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Davenport Times
Davenport Times
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Date: January 26 1900

Newspaper published in: Davenport

State Board of Health Takes a Hand and Stops Protracted Meetings at Ayresville and May Order Vaccination.

A man is down with genuine smallpox near Ayersville. 14 people are quarantined at Bennett, Davenport has been bombarded by telegraph for vaccine virus and the end may not be yet. And the whole excitement is over the return of Cad Ayers who has been a student at Dixon, Ill.

History of the Case.

One week ago today, that is on Friday, Jan. 19, Cad Ayres came from Dixon, Ill. to Rock Island and there took passage on the B.C. & N. train Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock for Bennett. At Bennett young Ayres registered at the Hotel Bennett. He remained at the hotel over night and last Saturday morning the hotel proprietor, W. Delley, drove young Ayres to his home six miles south near Ayresville and not far from Wilton.

Ayres Taken Sick

Yesterday morning Ayres, who had been sick several days, was found to be broken out on the arms and the physician, Dr. Battey, of Wilton, pronounced the case smallpox. He had his suspicions and had informed Dr. John C. Schrader, of Iowa City, a member of the state board of health, who arried yesterday morning and confirmed Dr. Battey's diagnosis. Dr. Schrader gave the necessary orders about quarantining all persons exposed.

Hotel Guests Quarantined.

As a result of Dr. Schrader's orders the Bennett house located about one and one-half blocks from the B.C.R. & N. station at that place is quarantined and a rope is stretched along the sidewalk at the south of the building beyond which the unwilling guests and the hotel keepers family are not allowed to go. Caught in this quarantine are seven boarders, including Frank Cope, owner of a drug store and formerly employed by John Harding of this city; L.E. Kemmen, groceryman; Ed Conrad, Mr. Wingert, clerk in the Bennett bank; Louis Dawson, grain buyer. Besides these there are quarantined W. Dilley, his wife and two children; two hotel girls and Mrs. Dilley's father, Mr. Leatherburg. The quarantine was established yesterday morning and at the same time William Templeton, the township clerk, went to Ayersville and stopped the protracted meetings that were in progress there.

A Bennett Man Talks

Mr. Madden, who is car inspector for the B.C.R. & N in this city, and whose home is in Bennett, when seen by a Times man today stated that there was no indication nor great fear of the outbreak of that disease in Bennett." People have not yet decided to close schools and vaccinate the children. Ayers has smallpox not varioloid."

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