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Davenport Times
Davenport Times
Contributed by Cathy_Labath

Description: various

Date: April Various 1900

Newspaper published in: Cavenport

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Monday, April 2, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening, as These Names Will go in Book Form Then
WATKINS, Miss Florence wks Jones Bros Co. r 1423 Ripley
WATKINS, Tobias M. wife Maggie M, helper C R I & P r 1427 Harrison
WATSON, Mrs Emma r 1023 Arlington av
WATT, Miss Edna L tchr Sch No 9 r 513 e 15th
WATT, Mary A wid Harry r 513 e 15th
WATT, Mrs Mary K r CC Cook's Home
WATTS, Miss Annie L r 1715 LeClaire
WATTS, Margaret wid Thomas J rms 315 e 4th
WATTS, Miss Maud C rms 315 e 4th
WATTS, William contr r 1715 LeClaire
WATZEK, John W wife Helen H physician 1407 Brady res same
WEAFER, Miss Maggie, waitress Hotel Downs
WEATHERLY, Daniel G wife Mary A contr r 2336 Bowditch
WEATHERS, John (col) wife Dora, wiater Kimball House rms 122 e 5th
WEATHERS, Wm (col) wife Sarah E wks Egbert F & C r 546 e 11th
WEAVER, Carlille, wid Erastus r 616 Brady
WEAVER, Rev Clinton H, wife Louise M rector Trinity Episcopal Ch r 616 Brady
WEAVERLING, Edward wife Maggie lab r 827 Case
WEAVERLING, Joseph H wife Lucy printer Mossmann & Vollmer Co r 820 w 8th
WEAVERING, Wm carp T W McClelland Co r 82 Putnam bldg
WEAVY, Catherine wid Hans, r rear 626 w Front
WEBB, Miss Axele r 1030 Main
WEBB Edward r 416 e 2d
WEBB, Francis wife Mary L r 2815 Harrison
WEBB, Miss Jennie r 2815 Harrison
WEBB, Mrs Libbie wks S B Anderson r 23 Ryan blk
WEBB, Wm H pawnbroker 319 Perry r 1030 Main
WEBER, Charles T, wife Jennie r 1103 Gaines
WEBER, Lee M.D. oculist and Aurist, 103 e 4th hours 9 to 12 a.m. 1 to 4:30 and 7 p.m. Tel 99 r same
WEBSTER, Wm E wife Lulu B yardmaster C M & St P r 1608 Fulton av
WEDDELL, Rev John W, wife Eleanore, pastor Calvary Baptist Ch r 1423 Perry
WEEDE, Miss Ida G dom 839 Brady
WEETZ, Charles H, printer S Gorman & Son r 1936 w 4th
WEETZ, Christ wks Glucose Co r 1814 w 5th
WEETZ, Henry J wife Mary, molder r 2007 Bowditch
WEETZ, John wife Mary, wks Glucose Co r 1936 w 4th
WEETZ, John F jr sawyer Voss Bros r 1936 w 4thWEETZ, Miss Maggie M r 1936 w 4th
WEETZ, Margaret wid John r 1814 w 5th
WEETZ, Miss Minnie A, r 1936 w 4th
WEGNER, Catherine M wid Henry r 911 w 4th
WEGNER, Charles E r 1534 Leonard
WEGNER, Henry J wife Minnie wks Metal Wheel Co r 1547 Union
WEGNER, John tmstr Roddewig-S r 911 w 4th
WEGNER, Miss Lulu wks Io. Mantle Mnfg Co r 911 w 4th
WEGNER, Max, wife Sophia wks Brammer Mnfg Co r 1534 Leonard
WEGNER Michael, wife Emily wks Ind Malting Co r 417 Spring
WEHREND, Miss Lillie matron Orphans Home r same
WEIDNER, Walter W clk W Weidner r 816 w 3d
WEIDNER, Wm wife Louise, hardware 816 w 3d r same
WEIDNER, Wm wife Lena r 611 Hennepin
WEIGAND, Miss Amy tchr r 1101 w 6th
WEIGAND, Caroline wid Adam r 1101 w 6th
WEIGAND, Chester A elect H L Schmidt r 1101 w 6th
WEIGAND, Miss Ethel wks Io. Mantle Mnfg Co r 1101 w 6th
WEIMAR, Charles F wife Mary stair-bldr Keding H & Co r 1544 Eutaw
WEINGARTNER Otto A wife Mar C, wks Impl Mnfg Co r 1103 w 8th
WEINMANN, Amalie wid Charles r 1130 w 2d
WEIR, Miss Annie M r 420 e 15th
WEIR, James M wife Mary R wks Arsenal r 420 e 15th
WEIR, Miss Lillian D wks J Goos Co r 106 e 2d
WEIR, Lillie wid David r 106 e 2d
WEIR, Miss Mary I wks J Goos Co r 106 e 2d
WEIR, Wm R wife Jessie D ins agt 205 Brady r 1612 Terrace av
WEIS, Adolph L r 912 w 6th
WEIS, Miss Cecelia B seamstress Mrs E Numsen r 912 w 6th
WEIS, Miss Lillian J r 912 w 6th
WEIS, Phoebe wid Adolph L r 912 w 6th
WEISE (See also Wiese)
WEISE, August wife Mary lab r 1018 w 2d
WEISE BROS. (F H, W M T) electricians 528 Brady
WEISE Miss Ella wks Woolen Mills r 1018 w 2d
WEISE, Frank wks Christian Mueller & Sons r 1018 w 2d
WEISE, Frank H, (Weise Bros) 528 Brady res same
WEISE, Miss Rose wks N Kuhnen Co r 1018 w 2d
WEISE, Rudolph wife Olive carrier P O r 1634 Arlington av
WEISE, Will M T (Weise Bros) 528 Brady res same
WEISKOPF, Catherine wid Henry r 1617 Union
WEISKOPF, Ewald wife Minnie coachman r 1531 Union
WEISMAN, Joseph salesman T Smith & Co r 820 w 4th
WEISS Bros (Wm H Weiss) clothing 211 w 2d
WEISS, Henry (H Franck & Co) 217 Ripley r 833 HarrisonWEISS, Miss Laura dom 115 e 15th
WEISS, Miss Marguerite dom Marquette nr Clay
WEISS, Richard C wife Caroline trav agt A P Doe & Co r 1128 w 13th
WEISS, Wm H wife Lousie M (Weiss Bros) 211 w 2d r 1919 Farnam
WELTZENBERGER, Louis lab r 1024 w 2d
WELTZENBERGER, Samuel V painter r 1024 w 2d
WELCH (See also Walsh and Welsh)
WELCH, Arthur J wife Helen jeweler M E Nabstedt & Sons r 115 Harrison
WELCH, Bridget wid Michael r 301 e 10th
WELCH, B Frank, wife Emma C wks Arsenal r 220 Hildreth
WELCH, George H wife Lillian M wks Arsenal r 720 w Locust
WELCH, John wife Minnie lab r 5 219 e 4th
WELCH, Michael lab bds 512 Harrison
WELCH, Wm W wife Annie M tel opr r 214 e 6th
WELCHMAN, Arthur G saloon 127 e 3d r 1113 Farnham
WELCKER, Miss Mary r C C Cook's Home
WELDING, Fred B clk r 222 e 13th
WELDING, Wm E wife Jennie adv mngr The Republican r 232 w 13th
WELDON, James mach opr Metal Wheel Co rms 509 Brady
WELLENDORF, Jochim J wife Minnie carp r 416 Marquette
WELLER, Hannah wid John r 611 w 2d
WELLS, Bartholomew, wife Mary L r 1322 4th av
WELLS, George C, wife Amanda mach Arsenal r 731 e 14th
WELLS, Miss Jessie C r 1322 4th av
WELLS, Lois r 323 e 15th
WELLS, M Jennie wid Sanford r 323 e 15th
WELLS, Wm mach Arsenal r 116 e 3d
WELLS, Wm D wife Kate M prin High Sch r 1716 Park av
WELLSBACH Gas Light Co J P Lillie agt 414 Brady
WELSH (See also Walsh and Welch)
WELSH, Bridget G wid George r 1135 w 6th
WELSH, Miss Irene wks N Kuhnen Co r 1135 w 6th
WELSH, Mrs Nancy E, r 214 w 6th
WELSH, P D wife Nettie mason r 627 Harrison
WELTY, Julia A, wid John, furn rooms, 525 Brady res same
WELTY, orrie K, r 525 Brady
WELZENBACH, Anton, wife Catherine r 1220 Sturdevant.
WELZENBACH, Caspar, wife Clara, cooper, r 1637 w 4th
WELZENBACH, John, wife Lizzie, cigmkr, C.F. HANSSEN, r 1606 South
WELZENBACH, Joseph A, boiler insp. r 1220 Sturdevant
WELZENBACH, Julius B, wife Alice, cigmkr, r 814 Brown
WELZENBACH, Philip, wife Dora, r 930 w 5th
WENDEL, Fred, wife Wilhelmina, tailor A Porath, r 917 Harrison
WENDHAUSEN, Adam, bartndr, J F BRANDT, rms 803 w 2d
WENDHAUSEN, August, driver D H BAKER, r 803 w 2dWENDHAUSEN, Wm lab r Oak nr Telegraph rd
WENDLAND, Theodore A, wife Caroline watchman, r 502 Myrtle
WENDT, Miss Amanda, clk Petersen's Sons, r 919 w 6th
WENDT, Celia, wid Hans, r 2006 1/2 Bowditch.
WENDT, Fred, wife Caroline, saloon , 417 w 2d, r 919 w 6th
WENDT, George, wife Bertha, wks Glucose Co r 810 w 6th
WENDT, Henry r 1946 w 3d
WENDT, John, wks Glucose Co, r 1503 w 3d
WENDT, John H, wife Dora, timekpr Glucose Co, r 1450 w 3d
WENDT, Margaret, wid Frederick, r 1134 w Locust
WENDT, Miss Nora, r 1931 w 4th
WENDT, Miss Sophie, tailoress, J.F. VOLZ, r Rock Island Ill.
WENDT, Walter, cigmkr, F HAAK, r 822 w 5th
WENDT, Wm, wife Sophie, cigmkr W & E GOETSCH, r 1931 w 4th
WENTS, Edward F bds 722 Harrison
WENSEL, August, mason, r 1519 Leonard
WENZEL, Christian, mason, r 1519 Leonard
WENZEL, Ernst, wife Minnie, saloon, 302 Harrison, r 302 Harrison.
WENZEN, Anton, r 215 Warren
WERENTIN, Miss Clara, clk F WERNENTIN, r 505 w 14th
WERENTIN, Edward, steamftr Corry & W. r 505 w 14th
WERENTIN, Fred jr wife Anna (Corry & Werentin) 219 w 4th r same
WERENTIN Fritz, wife Anna, stationery, 308 Harrison, r 505 w 14th
WERENTIN, Oscar, wife Dorothy H, plumber Corry & W r 1022 e 13th
WERNER, Caroline, wid Frederick, r 420 Alma av
WERNER, Julius, packer Phoeniz M Co r 327 Fillmore
WERT, John G, wife Minnie, bricklayr, r 1, 317 Perry
WERTHMANN, Andrew, wife Barbara, shoemkr, 712 Hennepin, r 1406 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Andrew jr horseshoer, GG F KOOS, r 1406 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Andrew J, wife Augusta, janitor Court House, r 213 Green
WERTHMANN, George B, bkpr Moss Clothing Co r 1406 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Miss Margaret, housekpr, 1128 w 6th
WERTHMANN, Miss Mary r 1213 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Miss Mary, r 1406 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Philip, wife Kate, r 1213 w 7th
WERTHMANN, Sebastian, blksmth W GORDON, r 1406 w 7th
WESENBERG, Charles F W, wife Minnie, printer H WESENBERG, r 1947 w 5th
WESENBERG, Herman, wife Johanna, wks Boepple Button Co r 1033 w 3d
WESENBERG, Hugo, wife Bertha Job Printer, 221 Harrison r same
WESNER, Tony, wks Glucose Co bds Walker House.

Wessel, Anna C, wid Henry r 318 Western av
Wessel, Carsten, wife Augusta carp r 1949 w 6thWessel, Claudius clk The Fair r 1949 w 6th
Wessel, Miss Katie r 318 Western av
Wessel, Miss Laura r 318 Western av
West, Adelia, wid J.J. r 2005 Rock Island
West, Arthur E wife Mollie molder Dav F & M Co r 419 Marquette
West Davenport Cemetery Assn. R E Schmidt pres J C Johannsen vice-pres J C
Schricker sec Felix Hirschl treas 331 w 3d
West Davenport Improvement Co. G T Baker pres L A Ochs vice-pres T A Murphy sec E S Carl treas 49 Whitaker bldg
West, Miss Edith E r 419 Marquette
West, Emma A wid David M r 1715 LeClaire
West End Gun Club's Park, Bismark nr Indian rd
West, George r 216 Iowa
West, Miss Lillie bds 332 e Front
West, Richard wks St James Hotel
West St Paul House, Wm Ritter propr 803 w 2d
West, Wm wks Dav. F & M Co r 419 Marquette
West, Wm bds 1503 w 3d
Westendorf, Bernard A wife Mary cooper r 1630 Union
Westendorf, Catherine wid Frank B r 1437 South
Westendorf, Henry F wife Sophia foreman r 1534 South

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Monday, April 3, 1900

Errors in Names and Locations and Any Changes From the Way the Names Appear in The Times, Including Removals, Must be Reported to the Office or the Directory Manager in The Times Building Within 48 Hours From This Evening, as These Names Will go in Book Form Then
Westensee, Bernhard, r 1624 Leonard
Westensee, John H wife Augusta wks Woolen Mills r 1624 Leonard
Westerman, Harry A wife Mary R barber L Eckhardt r 504 Spring
Western House, Mrs. C Hartwig propr 426 w 2d
Western Ry Weighing Assn & Inspection Bureau L W Neelands agt Farnam cor 4th
Western Union Telegraph Co F A Mohr mngr Brady ne cor 2d Branch Offices
Hotel Downs and 107 Main
Westlake, Mrs. Jane r C C Cook's Home
Westling, Adolph H wife Nellie (Lindblom & Westling) 110 e 3d r 735 e 6th
Westlund, Albin finisher Dav Show Case Wks r 614 n Depot
Westlund, Algott N wife Hilda foreman E Borcherdt r 636 Sylvan av
Westlund, Gustav, wife Josie E wks C R I & P r 927 Judson
Westlund, Hans W wife Carrie tailor P A Halling r 614 n DepotWestly, Miss Mary dom 206 e 2d
Westphal, Adolph A wife Alvina A harnessmkr Kneuppel & Ott r 1006 w 3d
Westphal, August W printer Iowa Reform r 1323 Brown
Westphal, Augusta wid Hans r 1717 Eola
Westphal, Carl wife Marie mustard 302 w Front r same
Westphal, Charles foreman Tri-City const Co r 1913 w 3d
Westphal, Charles J, wife Mamie cigmkr W & E Goetsch r 108 1/2 e 2d
Westphal, Charles J wife Emma A fire dept r 1725 Eola
Westphal, Christian H wife Minnie roaster Washburn H C Co r 2119 w 5th
Westphal, Edward W C wife Anna barber 212 Harrison r 1329 Harrison
Westphal, Miss Emma A r 1323 Brown
Westphal, Franz W printer H L Wagner & Sons r 2119 w 5th
Westphal, Fred wife Mary r 1 Blood Hollow rd
Westphal, Fred H printer S Gorman & Son r 2119 w 5th
Westphal, Fritz wife Kate A brewer Ind Malting Co r Indian rd nr Hickory
Westphal, George M wife Johanna, car repr CR I & P r rear 1310 w 8th
Westphal, George W wife Margaret packer Reimers & F Co r 2029 Bowditch
Westphal, Gustav painter r 1111 w 4th
Westphal, John C wife Margaret contr r 2332 Bowditch
Westphal, John C jr watchmkr M E Nabstedt & Sons r 2332 Bowditch
Westphal, Louis B wife Lizzie carp r 106 Rockingham
Westphal, Louis H wife Lena mach Red Jacket Mnfg Co r 614 w 4th
Westphal, Miss Louise r 2332 Bowditch
Westphal, Miss Marie wks R Krause Co r 1111 w 4th
Westphal, Max, wife Amanda wks J H Raphael r 619 w 4th
Westphal, Oscar B r Dubuque rd ne cor South av
Westphal, Otto C wife Frieda E clk Lam Iron Co r rear 1036 w 3d
Westphal, Otto H wife Matilda C painter r Dubuque rd ne cor South av
Westphal, Robert brewer Ind Malting Co r 1 Bloody Hollow rd
Westphal, Rudolph wife Margaret lab r 1111 w 4th
Westphal, Rudolph wife Anna painter Mason Crrge Wks r 1717 Eola
Westphal, Wm A F wife Hulda carp r 1323 Brown
Westphal, Wm J wife Caroline E florist Dubuque rd nr South av r same
Westphal, Wm J r Dubuque rd ne cor South av
Westphalen, Mrs. Anna r 417 Mound

Wetherley, Homer, lineman, bds 220 w 5th
Wetzel, Miss Ella, tchr Orphans' Home, r same
Wetzel, Miss Emma C, r 30 Ryan blk
Wetzel, Miss Lucy m, r 30 Ryan blk
Wetzel, Mary D, wid P W r 30 Ryan blk
Wetzel, Miss Matilda R r 1426 w 4th
Weyerhaeuser, Fred (Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann) r St Paul Minn
Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann, (F Weyerhaeuser, F C A Denkmann) lumber, Front ne
cor Tremont avWhalen, Daniel, wife Sarah, cooper Glucose Co r 1436 w 7th
Whalen, James wife Myrtle E lab r 311 Ripley
Whalen, Miss Lora, seamstress, Orphans' Home, r same
Whalen, Michael wife Sarah r 1029 w 3d
Wheeler, Anne E wid Ephraim r 226 w 15th
Wheeler, Miss Blanche G tchr r 418 Bridge av
Wheeler, Henry P wife Fannie M feed 322 e 3d r 1019 Perry
Wheeler, Miss Ida I tchr r 226 w 15th
Wheeler, John A wife S Etta r 418 Bridge av
Wheeler, Peter, wife Sarah J r 1925 LeClaire
Wheeler, Wm A wife Lorena E carp r 702 Spring
Wheelock, Miss Florence L r 836 e 13th
Wheelock, Stillman C wife Grace B sec Tri-City Electric Co 405 Brady r 836 e 13th
Whey, Gustav tmstr bds 822 e 13th
Whipka, Miss Lillian dom 403 Brady
Whipple, George F wife Maria A blksmith C R I & P r 714 e 6th
Whisler, George, wife Elizabeth r 528 w 2d
Whistler, Samuel H wife Addie, switchman C R I & P r 1022 e Front
Whitaker Building Brady sw cor 3d
Whitaker, Charles wife Josie C carp r 502 Summit
Whitaker, Charles wife Sallie G lawyer 27 1/2 McManus bldg r 321 e 10th
Whitaker, Eberly C wife Jennie N wks Brammer Mnfg Co r 1018 e Front
Whitaker, John H office 1016 e Front r 140 College av
Whitaker, Joshua E wife Tina asst supt Prudential Ins Co r 225 Perry
Whitaker, Spier r 321 e 10th
Whitaker, Stephen wife Clementine lab r 519 LeClaire
Whitcomb, Miss Beulah r 1750 Grand av
Whitcomb, Edgar H wife Ellen M sec Federal Life Assn 8 Whitaker bldg r 1750 Grand av
White, Barney rms 10 Linden flats
White, Charles T wife Nellie F fireman r 506 Brady
White, Edmund M wife Jennie stationery 406 Brady r 516 e 6th
White, Fred B wife Harriete B salesman Bett Axle Co r 839 Brady
White, Henry (col) barber Pitts & Roberts rms 110 e 5th
White, Jarvis Art Co J B Hostetler pres M L Hostetler sec and treas 320 Brady
White, Mary M wid G E r 212 e 9th
White, Thomas C wife Margaret insp Gas Co r 419 e 6th
Whitehead, Wm W wife Clara trav agt r 510 w 7th
Whiteleather, George B wife Mary O supt Amazon Vinegar Wks r 1902 Bowditch
Whitfield, Mrs. Catherine (col) r 1015 Scott
Whiting, Mrs. Ann E (Treffer Co) 209 w 2d r same
Whiting, Frank B wife Anna E r 209 w 2d
Whiting, Miss Katharine A r 209 w 2d
Whitka, Miss Pauline laundress Buck & Co r 1133 w 3d
Whitmayer, Clark carp bds 120 w Front
Whitmore, Edward wife Mamie A miller r 407 e 14thWhitmore, Edwin wife Carrie helper C R I & P r 1933 Eddy
Whitmore, Elmer E r 407 e 14th
Whitney, Andrew plasterer bds 212 Scott
Whitney, A wks Canning Co r 422 Warren
Whitney, A J miller r 621 e Locust
Whitney, Carter salesman r 621 e Locust
Whitney, Frank A wife Annie V salesman Standard Oil Co r 621 e Locust
Whitney, Horton wife Minnie fireman Gas Co r 51 Putnam bldg
Whitney, Miss L E r 621 e Locust
Whitney, Miss May r 927 LeClaire
Whitson, Henry J wife Eliza M r 722 e 13th
Whitson, Milton J r 722 e 13th
Whittaker, Byron wife Lottie H r 1316 3d av
Whittaker, Miss Edna r 1316 3d av
Whittaker, George r 1316 3d av
Whittie, James A porter r 410 Iowa
Why Clothing House, Joe Froehlich propr 130 w 2d
Wibbecke, Eberhardt wife Anna shoemkr 2010 Fulton av r same

Wichelmann, Miss Bertha r 1128 Brown
Wichelmann, Mrs. Caroline r 2010 w 2d
Wichelmann, Caroline L, wid Wm r 1926 w 4th
Wichelmann, Charles r 1128 Brown
Wichelmann, Miss Clara H, wks Dav Pearl B Co r 2010 w 2d
Wichelmann, Miss Emma H, stenog r 500 Pine
Wichelmann, Frank E barber L W Schwenke r 1112 w 5th
Wichelmann, Henry wife Lena c wks Glucose Co r 634 Cedar
Wichelmann, Henry, wife Anna r 500 Pine
Wichelmann, Miss Laura wks Dav Pear B Co r 1112 w 5th
Wichelmann, Leo, wife Nellie M clk A Geerts, r 1112 w 5th
Wichelmann, Miss Martha C r 634 Cedar
Wichelmann, Miss Mattie tchr Sch No 5 r 500 Pine
Wichelmann, Otto, wife Mary, r 1128 Brown
Wichelmann, Wm, wks Canning Co r 226 Howell
Wichelmann, Wm, J, bottler Ind. Malting Co r 2101 w 2d
Wichman, John, r rear 718 w Front
Wichmann, Benj, wife Lottie A G driver G W Brown r 912 w 14th
Wicklass, Burt, wife Estelle, wks Arsenal r 1012 w 9th
Wicks, Clarence H mach r 1709 Grand av
Wicks, Oscar m lab r 1024 w 2d
Wicks, Sidney H wife Nannie E mngr Mutual Mercantile Agency 1214 Arlington av r same
Wicks, Theresa wid Henry r 1709 Grand av
Widdrington, Archie D clk Boston Store r 727 Swits
Widdrington, Fred W wife Fannie E painter Arsenal r 727 Swits
Widdrington, John A lab r 1313 GastonWiddrington, Mary, wid Michael r 1313 Gaston
Widdrington, Robert M, painter r 1313 Gaston
Widigen, Fred, bartndr F Krotz bds 318 e Front
Widigen, John, wife Josephine r 1914 w 3d
Widigen, Miss Mary wks N Kuhnen Co r 1914 w 3d
Wieck, Charles wife Marguerite wks Glucose Co r 824 Spruce
Wieckhorst, Catherine wid Peter r 712 w Front
Wieckhorst, Emma K wid Jeremiah wks Woolen Mills r 2118 Eddy.
Wieckhorst, Fritz, wife Emma cigars 1845 w 4th r same
Wieckhorst, Henry wife Amelia carp r 217 Brown
Wieckhorst, John wife Elizabeth box mkr Glass Co r 714 w Front
Wiederich, Fritz H wife Augusta lab r 628 Marquette
Wiederich, Fritz J r 628 Marquette
Wiedmer, Emil wife Veronica saloon 521 w 3d r 410 w 3d
Wiegand, Miss Caroline cook F Maehr r 509 Western av
Wiegand, Wallace W wife Henrietta, bartndr George Rohde r 504 1/2 Brady
Wiegert, Henry wife Sophia lab r 1228 w 4th
Wiepert, Miss Dora dom 402 e 6th
Wierenga, Isaac lineman Io Tel Co bds 212 Scott
Wiersema, Cornelius lab bds 212 Scott
Wiersema, John lab bds 212 Scott
Wiese (See also Weis)
Wiese, Adolph, wife Bertha musician r 1411 Prairie
Wiese, Miss Anna wks Jones Bros Co r 228 w Front
Wiese, August F wife Caroline (Utech & Wiee) 1649 w 3d r 1046 w 3d
Wiese, Bertha, wid Peter r 628 w 14th
Wiese, Mrs. Caroline midwife 1046 w 3d r same
Wiese, Charles wife Clara driver Havens & B Coffe Co r 1701 w 8th
Wiese, Charles H, wife Mary packer Petersen's Sons r 521 w Locust
Wiese, Miss Christina, dom 420 Mississippi av
Wiese, Christina wid Fred r 228 w Front
Wiese, Miss Clara clk A H Wilson r 413 w 10th
Wiese, Claus r 1236 w 4th
Wiese, Edward, wife Anna wks Dav Eley Co r 413 w 10th
Wiese, Emil C wife Bertah undertaker 420 w 2d r same
Wiese, Frederick wife Helen gardener r North av ne cor Farnam
Wiese, Gustav wife Marie carp J F Nebergall r 1213 w 5th
Wiese, G Richard wife Annie M dairy Gaines nr city limits r same
Wiese, Hans wife Margaret r 816 w 8th
Wiese, Henry vice-pres Seiffert & Wiese Lumber Co 1001 w 2d r Avoca Io.
Wiese, Henry r 709 Brown
Wiese, Herman r Gaines nr city limits
Wiese, John, wife Clara tmstr r 2105 Main
Wiese, John bds 212 Scott
Wiese, Miss Lillian dom 705 PerryWiese, Louis, wife Bertha E, Livery and Boarding Stables, 113-114-115 Harrison, tel 145, r 115 1/2 Harrison
Wiese, Miss Mabel r 109 w 7th
Wiese, Miss Mary dom 721 Western av
Wiese, Wm wife Matilda M wks Runge & Petersen r 816 w 4th
Wiese, Wm H wife Minnie see Reimers & F Co 213 e 2d r 709 Brown
Wiesener, Fred A wife Annie salesman A J Smith & Son bds St James Hotel
Wiggers, Crl J D bartndr r 1502 Harrison
Wiggers, Miss Elsie r 919 Ripley
Wiggers, George wife Anna M saloon 1502 Harrison r same
Wiggers, Jacob wife Hannah foreman Gas Co r 909 Ripley
Wiggers, Miss Johanna dom 402 w 8th
Wiggers, John, wife Margaret elect r 919 Ripley
Wiggers, Miss Minnie dom 619 e 15th
Wiggers, Miss Theresa M r 919 Ripley
Wiggers, Wm wife Hermine wks Arsenal r 417 w 16th
Wigglesworth, Annie wid Walter r 2310 Harrison
Wilbert, J.S. local mngr Penn Oil Supply Co Ltd. Rock Island Ill.
Wilcken (See also Wilken)
Wilcken, Fred H wife Kate porter Sieg Iron Co r 1341 Liberty
Wilckens, Ernst bkpr Sickels, Preston & Nutting Co r 1519 w 4th
Wildemuth, Louis barber C A Hagemann r 2109 w 3d
Wiley (See also Wylie)
Wiley, John M, wife Mary, barber Nichols & Lessen, r 314 LeClaire
Wiley, Wm B grocer 222 w 3d r 326 e 15th
Wilhelm, Adala wid Fred r 1113 Brady
Wilhelm, Miss Alma M., clk Boston Store r 903 Spring
Wilhelm, Miss A. Rose r 911 w 8th
Wilhelm, Bertha A wid R F r 911 w 8th
Wilhelm, Claus J wife Margaret lab r 903 Spring
Wilhelm, Henry, painter r 911 w 8th
Wilhelm, Hugo J wife Annie wks U.N. Roberts Co r 1634 Prairie
Wilhelm, Miss Julia wks Boepple Button Co r 911 w 8th
Willers, Miss Sophia wks Boepple Button Co r 1620 Rockingham rd
Eilhelm, Otto H, lab r 903 Spring
Wilken (See Also Wilcken)
Wilken, Henry wife Amanda r 824 1/2 w 8th
Wilken, William, wife Marie woodwkr Sternberg Mnfg Co r 508 w 2d
Wilkens, Miss Christina r 425 w 2d
Wilkens, Claus J wife Anna fireman Glucose Co r Lincoln av nr Rockingham
Wilkens, John J wife Helen wks Metal Wheel Co r 505 Alma av
Wilkins, James clk r 403 Brady
Wilkins, J Henry wife Minnie lab r 1715 Maiden lane
Wilkins, Theo. wife Mary foreman D H Baker r 1046 w 3d
Wilkinson, James R wife Hattie R eng C R I & P r 312 e 6thWill, Ernest, wife Lulu F trav agt r 833 e 14th
Will, Miss Grace K r 637 e 13th
Will, Wm H wife Luis candymkr Reimers & F Co r 637 e 13th
Willer, John wife Lena carp r 1608 w 7th
Willers, Adolph H r 1620 Rockingham rd
Willers, August wife Lizzie W sawyer Weyerhauser & D r 502 Farnam
Willers, Miss Bertha wks Boepple Button Co r 1620 Rockingham rd
Willers, Miss Sophia wks Boepple Button Co r 1620 Rockingham rd
Willers, Wm A wife Catherine lab r 1620 Rockingham rd
Willers, Wm A, jr lab r 1620 Rockingham rd
Willett, Frank J wife Letitia mach Arsenal r 115 e 6th
Willett, John S wife Mary police r 2134 Harrison
Willey, Albert B wife Winnie clk Jones Bros Co r 823 Brown
Willey, Miss Alta tel opr Io Tel Co r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Miss Cecelia E wks Dav Cigar Co r 632 w 3d
Willey, Miss Clara, tel opr Io Tel Co r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Edward r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Elizabeth wid Nicholas r 632 w 3d
Willey, Fred O. driver Buck & Co r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Gottlieb L wife Tillie pressman Bett Axle Co r 1618 w 7th
Willey, Miss Hattie wks Dav Cigar Box Co r 632 w 3d
Willey, Hosmore O, wife Mary lab r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Miss Lydia Reba nurse Mercy Hospital
Willey, Miss Martha wks Jones Bros Co r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Miss Mary r 632 w 3d
Willey, Patrick wife Mary mason r 1002 Western av
Willey, Sidney wks Arsenal r 1308 LeClaire
Willey, Theodore wife Mary T pressman Bett Axle Co r 820 Belle
Willey, Thomas wife Amber driver A Tredick r 611 Harrison
Willhardt, Tucker (col) r 312 w 10th
Willhoeft, Mrs Anna r 1616 Rockingham rd
Willhoft, Miss Emma r 209 Brown
Willhoft, Henry lab r 209 Brown
Willhoft, Torwald, wife Laura wks Glucose Co r 424 Davie
Willhoft, Wm clk r 209 Brown
Williams, Abe, cook Hotel Downs
Williams, Adelbert D wife Kathryn L trav agt r H 414 e 6th
Williams, Miss Annie dom 519 Rock Island
Williams, Daniel (col) wife Agnes lab rms 122 e 5th
Williams, Mrs. Effie M r 917 LeClaire
Williams, Elizabeth wid Joseph r 1604 Bridge av
Williams, Miss Ella dom 415 e Locust
Williams, E Everett wife Rose dentist 1 Dittoe bldg r 210 e 18th
Williams, Mrs. Frances R r 637 e 15th
Williams, Frank cigmkr r 309 BrownWilliams, Frank yardman Walsh Const Co rms 122 e 5th
Williams, Harry wife Dora cigmkr r 309 Brown
Williams, Henry (col) wife Rhoda lab r rear 328 w 5th
Williams, Henry A wife Lovenia r 225 e Locust
Williams, Henry S, wife Hattie D eng Newcomb Loom Co r 312 Scott
Williams, Howard L, wife Mary gen agt NW Mut Life Ins Co r 1326 e Front
Williams, Isaac R wife Minnie plasterer 2034 Bridge av r same
Williams, James bds 816 w 6th
Williams, John bds 313 w 2d
Williams, Joseph eng Boston Store r 506 Mississippi av
Williams, Miss Kate A housekpr, 839 Brady
Williams, Louise wid Frank E r 324 w High
Williams, Lucy (col) wid Marcus r 624 w 4th
Williams, Mary wid Dudley r 324 w High
Williams, Morris R wife Harriette F mach r 2316 Hancock av
Williams, Miss Pearl, waitress Germania House
Williams, Rebecca (col) wid Jacob r rear 221 e 4th
Williams, Samuel F wife Nora lab r 2009 Summit av
Williamson, Miss Birdee M r 309 Harrison
Williamson, Frank M wife Hortense J mngr Standard Oil Co r 309 Harrison
Williamson, Hubert B clk Standard Oil Co r 309 Harrison
Williamson, Mary A wid Ira J dom Fejervary House
Willick, Harry, wks B C R & N bds 712 w 2d
Willis, Mrs. Annie housekpr 1020 w 2d
Willis, Mrs. Mary A r CC Cook's Home
Willits, Clinton H novelties 1023 Charlotte r same
Willits, Clyde O r 1023 Charlotte
Willits, Dwight E r 1023 Charlotte
Willson, Ann wid Peter r 607 w 2d
Willson, Mrs. Carah C curtain cleaner r 118 e 15th
Wilmes, M George saloon 2024 e Front r same
Wilsey, Egbert S wife Hannah J r 1935 LeClaire

Wilson, Amanda, wid Seth, r 1023 Charlotte
Wilson, Andrew H, wife Cora A propr Metropolitan Bakery, 430 Brady r same
Wilson, Benj W, wife Carrie B harness mkr Arsenal r 509 e 9th
Wilson, Charles H, wife Bessie physical director YMCA r 711 Farnam
Wilson, Miss Clara A tchr High Sch, r 319 Kirkwood boul
Wilson, Ernest wife Amanda driver r 1441 w 3d
Wilson, Mrs Etta r 310 Gaines
Wilson, Frank J wife Nettie clk Smith Bros & Burdick Co r 524 n Depot
Wilson, George wife Mary wks Dav Pearl B Co r 107 Warren
Wilson, George A wife Minnie clk Dav Bag & P Co r 1632 Harrison
Wilson, George W, cigmkr J Goos Co r Moline Ill.
Wilson, Miss Grace B wks Crook Bros r 220 w FrontWilson, Gus W wife Ella forman C E Flick r 424 w 5th
Wilson, James wife Rhoda carp r 115 e 6th
Wilson, Miss Jennie r 402 e 15th
Wilson, John (col) musician r 311 e 2d
Wilson, John W wife Jennie wks Weyerhaeuser & D r 18 Riverview pl
Wilson, Joseph lab r 317 e 5th
Wilson, Mrs Maud r 1609 Fulton av
Wilson, Miss Nellie B r 1721 Park av
Wilson, Orville eng Hotel Downs r 310 Gaines
Wilson, Miss Phoebe L wks Crook Bros r 220 w Front
Wilson, Rebecca wid Jacob M r 220 w Front
Wilson, Rose A wid G H dressmkr r 24 Petersen blk
Wilson, Samuel L wks Dav Pearl B Co r 312 Brown
Wilson, Thomas B wife Lora blksmith r 509 e 9th
Wilson, Wm H wife Abbie Oliver, lawyer 202 w 3d r 1430 Brady
Wilson, Wm J wife Ruth driver r 125 w 16th
Wilson, Winfield, clk S B & S Shoe Co r Moline Ill.
Wilson, W W mach C R I & P r e Locust nr Jersey Ridge rd
Winckler, Edward C wife Emily S carp r 701 Spring
Winckler, Hugo J clk M J Eagal Co r 1920 North av
Winckler, John wife Margaret mason r 1920 North av
Winckler, Oscar H r 1920 North av
Winckler, Otto F r 1920 North av
Windle, Edward, wife Jeanette, lino opr Republican r 26 Ryan blk
Windsor Hotel, Charles Franz propr Perry nw cor 3d
Winecke, Henry r 1324 Main
Winecke, Wm F wife Ada B tailor 318 Brady r 1324 Main
Winfield, Anselm, wife Lizzie A lab r 1916 w 4th
Wing, Harriet M wid C O housekpr 131 w 16th
Wing, Miss Martha A, sec Lend a Hand Club 211 Brady r 524 w 13th
Wing, Minerva D wid E S r 1530 Ripley
Wing, Willard E wife Ida wks Arsenal r 505 w 11th
Winkelmann, Christ wife Minnie r 325 Harris
Winkler, Miss Laura dom 202 Bridge av
Winkless, Thomas wife Isabelle r 2115 Gaines
Winter, Miss Clra r 1208 w 3d
Winter, John D wife Christena r 1208 w 3d
Winter, John H carp Arsenal r 1208 w 3d
Winter, Robert clk S B & S Shoe co r Rock Island Ill.
Winters, Charles F wife Nancy A wks Canning Co r 1216 Farnam
Winters, Miss Clara F clk The Fair r 715 e 10th
Winters, Clinton L clk C B & Q r 119 w 15th
Winters, Edward, wife Mary wks Metal Wheel Co r 410 w 9th
Winters, Miss Etta M r 1409 e High
Winters, Miss Frances M tchr r 119 w 15thWinters, Miss Mae C tchr r 119 w 15th
Winters, Michael E wife Catherine C r 119 w 15th
Winzer, Dora wid Christian r 714 w Front
Winzer, Harry r 714 w Front
Winzer, Wm paperhngr r 714 w Front
Wirtel, Elizabeth wid John r 1410 e Front
Wirtel, John W (Estate of), Mrs J. Drebing mngr trunks 220 Brady
Wirth (See also Worth)
Wirth, Miss Anna r 220 w 6th
Wirth, Miss Barbara (Wirth Sisters) 220 w 6th r same
Wirth, Miss Catherine (Wirth Sisters) 220 w 6th r same
Wirth Sisters (Barbara and Catherine) dressmakers 220 w 6th
Wirtz, Miss Alma B clk Boston Store r 627 e 6th
Wirtz, Henry Q, wife Dra foreman Roddewig S r 614 e 7th
Wirtz, Joseph wife Emma E mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 747 Belle av
Wissler, Frank W wife Eva B carp r 509 Brady
Witherspoon, Guy M wife Amalie bartndr J C Witherspoon r 110 Division
Witherspoon, John G wife Ottelia saloon 301 e 3d r same

Witt, Anna wid J J r 709 w 3d
Witt, Miss Bertha r 704 w 6th
Witt, Christian A, wife Annie (Witt & Fehrs) 1105w 3d r 708 Marquette
Witt, Claudus wks Metal Wheel Co bds 620 w Front
Witt, Miss Dora clk Berwald, Hornby & Ruhl r 708 Marquette
Witt, Ernest H wife Matilda L musician r 1426 w 4th
Witt, Fritz, wife Bertha M painter 629 w 4th r 1318 Warren
Witt, G Wm clk Pittsburgh Glass Co r 708 Marquette
Witt, Hans T wife Mary eng r 101 1/2 Warren
Witt, Henning J wife Emma bottler 302 w Front r 704 w 6th
Witt, Henry clk Impl Mnfg Co r 1630 w 3d
Witt, John wife Anna cigars 702 w 2d r 724 Front
Witt, John C bottler H J Witt r 704 w 6th
Witt, Miss Lena dom 221 e 14th
Witt, Otto plumber Corry & W r 724 w Front
Witt, Wm N wife Ida stock buyer r 1630 w 3d
Witt & Fehrs (C A Witt, Charles Fehrs) tailors 1105 w 3d
Witte, John J wife Lena plumber r 1417 w 4th
Witte, Mary wid Charles r 1213 w 4th
Wittenberg, Miss Christina r 712 w 8th
Wittenberg, Herman wife Wilhelmina (H Wittenberg jr & Co) 124 e Front r 821 Harrison
Wittenberg, Herman jr wife Elizabeth (H. Wittenberg, jr & Co) 124 e Front r 829 Harrison
Wittenberg, Miss Hilda, 821 Harrison
Wittenberg, H. jr & Co (Herman jr and Herman Wittenberg) whol flour 124 e Front
Wittig, Miss Amelia r 321 e 4th
Wittig, Charles M, wife Katherine blksmith, 321 e 4th r sameWittig, Miss Emma clk Slager Mnfg....
Wittig, Miss Freda, tchr Sch No 1 r 321 e 4th
Wittig, Miss Meta r 321 e 4th
Wittrock, Fred wife Emma clk Dav Furn & Cpt Co r 219 Warren
Wittrock, John wife Marie wks Seifert & Wiese L Co r 1030 w Front
Wittrock, Wm H wife Dora cabmkr Brammer Mnfg Co r 1306 w 2d
Wittwer, John A wife Louise, clk 1720 Taney
Witwer, Joseph H, wife Margaret J lab r 521 w 16th
Witwer, Wm D wife Clara A painter r 719 w 17th
Woeber (See also Weber)
Woeber, Miss Agens A r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Aloysius, helper W F Worth & Co r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Amandus, wife Theresa r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Miss Lea N tchr Ida Institute r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Miss Lillie C r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Miss Margaret J (Woeber Sisters) 906 w 7th r same
Woeber, Miss Mary (Woeber Sisters) 906 w 7th r same
Woeber, Miss Olive A bkpr Hasselmann & Co r 906 w 7th
Woeber, Sebastian A wife Eva blksmith Dav F & M Co r 1507 w 8th
Woeber Sisters (Margaret J and Mary) dressmakers, 906 w 7th
Wohlenberg (See also Wollenberg)
Wohlenberg, Peter wife Christina (Wohlenberg & Paarmann( 1554 w 3d r 2008 Bowditch
Wohlenberg & Paarmann (Peter Wohlenberg, J F Paarmann) wagon mkrs 1554 w 3d
Wohler John P, carp Tri-City Ry Co rms 402 w 2d
Wohlers, Henry wife Anna wks Ind. Malting Co r Fishertown
Wohlert, Christ C wife Tillie M tailor W F Winecke r 622 w 4th
Wohnrade, Henry wife Annita driver H Kohs P Co r 1832 w 5th
Wolf (See also Wulf)
Wolf, Asmus r 327 w 2d
Wolf, August H, bds 313 w 2d
Wolf, Christian, lab r 106 Warren
Wolf, Ernst, r 327 w 2d
Wolf, Mrs. Phoebe A dressmkr r 22 Petersen blk
Wolfe, Hannah wid John M r 806 Case
Wolfe, Mrs Mary F wks J Goos Co r 806 Case
Wolfe, Oscar N wife Mary F cigmkr r 806 Case
Wolff, Hugo H wife Louise r 1425 Marquette
Wolff, Louis wife Johanna trav agt r 1045 w 3d
Wolff, Mary wid Wm r 414 w High

Wollenberg (See also Wohlenberg)
Wollenberg, Carl L, cig mnfr 130 e 3d r 615 w 4th
Wollenberg, Maria, wid Louis r 615 w 4th
Wollenhaupt, Andrew, wife Minnie r 809 w 3d
Wollner, Miss Gertrude E wks F Haak r 522 VineWollner, Paul, cig mkr N P Petersen r 522 Vine
Wolter (See Also Walter)
Wolter, Miss Elizabeth wks J Goos Co r 522 Vine
Wolter, Henry r 522 Vine
Wolter, Henry B wife Lucy molder Metal Wheel Co r 1005 w 6th
Wolter, John H, wife Johanna A mach r 403 e 6th
Wolters, George wife Anna (Wolters & Heinrichs) 727 Marquette r same
Wolters, Henry J.G., carp bds 1516 w 2d
Wolters, Miss Josephine r 727 Marquette
Wolters & Hinrichs (George Wolters, J.G. Hinrichs) grocers, 727 Marquette.
Wonsor, Charles foreman R S Cochran r 427 Brady
Wood (See also Woods)
Wood, Bert Z, (Wood Bros) 323 Harrison r 2028 Ripley
Wood Bros. (B Z and C S) Sign Writers, 323 Harrison
Wood, Byron C clk Bradstreet Co r 2028 Ripley
Wood, Cecil L r 401 Kirkwood boul.
Wood, Charles S (Wood Bros) 323 Harrison r 2028 Ripley
Wood, George W wife Minnie L, ticket agt D R I & N W r Rock Island Ill.
Wood, Henry A wife Amanda lab r 104 w Locust
Wood, John W r 103 e 4th
Wood, Lydia A wid Jeremiah r 18 Petersen blk
Wood, Matilda A wid Daniel hair dresser, 1403 2d av r same
Wood, Norman wife Jane lab r 413 Mound
Wood, Ralph feeder Glass Co r 2028 Ripley
Wood, Samuel A wife Adelia agt r 2028 Ripley
Wood, Wm H, clk Silberstein Bros, r 2028 Ripley
Wood, Miss Zulla wks Jones Bros Co r 413 Mound
Woodhead, Miss Margaret, r 1?25 w 3d
Woodmansee, Jessie wid R W r 1918 Main
Woodruff, Ella wid M N r 226 w 13th
Woodruff, Frank N, painter r 226 w 13th
Woodruff Kroy Co J F Kroy pres C J Schutter sec cooperage stock, Front and LeClaire.
Woods (See also Wood)
Woods, Albert B (col) wife Ida, head waiter Kimball House, rms 320 Rock Island.
Woods, Miss Blanche r 317 e 5th
Woods, John, wife Annie, wks Gas Co r 414 e 3d
Woods, Oscar C wife Cleora H, pres Martin-Woods Co, 113 Perry r 1745 Grand av
Woods, Miss R Genevieve r 1715 Grand av
Woods, Thomas H wife Luella, pressman Democrat r 921 Esplanade av
Woodward, Clay wife Emma saloon, 416 e 2d r same
Woolheater, Columbus C W wife Eva wks C R I & P r 415 w 16th
Wooster, Mrs Mary J r C C Cook's Home
Wooten, Ernest S wife Anna mason r 1720 w 3d
Wooten, Miss Laura F r 211 Harris
Worker, Magdalena wid James r 1928 EddyWorker, Martin J wife Eliza S foreman Sylvan Steel Wks r 1404 n Marquette
Worth (See also Wirth)
Worth, Fred W wife Henrietta (W F Worth & Co) 128 e 3d r 1535 w 4th
Worth, Walter F (W F Worth & Co) 128 e 3d r 1535 w 4th
Worth, W F & Co W F and F W Worth plumbers, 128 e 3d
Wortherly, Miss Emma M, dom 704 w 16th
Worthington, Miss Mary, matron Orphan's Home r same
Wrage, Benj, wife Mary, lab r 1212 w 2d
Wrage, Benj J. F. driver H Weert r 1212 w 2d
Wrage, Miss Christina, wks Dav. Peral B. Co. r 1212 w 2d
Wrage, Miss Emma cook St. Luke's Hospital.
Wrage, Miss Emma, clk F Maehr, r 215 e 12th
Wrage, Henry B, wife Tillie, stockdlr r 1440 Eustace
Wrage, Julius wks O Albrecht Co r 1633 w 3d
Wriedt, Miss Christina wks N Kuhnen Co r 1012 w 6th
Wriedt, Eggert F, (E F Wriedt & Son) 820 w 2d r same
Wriedt, Ernst A wife Johanna r 1616 Liberty
Wriedt, E F & Son ( E F & F C), stoves, 820 w 2d
Wriedt, Gustave r 1612 w 6th
Wriedt, Harry tinner E F Wriedt & Son, r 818 w 2d
Wriedt, Henry F C wife Minnie (E F Wriedt & Son) 820 w 2d r 818 w 2d
Wriedt, Wm H wife Marie lab r 1612 w 6th
Wright, Miss Agnes W seamstress r 510 w 16th
Wright, Albert L wife Anna tinner H K Newbern r Dubuque rd nr limits.
Wright, Alfred (Wright Bros.) 114 Harrison r 808 Pine
Wright Bros. (John & Alfred) vet surgs, 114 Harrison
Wright, Catherine wid Thomas r 808 Pine
Wright, Charlton wife Helen A supt r 15 Riverview pl
Wright, Miss Dessa P seamstress r 521 Brady
Wright, Eliza wid W J T r 822 e 10th
Wright, Ervin W wife Anna, laundry, 1623 Harrison r same
Wright, Miss Fannie M r 808 Pine
Wright, George wife Kate L eng Buck & Co r Rock Island, Ill.
Wright, Herbert (col) porter, bds 331 w 10th
Wright, Miss Helen E r 15 Riverview pl
Wright, Herbert A steamftr Corry & W r 15 Riverview pl
Wright, Miss Jennie F r 510 w 16th
Wright, John (Wright Bros.) 114 Harrison and food insp 2nd fl City Hall, r 808 Pine
Wright, John W r 320 e 2d
Wright, J Frank wife Jennie gen agt Equitable Life Assr Society r 1809 Brady
Wright, Mrs Martha J, nurse, r 521 Brady
Wright, Robert C wife Carrie mach Arsenal r 1226 Rock Island
Wright, Miss Sarah E r 808 Pine
Wright, Wm L wife Jennie M carrier P O r 608 e 8th
Wright, Wm S, wife Laura S lab r 320 e 2dWuestenberg, Anna wid Claus r 1617 Leonard
Wuestenberg, Otto H cig mkr r 1617 Leonard
Wuesteney, Charles F wife Annie supt Metropolitan Life Ins Co r 214 Gaines

WULF (See also Wolf)
Wulf, Miss Amelia r 1451 w 3d
Wulf, August wife Sophia tmstr r Rockingham rd nr Lincoln av
Wulf, Miss Bertha wks Boepple Button Co r 723 w 11th
Wulf, Cay wife Agnes brewer Dav. Malting Co. r 723 w 11th
Wulf, Charles, wife Elizabeth mach opr Brammer Mnfg Co r 1538 South
Wulf, Emil, wife Maggie wks Dav. Pearl B. Co r 1907 w 3d
Wulf, Emil A, wife Anna wks Beiderbecke M Co r 1451 w 3d
Wulf, Miss Emma wks Jones Bros Co r 723 w 11th
Wulf, Ferdinand wife Meta M lab r 1323 w 4th
Wulf, George painter bds 1116 w 4th
Wulf, Hans bartndr J C David r 214 Harrison
Wulf, Hans, wife Helen carp r 2127 Scott
Wulf, Henry r 2127 Scott
Wulf, Miss Kate dom 162 Bridge av
Wulf, Miss Lizzie dom 616 Kirkwood boul
Wulf, Miss Lucy r 1538 South
Wulf, Miss Mary wks Dav Pearl B Co r 723 w 11th
Wulf, Peter whitewasher, r 732 w Front
Wulf, Rudolph wks Dav. Malting Co r 1451 w 3d
Wulf, Wm mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 723 w 11th
Wulff, Albert r 523 Mound
Wulff, Miss Anna tchr Sch No 12 r 614 Warren
Wulff, Caesar, wife Emma J mach opr Metal Wheel Co r 523 Mound
Wulff, Catherine wid Claus r 614 Warren
Wulff, Mrs Elesia r 425 Jersey Ridge rd
Wulff, Henry poultry 1624 w 3d r Black Hawk
Wulff, Herman C wife Lillian delivery clk P.O. r 312 e 10th
Wulff, Miss Theresa clk J Lorenzen Co r 614 Warren
Wulff, Wm wife Emma painter r 912 w 16th
Wunder, Miss Alvina tel opr Io Tel Co r 1325 w 7th
Wunder, Miss Bertha r 1325 w 7th
Wunder Bros (J.G.A. and W.J.) book binders 120 Harrison
Wunder, Miss Christina wks Woolen Mills r 1325 w 7th
Wunder, Detlef F wife Fredericka, cooper r 1318 w 7th
Wunder, Doris wid Fred r 916 w 9th
Wunder, Ferd. alb r 1804 w 5th
Wunder, Fritz wife Lena wks Glucose Co r 1804 w 5th
Wunder, Herman helper Dav. Steam Heating Co r 926 w 4th
Wunder, John tailor J C Freese r 1804 w 5thWunder, John G A wife Mary A (Wunder Bros) 120 Harrison r 926 w 4th
Wunder, Miss Louisa r 2303 w 3d
Wunder, Miss Minnie r 916 w 9th
Wunder, Miss Minnie r 1325 w 7th
Wunder, Miss Minnie r 2303 w 3d
Wunder, Miss nettie M wks Woolen Mills r 1325 w 7th
Wunder, Wm wife Elizabeth tinner r 2029 w 5th
Wunder, Wm F wife Christina cooper r 1325 w 7th
Wunder, Wm J (Wunder Bros) 120 Harrison r 926 w 4th
Wunderlich, George clk Hotel Downs
Wundram, Wm, wife Bertha, grocer 715 w 2d r 711 w 2d
Wupper, Albert wife Bertha painter r 1725 Sturdevant
Wyatt, George O clk W M Wilson r 212 e 6th
Wyatt, Walter (col) porter E Rodler r 509 Brady
Wyatt Willis carp r 57 Putnam bldg
Wyckoff, Seamens & Benedict, Remington Standard Typewriters, 128 e 3d
Wylie (See also Wiley)
Wylie, Dev D W pastor Second Presb Ch r 1417 2d av
Wylie, Howard C clk Marquette 3d Vein Coal Co r 1404 Brady
Wylie, J S, wife Nannie C coal, wholesale and retail room 11 Masonic Temple, yard junction, Front and 4th st, r 1404 Brady
Wylie, Miss Mary E r 1404 Brady
Wyman, Fred, wife Millie asst sec Lindsay & Phelps Co 501 e 3d r 162 Bridge av
Wyman, Mrs. Letitia r 764 Case
Wymer, Miss Bessie L r 803 e 6th
Wymer, George W iwfe Mary E carp C R I & P r 803 e 6th
Wynes, Mrs. Elizabeth J dept mngr The Famous r 803 e 6th
Wynes, George A clk The Famous r 823 e 11th
Wynes, George L wife Elizabeth J (G Wynes & Co) 224 Brady st r 323 e 11th
Wynes, G L & Co (George L Wynes) proprs The Famous Department Store, 224 Brady
Wynes, Lawrence J clk The Famous r 323 e 11th
Wynes, Leo S, clk The Famous r 323 e 11th

Yaggy, Lewis J, wife Ada M, bkpr 1st Nat Bank r 619 e 15th
Yancey, John W, tmstr Orphan's Home r same
Yann, Simon wife Mary saloon 305 e 2d r same
Yenn, Joseph wife Sina cigmkr r 327 w 2d
Yeonard, Cora wks St. James Hotel
Yerbury, Walter propr Rock Island Steam Dye Works 2108 3d av Rock Island, Ill.
Yetchkoe, Otto M wife Jessie E cond r 518 w 9th
Yetter, Franklin B wife Anna bkpr Sieg iron Co r 219 1/2 w 4th
Yetter, Fred M wife Cora E stenog Sieg Iron Co r 715 w 4th
Yingling, Harry P. framemkr J White Art Co rms 207 Brady
Yocum, Miss Bertha bds 227 w 14th
Yocum, Emma L wid G.B. r 1216 PerryYonkey, August wife Amelia wks Arsenal r 1105 w 5th
Yonkey, Frank wife Rose R wks U.N.Roberts Co r 601 w 9th
York, Marion wife Jennie tmstr r 616 e 4th
Yost, Casper E pres Io. Tel Co. 6th fl McManus bldg r Omaha, Neb.
Young, Mrs. Adelia A dressmkr r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Miss A Blanche stenog Carroll Bros r 1318 Gaines
Young, Miss Bessie B clk S D Rider & Co r 1318 Gaines
Young, Charles F wife Mabel T music tchr r 2104 Brady
Young, David wife Elizabeth r 1318 Gaines
Young, Edward wks Canning Co r 1937 w 4th
Young, Miss Fannie M r 1015 e Locust
Young, George H wife Mary L tents 223 e 4th r same
Young, Harry C wife Annie plasterer r 1627 Iowa
Young, Jacob W wife Minnie L fireman r 26 Putnam bldg
Young, Miss Jessie M clk C K Berg r 1318 Gaines
Young, John B wife Betsey A supt of schools 602 Main r 427 e 14th
Young, J Charles wife Mary C supt r 2005 Farnam
Young Men's Christian Assn Frank Nadler pres C A Dalzell vice-pres, A DSalee sec H H Vogt treas 407 Brady
Y M C A Building 407 Brady
Young, Nellie wid C T r 213 1/2 Perry
Young, Miss Olive S r 1318 Gaines
Young, Miss Ruth tel opr Io. Tel Co r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Wm. canmkr bds 1844 Bowditch
Young, Wm wife Fannie driver Standard Oil Co r 634 Sylvan av
Young, Wm wife Emma foreman Canning Co r 1937 w 4th
Young, Wm A wife Adelia A mach r 104 1/2 w 2d
Young, Wm F driver The Fair bds 1228 Brady
Youngermann, August watchmkr H Reis r 217 e 6th
Youngren, Charles wife Winnie car repr C R I & P r 1914 Eddy
Younkin, Edmund F wife Ollivette B porter r 641 e 6th
Younkin, Mrs. Katherine dressmkr r 641 e 6th

Zabel, Charles F, wife Bertha r 1450 Franklin
Zabel, Miss Ella, r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Miss Emma r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Julius wks Glucose Co r 1526 Liberty
Zabel, Rudolph J wife Agnes F clk E Plath r 722 w 15th
Zabel, Wm blksmith Bett Axle Co bds 212 Scott
Zantow, Wm F wife Annie lab r 826 Swits
Zarnt, Charles wife Doris r 727 w 11th
Zarnt, Charles jr wks Bett Axle Co r 727 w 11th
Zarnt, Fred wife Caroline r 1547 w 6th
Zarnt, Louis wks Canning Co r 1547 w 6thZarnt, Wm wks F Haak r 1547 w 6th
Zarnt, Wm R carp r 727 w 11th
Zeeb, Miss Meta wks Dav Pearl B Co r 1318 w 2d
Zeeb, Miss Anna L wks N Kuhnen Co r 1318 w 3d
Zeeb, V George wife Fredericka tailor W F Winecke r 1318 w 2d
Zeman, Alfred A clk r 544 Mississippi av
Zeman, Miss Anna wkd F Haak r 1345 w 4th
Zeman, Annie wid John r 1915 Fulton av
Zeman, Anthony wife Mary shoemkr J Rose r 2208 Eddy
Zeman, Edward J packer A & P Tea Co r 1348 w 4th
Zeman, Francis clk J Rose r 2208 Eddy
Zeman, Joseph lab r 1915 Fulton av
Zeman, Joseph A wife Catherine bicycle repr J W Buck r 427 e 7th
Zeman, Mary wid John r 1348 w 4th
Zeman, Matilda wid F A r 544 Mississippi av
Zeman, Sarah wid Charles r 534 Jersey Ridge rd
Zensen, Mathias wife Anna r 1117 Brown
Zentner, Karl F meatmkt 1651 w 3d r same
Zernichel, Miss Augusta dom 603 w 8th
Zeuch, Herman J wife Adelaide S. salesman Van Patten & Marks r 126 Denison av
Zeurher, Miss Annie dom 822 e 13th
Ziebarth, Carl J L wife Dora wks Dav Malt Co r 1318 w 2d
Ziebarth, Charles wife Caroline fisherman r 910 w Front
Ziebarth, Charles jr mach Bett Axle Co r 910 w Front
Ziemer, Miss mattie E matron Orphans' Home r same
Zierke, Richard wife Alma driver Schick's Exp r 109 Main
Zilske, Miss Martha A clk Petersen's Sons r 2020 Faxon
Zilske, Robert wks Canning Co r 2020 Faxon
Zimmer, Albert clk H Peetz r Rock Island Ill.
Zimmer, John P, tailor, 126 Main r 206 w 5th
Zimmerman, Charles pressman S Corman & Son bds 322 Fillmore
Zimmerman, Charles H wife Victoria, bicycle repr H A Zimmerman r Rock Island, Ill.
Zimmerman, Edward S wife Luella cond Tri-City H. Co r 522 w 3d
Zimmerman, Emma wid John r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, Frank, upholstr r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, H A wife Mina Hardware Bicycles and General Repairing 124 e 3d r 1009 Charlotte
Zimmerman, Wm F piano tuner r 1520 Farnam
Zimmerman, Mrs Laura tchr Sch No 8 r 408 w 5th
Zindel, Jacob novelties rms 101 e 2d
Zindel, Miss Julia dressmkr r 214 e 6th
Zinger, Anton wife Caroline driver r 1114 w 7th
Zinger, George wife Minnie dairy r Rockingham rd nr Bismark
Zinger, Josephine wid Joseph r 1201 w 2d
Zittel, J M foreman N Kuhnen Co bds Downs Hotel
Zoeckler, Charles F wife Adelaide mngr J L Zoeckler r 1337 w 2dZoeckler, John H wife Caroline supt J L Zoeckler r 1337 w 2d
Zoeckler, John L wife Anna pork packer rear 1337 w 2d r 600 w 8th
Zoller, Amelia wid Ernest r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zoller, August wife Louisa, vice-pres Ind Malting Co 2d nw cor DAvie r 1908 Bowditch
Zoller, Charles wife Bertha solcr Ind Malting Co r 2004 w 2d
Zoller, Ernst, pres Ind Malting Co 2d nw cor Davie r 1742 w 2d
Zoller, Fred, clk Tri-City Ry Co r 1742 w 2d
Zornig, Jacob wife Lena wks Glucose Co r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zornig, John, wife Sophia marble ctr Schricker-Rodler Co r 1750 w 6th
Zornig, Miss Minnie r Blackhawk
Zornig, Wm stonectr r Telegraph rd nr Indian rd
Zost, Joseph wife Laura welldriller r 2237 w 2d
Zschlesche, August furrier T Richter & Sons r 1025 w 9th
Zuber, Miss Louise wks R Krause Co r 130 Mound
Zuber, Ura harness mnfr 130 Mound r same
Zuchantke, Adolph wks Christian Mueller & Sons r rear 624 w Front
Zuisuf, Henry bds 408 Western av
Zwicker, Miss Bertha music tchr r 1011 e Locust
Zwicker, Elnora wid Charles r 1011 e Locust
Zwicker, Miss Rosa dressmkr r 1011 e Locust

Davenport Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Thurs., Apr 26, 1900

It Breaks Out Near Fifteenth and Brady
Disease Diagnosed as the Dread Malady and Patient is Forthwith Removed to the Pest House
-Elmer Strombeck, 22 years old, a working man, employed on the C R I & P railway shops, is at the pest house suffereing from a genuine attack of smallpox.
-Strombeck lived at 1522 Brady street with his sister in one of Dr. C.T. Lindley's houses. He was employed as late as ten days ago at the C R I & P shops in sweeping out cars, etc., and his illness is attributed to the inhalation of car dust. At noon yesterday, Dr. Raymond Peck was called to attend the patient and discovered him broken out into blotches very suggestive of smallpox. The sister of the patient several days before attributed the disease to blood poisoning due to an injury received in the hand some time previously.

Was Ill for Ten Days

As there has been a misunderstanding on the part of some citizens who are complaining because the case was not called to the attention of the proper authorities earlier, a representative of this paper called upon Dr. Raymond Peck, who was the first one to discover the true condition of the man and obtained from him the following facts:
Mr. Strombeck was taken sick with a severe cold and symptoms of the grip on Sunday the 15th day of this month.
"Dr. Peck was called to see him on the following Wednesday and prescribed for him, called again Thursday and found him greatly improved and relieved of all symptoms complained of. He then left orders with the patient and sister that if improvement did not continue to notify him at once. Not hearing from the patient he concluded that his services were no longer needed and dropped the matter from his mind. That was the last he heard from his patient until 12 o'clock yesterday noon, nearly six days after his last visit, when his sister telephoned that he was not so well and showed new symptoms. "Eruptions first broke out Dunday morning and it was almost four days after the above serious indication that Dr. Peck was informed of the fact and called upon to view the case. "He immediately quarantined the place and called in City Physician Preston and Dr. Watzek, both of whom confirmed his diagnosis of the case as one of genuine smallpox. So it will be plainly observed by all that any delay in reporting the case was due to the negligence of the victim and his sister themselves and to no one else."

Those Who Are Exposed
-The family of Mrs. Sarah Ita occupies one half of the house and these parties have been exposed. All have been vaccinated. The Ita boy attends school No. 4 and up to yesterday the school children had been exposed. It is likely that all of the children there will be vaccinated as a safeguard.

Residents Are Vaccinated.
-Those who reside on the hill in the vicinity of the Strombeck home are much exercised over the appearance of the plague in the neighborhood and there were scores of vaccinations solicited. The place has been quarantined and thoroughly fumigated.

Vaccination Offered.
-On account of the fact that the little boy of the family went to school in No. 4 and was in Miss Miles' room in that building the city physician, Dr. Preston, ordered that the children in that room be vaccinated. The matter of the vaccination of all other pupils was left to the direction of Superintendant Young. In the room where the child attended school all the pupils who have not been vaccinated within 5 years will be required to be vaccinated at once.

Two Escape Quarantine
-Mrs. Strombeck and her little daughter who were in the family of the one taken will with smallpox escaped yesterday between the time the disease was discovered and the time Dr. Preston was notified. They went to Anover, Ill. but Dr. Preston at once telegraphed to that city and told of the exposure.

What Health Inspector Says
-Health Inspector Charles N. Jessen was seen this morning and said: "Dr. C.H. Preston first notified me yesterday afternoon. He first went ot Mayor Heinz and asked what should be done in the matter, and as I understand it, the mayor ordered him to look after the matter in his official capacity with full power to act. This Dr. Preston did. Late in the afternoon the patient Strombeck was conveyed to the pest house or the St. Robert's hospital in the Black Maria together with his sister and her babe. Claus Barofsky and Robert Stange were placed on guard to watch the premises on upper Brady street,after the quarantine had been established. There will be no special board of health meeting held today."

Scourge of Smallpox
-All cases of regular smallpox according to physicians are divisible in to three stages, viz., first, that of the initial or eruptive fever, second, that of the progress and maturation of the specific eruption and third, that of the decline. The first stage begins with chilliness, followed by heat and dryness of the skin, a quickened pulse, loss of appetite, vomiting, headache and pains in the back and limbs. On the third day minute red specks begin to appear on the face and rapidly spread over the body. The fever usually begins to subside as soon as the eruption appears. Statistics show that the eighth day of the eruption is the most perilous. The cause of smallpox is universally agreed to be a specific contagion whose nature the medical profession is in the most profound ignorance. Smallpox is considered the most contagious of all known diseases and appears in epidemic form at irregular intervals, and after raging for a longer or shorter period, it gradually dies out and as a rule does not generally appear again in the same community for years. The entire course of smallpox in all its various stages occupies about three weeks.

Davenport Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
April 27, 1900

News of the Vicinity

LeClaire, Ia., April 25
-C.S. Simpson has just returned from a trip in western Iowa.
-Mrs. M. Arlingdale visited relatives and friends in Moline last Wednesday.
-Not long since Mrs. Grant Hulet, while driving through the street narrowly escaped being thrown from the buggy, the horse became frightened and ran for some distance but fortunately no great damage was done, the horse being caught by some railroad men at the lower end of town.
-Mrs. Grace Day is making a short visit with friends in Clinton.
-It is reported that Mrs. A.L. Day is quite sick with diptheria at her home in Clinton.
-Henry Abel, Jr. was in town yesterday looking after the interests of LeClaire Stone company.
-Elmer Suiter of Clinton is spending a few days at home this week.
-James Ryan has moved his home from the old Thompson place at the lower end of town to the property he recently purchased on Jones street.
-Mrs. H.L. Stafford came up from Davenport this week to spend a few days with relatives and friends.
-Boyd Miller was on the street yesterday after being confined to the house for several months.

Buffalo, Ia., April 26- Mr. Joseph Metzger and Miss Sadie Gold, both of this place, were married at 9 o'clock yesterday at the Catholic church, Rev. Giglinger, of Davenport, officiating. A goodly number of friends of the contracting parties were present to witness the ceremony. The wedding breakfast was served at the home of Mrs. H.J. C. Dorman, where the bride haslived for the past three years. At 5 o'clock p.m. the wedding party boarded the steamer W.J. Young Jr. for a trip to Quincy, Ill.
- The sociable given under the auspices of the ladies of the Catholic church was largely attended and a neat sum of money was cleared.
- Miss Mamie Binder, of Davenport, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Egger and family.
-Frank & Heinseman will soon have another button factory in operation and has contracted with a New York house to sell all they can cut.

LETTS [Louisa Co, IA]
Letts, Ia, April 25- P. Reisch is rebuilding his windmill tower burnt several months ago. Shellabarger & Hurms are doing the work.
-T.S. Curtis has two new gasoline lamps in his barber shop.
-Ed and Max McCormick visited over Sunday with relatives in Columbus City.
-L. Van Horn was transacting business Monday and Tuesday in Oakville.
-Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Dr. Thompson's father, has returned to his home in Morning Sun after several weeks's visit.
-The sick of our town are rapidly improving.
-Mrs. Mary Shellabarger is making some needed improvement at the Commercial House.
-L.A. Riley of Wapello was in town today on legal business.
-Stock shipments yesterday were: Ben Leiberknecht, three cars of cattle and one of hogs; Will Leiberknecht, one car of hogs and John O'Brien, one car of hogs.
-Garden making is all the go with our citizens.
-Dr Weaver was down from Muscatine today on business.
-Workmen are excavating for Dr. Thompson's new residence, which he is building on the corner of Cherry and Vine streets. Section Boss Bailey has a full force at work in the yards at that place.
-C.F. Butler was in town yesterday interviewing our marble man. He expects to purchase a fine monument in the near future for his wife.

SUNBURY [Cedar Co, Ia.]
Sunbury, Ia. April 26, Sunbury is a typical German village located about midway between Tipton and Davenport on the Davenport division of the B.C.R. & N,. railway. It is one of the principal shipping ports of the division. While yet in its infancy this village promises many rare advantages. We have two general stores, a large implement house, lumber, tile brick and coal yards, a good elevator, two saloons and hotels, drug store, and with al lthe advantages this village occasionally sustains an attack of infantile colic due perhaps to the occasional outbreak of citizens' wrath. Each attack has been bravely beaten down and the shock survives.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hazel, a baby girl, April 23.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schaffer, a baby girl, April 24.
-John Tretjen takes possession of the Little's Grove saloon five miles west of Davenport.
-.The Sunbury Social club will give a ball in Cook's Hall, Saturday evening, April 28.

LOWDEN [Cedar Co, Ia]
Lowden, Ia., April 25- Dr. Cook is fixing up his office and getting ready for business.
-Dickie Parr is commencing work for S.H. Kimball at the Kimball house.
-Attorney G.W. Geiger from Tipton, was down one day this weekon business.
-The K.L.G.P will meet again May 1 and expect to initiate several new members.
-Mrs. Chas. E. Schmidt is visiting in Davenport.
-Hans Andersen is busy putting up machinery out in the country.
-Miss Martha Harmel is slowly recovering after an illness of several weeks.
-Gustav Martens is getting ready to build a new barn. Mr. Aug. Ruener will do the work.

Pleasant Prairie, April 25- Most of the farmers of this vicinity will finish sowing their small grain this week.
-Messrs. Frank Berwick, Otto Koll and Albert Wulf attended the dance at Blue Grass last Friday evening. The boys report a most enjoyable time.
-Miss Jessie Rachow was visiting family and friends in Davenport last week.
-..Miss Emma Stormer, who has been in Davenport the last month or so learning dressmaking, returned to her duties at home Saturday.
-E.A. Albee and son Gussie were county seat visitors Monday.
-A.L. Eis of Hickory Grove, called at the Tough home last Sunday evening. John says come again, Abe.
-The services at the M.E. church Sunday afternoon were well attended.
-G.W. Rachow called on his old time friend Henry Meincke Sunday morning.
-Bert Agar of Sibley, Ia. is shaking hands with friends in this vicinity.
-Dr. Vandaveer of Blue Grass was seen on our streets Sunday morning.
-Miss Henrietta Messer is spending a few days with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grimm.
-Roy Baker and Lee Wathan were callers at Walcott Sunday afternoon.
-Miss Orlie Baker, who has been visiting friends and relatives in western Iowa for the past six months returned home last Wednesday.
-Henry Jenkins was out trying his new road wagon last Sunday evening. We wonder what pretty girl will have the first chance to take a first class buggy ride.
-Henry Stormer and family and Mr. and Mrs. August Stormer spent Sunday with William Sissel and family.
-William McElroy made a flying trip to Fairport Sunday.
-Mr. McGinnis of Davenport was in this vicinity Monday trying to buy some good horses.
-Dude Welsh and best girl attended Endeavor at this place Sunday evening.
-William Witt of Davenport bought some cattle in this neighborhood one day last week.

The "Bears" Eat Honey
Last evening at the Turner Hall the Turner Bears met and ate plentifully of honey. There was plenty of bock, both liquid and in skins, bock beer and bock wurst, mit beans. Turning Teacher Reuter was at his best in his humorous description of his trip with the other Turngemeinde delegates to the Upper Mississippi Turnbezeik meeting at Des Moines. Sons and declamations rounded out a very delightful evening.

The Fritz Singer BenefitThe Turners are all interested in the Fritz Singer benefit entertainment which will be given at the Grand Opera house next Sunday evening. Mr. Singer is the director of the Turner Hall Theatrical company which has delighted large audiences at the theater every Sunday evening during the past season. An immense house is promised. The event will be the concluding one of the Turner Theatrical season. There were thirty theatricals given during the year.

School Children's Frolic
A pretty little festival has been arranged for the children of the German Free school which will be held at the small hall at the Turner Hall tomorrow afternoon. The parents of the children will also be invited to attend the event which has been arranged by the teachers of the school by way of a commencement frolic. Miss Flora Lesser will render the music and direct the children in song. The pretty frolic will encourage the children in their studies and tend to brighten them up during the depressing spring time days in school.

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