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Davenport Democrat
Davenport Democrat
Contributed by Cathy_Labath

Description: Various

Date: April 14 1890

Newspaper published in: Davenport

Rev. Dr. Thomas E. GREEN, rector of Grace church, Cedar Rapids, is a fortunate man. And likewise the people of his parish are well favored. As a partial recognition of the self-denying and arduous labor performed by Rev. Dr. GREEN his friends left a fine driving horse attached to an elegant phaeton at his door the other evening. Col. Charles A CLARK happened around at the right time and told the surprised man how it all happened. At this season of the year, after a winter's indoor work, Dr. GREEN's congregation know what he most needs, and that is a daily outing. The doctor's Davenport friends have only one comment to make and that is this: He deserved the treatment.
Spalding's baseball goods at the well known house, H.BERG & Son.
The early morning whistle nuisance is still worrying a number of the light slumbering residents of our city. There re others who can sleep through the rattle of the alarm clock or the roar of the cyclone, and they don't pay much attention to it, but some of their neighbors do. There is some justice in their complaints, and some reason in the arguments of the men who own and blow the whistles. The suggestion that whistles be used that are high-keyed and shrill instead of deep and heavy in tone and volume is not, without merit. The sound would be heard as far, but it would not be so disturbing.

- Rev. F.D. JOUDON of Charlton, arrived this morning, and will remain a few days with Mrs. BERRYHILL.
- Jeff CARSON and Henry JAGER of the Davenport Lumber company are looking over the lumber districts of Beef Slough and Stillwater. Teh mill of this company will be ready to begin the season's work next Tuesday.
- Ed. H. VAN PATTEN and nick KUHNE are down among the ducks in Boston Bay, some fifteen miles below here. They have dogs, guns, a house boat and all the other accoutrements needful to the chase. Their friends are waiting to see whether they will have ducks when they come home.

Another Davenport man has risen to honor. This time it is J.H. HARRISON, some time ago president of the Iowa State Pharmaceutical association, recently appointed by Gov. BOIES to succeed C.A. WEAVER of Des Moines as a member of the board of commissioners of pharmacy. Mr. WEAVER's term will soon expire and Mr. HARRISON will reign. In his stead for the space of threeyears. As the outgoing member has been and now is the secretary of the board it is fair to presume that Mr. HARRISON will be chosen by his compeers to the same position, though he .....[can't read line]... The other members of the board, as then constituted, will be John H. PICKETT, of Oskaloosa, and H.K. SNIDER of Grinnell. We can only add that Gov. BOIES has done a very proper thing in conferring this appointment upon Mr. HARRISON, not alone in that it honored a good democrat but also in the fact that it placed in a position of no little responsibility a man whose good sense, sound judgment, long experience and unblemished integrity guarantee that the position will be filled with honor and credit to the incumbent, the governor and the state.

Mrs. NURRE has been taken to Clinton that she may have better medical attention than could be given her at her home at Brown's station. So far as known nothing has been learned from her or is any other way, concerning the men who committed the murder of her husband and so fearfully injured her. It begins to look as though the crime would never be ferreted out.
Fruit, shade and ornamental trees also a fine line of roses and clematis.
Call and see us. NICHOLS & LORTON.
Cor. 3d and Ripley streets, Davenport, Iowa.
Little Harry SEARCY, the 3-year-old son of John SEARCY, living at the corner of Sixth and Farnam streets, started out for a walk this morning. A policeman picked him up near the station and he was kept there until his father called for him, about 1 o'clock. The child may be young, but he has a roving disposition.
Mothers are especially invited to call and see our large stock of baby carriages which we have just received. They are of the latest styles and patterns and at prices that will astonish you. HASSELMANN & THOMPSEN

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