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Date: September 3 1897

Newspaper published in: Davenport

Friday evening

At 9 o'clock this morning occurred the death of Mrs. James PETERS at the family home, 704 Christie street, at the age of sixty-eight years. Heart trouble and old age were the causes of her death. The deceased was born in Ireland, and is the mother of four children, two boys and two girls-Mrs. Lawrence SWAIN of Minneapolis, Mrs. Britton ROSS of Chicago, James also of Chicago and Thomas of Denver, Colo. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the late residence with services at Sacred Heart cathedral and interment at St. Marguerite's cemetery.

Muscatine Police Report and Interesting Theft-Other Notes.

The police are on the outlook for the thief who stole a $200 horse and rig in Muscatine last night. A telegram from Marshal W. P. FRASER tells of the theft, describing the horse as a dark bay, twelve years old, while the buggy was a new rubber-tired affair. A good set of harness went with the outfit and the owner offers $25 reward for their return and the capture of the thief.

A smooth fakir, giving his name as J. BUSCH, was sent up for five days this morning by the police magistrate. He held forth at Second and Brady streets last evening and successfully worked the game of giving away money and disposing of snide jewelry after he had the crowd worked up to the right pitch. Captain RUMSEY and Detective WAFER took possession of the outfit and hustled the fakir off to the station.

KLINCK was arrested on the east side last night and sent up for three days. He got a trifle too free with his fists and was given a chance to pound rock for a change.

WILLIAMS, a farmer who drank too heavily of tanglefoot, was also gathered in last night and paid $2 and costs.

Silly Officiousness

Oom Dan B. HORNE Would Exercise Authority Over the Elements

After the present plant of the KEDING-HENKE Stair company had stood for many years with its smokestack pouring out volumes of smoke during all of that time it appears to be a little officious on the part of Oom Dan B. HORNE to spring a petition to the city council calling upon the KEDING-HENKE people to build their smoke stack higher , or to put on a smoke arrester at this late day. This is discrimination against the firm, and the board of public works should not allow the petition unless all other firms using coal and creating smoke be compelled to do likewise. "Live and let live" should be the motto, even of Alderman HORNE, who seems to have another axe to grind in this case, and does not hesitate to harass a worthy manufacturing firm to accomplish his aim.

Superintendent of Schools

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for superintendent of schools of Scott county, subject to the Republican convention, which convenes Saturday, Sept. 4, 1897. J. H. JACOBS

For Coroner

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for coroner of Scott county, subject to the decision of the Republican convention Saturday, Sept 4. Dr. F. LAMBACH

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