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Date: January 2 1897

Newspaper published in: Davenport


A delightful ball was held at Armory Hall New Year's eve. The arrangement committee for the ball was as follows: Messrs. D. EVERS, H. MCNERR, J. A. TILLOTSON, R. SITZ, J. COONS, and J. REESE. Messrs. J. S. KELLAF, F. M. MOODY, L. J. MEYER and Ed KING acted as floor managers.

A merry party of fifty ladies with their escorts assembled at Library hall last evening to participate in a delightful Leap Year ball. The arrangements committee was composed of :Mr. And Mrs. F. L. CLENDENEN, Mrs. R. R. HENDERSON and Misses Ella BRADY, Lydia REIMERS, Vera SCHMIDT, Edith RISLEY, and Freda CLAUSSEN.

A merry party of sixteen young married people gathered at the Outing Club Thursday evening in response to an invitation from Mr. And Mrs. T. H. KEMMERER to watch the passing of the old year. The four prizes were won by Mrs. Gorge E. RENFRO, Mrs. G. R. CLARK, Mr. Ed GIFFORD and Mr. J. B. GUY.

Mrs. E. C. HOSFORD entertained the East Davenport card club at her home Monday evening.

A company of friends were entertained at cards on Monday evening by Mrs. J. M. NEAL at her home in Walling Court.

The Bay View Literary circle were entertained in a very pleasant manner Monday by Mr. and Mrs. L. W. MCKOWN at their home on Park avenue.

The engagement of Miss Fannie BAMBERGER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. BAMBERGER of Rock Island, and Henry HEINSFURTER of this city has been announced.

The "B. N.," club was entertained in a pleasant manner Thursday by Miss Jessie MCGINNIS AT HER HOME ON East Twelfth street.

The misses Margaret, Sarah and Mary DART left Rock Island Tuesday for Boston where they will sojourn for the winter. Miss Margaret DART will take a musical course in voice culture, Miss Sarah will study art, while Miss Mary DART goes to keep her sisters company.

Personal Points
- Mrs. J. B. HOSTETLER left Wednesday for Decatur, Ill. where she will visit relatives.
- Col. And Mrs. MANNEN of New Boston are here as guests of their nephew, L. E. COLE. Charles THOMPSON of Waterloo, is visiting his sister, Mrs. E. E. Hall of Kirkwood Boulevard. Miss Jessie F. NORMAN of St. Joseph's Mo., is visiting Miss Mary WADSWORTH of this city. - Dr. Walter H. HIERRING of the State University faculty, is visiting Davenport friends and relatives.
- Mr. and Mrs. Horace BIRDSALL are at home from a visit to Mrs. BIRDALL'S parents at Oskaloosa, Ia.
- Mrs. R. C. CURTIS and Mrs. W. B. MURRAY are spending the holidays with friends in Phoenix, Az.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ed S. ROWLEY of Chicago are in the city for a short visit with friends and relatives.
- Mrs. W. H. FERNALD and son Nate, left for Phoenix, Arizona, Monday for the benefit of the latter's health.
- Miss Edith CUSHING of Atlantic, Ia. Is the guest of her uncle and aunt, Col. And Mrs. J. S. WYLE, for the holidays.
- Miss Mae YETTER of Steward, Illinois is in the city for the holidays as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank VAN PATTEN.
- Mrs. Smith, of West Liberty is in the city to enjoy a visit with her sisters, Mrs. F. W. DOWNS and Mrs. D. M. LANDIS.
- Mrs. M. V. BOIES and daughter returned Wednesday from Stillwater, where they have been visiting friends the past week.
- Mrs. Cora ALLEN-FREEMAN of Fort Wayne, In., and Miss Norma ALLEN of New York City are guests of their brother, Leon ALLEN.
- H. G. BRYANT and family of Freeport, Ne., are spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Sam LORTON, the parents of Mrs. BRYANT.
- Miss Margaret MUNRO is here from Chicago to spend the holidays at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David MUNRO, on Perry street.
- The Misses Lizzie and Maggie KING of Chicago are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome KING of LaPage street.
- E. F. SALTENBACH, one of the legal lights of the Des Moines Bar, is visiting with his sister, Mrs. B. WEINGARTNER. He will spend the holidays in Davenport looking up old friends.
- Mr. and Mrs. HADDOCK of Hancock, Mich., accompanied by Misses Annie and Mable HADDOCK are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert WALL on East High street.

At her apartments, 408 Main street, yesterday occurred the death of Mrs. Eliza Taylor at the age of sixty-five years. The deceased was a native of Ireland. She has many friends here, who will deeply regret to learn of her death. Two daughters survive her, together with other local relations. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock with interment in Oakdale cemetery.

Herman GROTH, The Victim of Country Footpads
While Returning Home From the City Early Last Evening He is Held Up Near The Orphans' Home-Fired Upon As He Dashes Away.

There was another bold country hold up last evening, the victim being Henry GROTH, a young farmer residing on the Jersey Ridge road, about three miles north of the city limits. Two men accomplished the robbery and escaped in the darkness with something like $4 of GROTH'S money in their possession.

GROTH was unable to give any definite description of the highwaymen on account of the intense darkness. According to. Mr. GROTH. he had been in town during the day and started for his home north of the city about 7 o'clock. He was on horseback and rode north by way of the Orphans' Home road. About half past seven o'clock he rode up the hill about a quarter of a mile north of the home and was ascending the grade on the other side when he was set upon by two men who jumped out from behind a hedge. He was riding slowly and they had his horse by the rein before he was aware of it. Two guns of ugly calibre were leveled at his head and the bridle reins were cut to prevent his guiding the horse.

At the point of a pistol one of the men demanded GROTH'S money and threatened to pump daylight through him when GROTH denied having any money. At this, GROTH handed over $4.50, all the money he had, and received a demand for more. When he stated he had none, the footpads ordered him to dismount and be searched. One of them attempted to pull him from his horse, but GROTH gave the animal a sharp kick. As he dashed away, two or three shots were fired after him and he rode home as rapidly as possible.

The footpads got all the valuables GROTH had on his person, except a watch and charm. The place where the hold up took place is rather a lonely locality, the nearest residence being a good portion of a mile away. GROTH is a young man, residing with his father about three miles north of the city.

There was a very merry party which assembled Monday evening at the home of Mr. And Mrs. John A. FEENEY at 508 Harrison street. Progressive euchre was indulged in and a very delectable repast was served by the popular couple. The first gentleman's prize was won by Edward DISHINGER and the second by Charles LIPPITZ. The first ladies' trophy was captured by Miss Theresa Dwyer AND THE SECOND BY Miss Carrie FEENEY.

The Charity Ball.has been postponed. The exact plans of the allied societies are not yet fully mature. A meeting was held Sunday at which representatives of all the societies attended. There were present Mrs. H. F. PETERSEN and Mrs. W. C. WADSWORTH, representing the Ladies Industrial Relief association, Mrs. J. FLEISCHMAN and Mrs. B. A. RAPHAEL representing the Hebrew Benevolent association, Major M. L. MARKS, H. P. PETERSEN and Mrs. W. F. PECK, representing the Davenport Associated Charities, Mrs. S. S. STACKHOUSE, representing the Ladies Catholic Aid society. Mrs. Georgia Worker, representing the Ladies Relief corps and the members of the executive committee of the Railway Men's club.

One of the leading social events of the holiday week was the dancing party given by Mr. And Mrs. E. H. RYAN.in honor of their daughter Miss Julia RYAN.

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