowa, no man is better known than R.G. SANDERSON of Burlington. He is now lying on his death bed. A complication of serious disorders has prostrated him, and he will not recover.

The sporting men of the three cities have agreed to give Martin BURNS, Iowa's champion wrestler, a rousing benefit before he leaves for training at Jack KLINE's for his match with Pat McCUE of Chicago. It will be held at the Rock Island rink Saturday night. All the athletes will be present. Prof HARR of Davenport, MILLER, McKINLEY of Moline, James MAUCKER, GIBSON, Jimmy SWEENEY, and GALLAGHER will be also on hand to wrestle. BURNS will give $25 to anybody whom he cannot throw three times in an hour. Three different wrestlers have applied for an opportunity to defeat BURNS; one is said to be a Davenport TURNER, and he will make the first attempt - Argus

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