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Date: July 14 1890

Newspaper published in: Davenport

Last night was one of the most uncomfortably close and hot nights of the season, and the universl remark this morning was, "What a miserable night I had."

Yesterday a party went down to Linwood on a fishing excursion. John BRUEGGE was captain and John KAUFMANN chaplain, and they had a fine time, but caught very few fish and had the proverbial fisherman's luck.

Miss L. Blanche FEARING, born and raised in this city, know as the blind poetess, has graduated with the highest honors of her class from the Union Law School at Chicago, and entered upon the practice of her profession in that city.

Elmer RANDOLPH, tillerman of the Hook and Ladder Company, tendered his resignation to the chief of the department this morning. He has been for three years in the department, and no fault has been found with him. He has been a good and efficient fireman.

A New Minister.
Yesterday morning Rev. McINTYRE of the Fourteenth street M.E. church commenced his sermon in his usual forcible and impressive manner, and his congregation has settled themselves for an hour of uninterrupted intellectual treat, when a note was brought by his son and handed to him. He paused in his discourse, glanced at the note, became very restless, excited and nervous, and would up by saying "lastly.", when he was expected in the natural and ordinary course of events to say "secondly." The closing exercises were cut very short and the dominie slid out the back door and was gone, while the people gathered in little groups to discuss the question of what was the matter with Brother McINTYRE, and some stayed around the church, and like the historic lamb, supposed to have been the property of Mary, still lingered near and on the green they lounged about until 11:45, when the dominie made his appearance, his face beaming with happiness, his mouth expaned in a wondrous smile to the full extent permitted by the position in which nature placed his ears and announced in joyous tones, the arrival of a new aspirant for clerical honors; that the newcomer, though small (weighing 10 pounds) had to all present appearances many years of life in which to overcome that difficulty. After extending hearty congratulations the loungers departed, and their minds being relieved of anxiety, they did full justice to the dinners awaiting them.
River Jottings.
The river is falling quite rapidly, and unless unlooked for storms come, will soon assume its usual summer stage.

The great excursion boat, Libbie Conger, offers until Aug. 1st to make evening trips of four hours for the low price of $30 and $7 per hour for each additional hour. Apply to James OSBORN, agent.
The New City Map.
Notice is hereby given that the original map of the city of Davenport extended, will be exhibited at the court house in the auditor's office, for inspection and correction. All citizens are invited to examine the same during Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Respectfully, M. HUEBINGER, Civil Engineer.
Call and see the Laura Nevin's range, gold coin range and gold coin cook stove at J.L. REID's, 107 East Second street.
Sad Affliction.
A little three-year-old of August MEYERS, living near Harrison on Locust street, was taken Saturday with the croup, and died yesterday. Another, aged seven years, while building a bon fire set fire to his clothing and was so badly burned as to cause his death this morning. Both were buried this afternoon.
HARRISON's Pharmacy, 305 Brady street.
The funeral of Richard HOUGHTON who died Saturday was held at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Mr. HOUGHTON was born in England, was 77 years of age, and had resided in Davenport 31 years. On the 4th of this month he as attacked by paralysis of the brain. he leaves a brother, Moses HOUGHTON, of Newton, a sister, Mrs. Margaret SUMMER of St. Louis; four sons, Joseph of St. Louis, William and James R. of this city, and three daughters, Mrs. J. HOWELL of Muscatine and Mrs. Alice PLUMB and Mrs. J.R. STOWELL of this city, all of whom were with him at the time of his death.
A New Corporation.
Articles of incorporation of the Davenport Light and Motor company have been filed. Its object and general business is the purchasing, erecting, maintaining, operating, leasing, procuring and selling electric light and power plants, gas plants, electric and other street railways, and plants for generating or furnishing electricity for all purposes whatsoever, and the puchasing of central heating plants. The principal place of business will be Davenport. The business is to be managed by seven directors elected annually. The present directors are A.J. HIRSCHL, W.R. LEWIS, R.T. MILLER, N. KHUNEN, Jr., L.E. COLE, A.W. VANDERVEER, and M.L. MARKS. The capital stock is $100,000, with the right of transacting business for a period of twenty years. President A.J. HIRSCHL; vice-president, M.L. MARKS; secretary and treasurer, A.W. VANDERVEER; incorporators, M.L. MARKS, N. KUHNEN, Jr., A.J. HIRSCHL, R.T. MILLER, L.E. COLE, W.P. BETTENDORF, L.H. LYFORD, W.R.
Police Points.
- Lottie JONES, the keeper of a house of bad reputation and five inmates were fined $10 and costs each, which they paid. And so the city is richer and only one laborer was recruited for the stone pile.

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