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Davenport Times
Davenport Times
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Date: July 11 1900

Newspaper published in: Davenport


Eldridge, Ia.- July 9
-Herman Smith of Long Grove, was here Sunday.
-The K. of P. dance Saturday night was quite well attended..Geo. Ramsey and wife celebrated the Fourth at McGregor, Ia.
-The majority of our people spent Independence day in Brownlie's Grove. Julius Lischer and Bruce Seaman were the orators of the day.
-Miss Sadie Steffe of Davenport spent the Fourth here.
-Hans Denker is moving his saloon across the road. He intends to erect a new saloon building where the old one stood.
-Mrs. Caster and her daughter, Ethel, of Pittsburg, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Kemmerer this week.
-Major Sam Clapp of Toledo, Ia., was here Thursday to attend his sister's funeral.
-The farmers are all busy cutting barley this week.
-Alarge number of our people attended the funeral of Mrs. Emma Marti, at the Long Grove Cemetery last Thursday. A large concourse of people followed the remains to the grave. Rev. Jones preached the funeral sermon from the text selected by Mrs. Marti before her death. The Long Grove church was entirely too small to hold the people that attended the funeral.

TIPTON [Cedar Co., IA]
Tipton, Ia., July 9
-Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Cawthorn and M.N. Jordan wife and family spent a quiet Sabbath on the banks and in the swim of the Cedar river.
-R.G. Cousins is home and resting up to be ready for the coming campaign.
-Mrs. Myers, who was hurt on the railroad tracks here last week is doing well in the hospital in Cedar Rapids. Her lower jaw was broken in three places and was sewed together with wire.
-Mrs. Mary Sharp and daughter Minnie go to Lake Okoboji tonight for a few weeks outing where they hope to improve Miss Minnie's health.
-Tuesday evening will commence a series of lectures on Spiritualism by Max Hoffman at Armory Hall. He expects to attract great public interest in showing how people may communicate with deceased friends. We suggest that the question of whether the foreing ministers have been slain at Pekin, China, be determined this way.

AINSWORTH [Washington Co, IA]
Ainsworth, Iowa, July 6
-Mr. and Mrs. Amos Poland of Avoca, Iowa, are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Stewart, Sr.
-Mrs. Curtz and family of Oskalooska, Iowa are visiting her mother, Mrs. J.W. Nichols.
-Ethel and Lillian Lewis, of Oskalooska are visiting friends in this city.
-Jonathan Wilkins has sold his farm north of town to a man from Kansas for $7,000.
-David Love went to Denver to visit his daughter.
-Lucretia Carson is visiting Pearl Sherfey, of Muscatine.
-B.A. Filmor went to Houghton, Mich. for a summer's visit.
-Mrs. H.M. Mize and family returned to their home in West Branch this morning, after spending the Fourth with friends here.
-Rev. J.S. Nicholson and family of Pleasant Plain, Iowa, are visiting his father, T.J. Nicholson, Sr.

Rockingham Road Resident Loses Some Excellent Broilers.
-Quarryman Schmidt, down on Rockingham road, has reported through Officer Michaels the loss of several chickens, each one of them good broilers, and until introduced to the gridiron first-rate egg producers. He has no suspicions as to the identity of the roost robber, whoever he may be, and the police are also on the lookout. So also is Mr. Schmidt and a load of buckshot to boot. If the thief is caught he won't get a taste of chicken for some time.

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