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Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
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Description: Lawlessness in Mississippi

Date: December 19 1884

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee Co., MS Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 2

================ Page 2, Column 2 =================
Lawlessness in Mississippi
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat of the 11th inst. contains the following telegram under the above caption. The statements do not even possess the color of truth, and were no doubt manufactured out of whole cloth as a cloak for the cowardice of a set of Radical officials, who undertook an official duty which they did not have the nerve to perform. The matter will no doubt receive due attention from the press of the counties mentioned:
FORT WORTH, TEXAS, Dec. 10.—Deputy Marshal Robert Buchanan, with Tom Wise and Jesse Boyston, returned to-night from Mississippi, where they went to arrest Dock Bishop and Bob Lamar, the murderers of Will Wise, the detective from this place who was waylaid, robbed and killed by the men in question. Buchanan was interviewed and says the state of affairs in Pontotoc, Lafayette and Jefferson counties are terrible, that law is defied and the entire community aid in protecting the outlaws. Gov. Lowry was seen at Jackson and gave them authority to summon to their aid any number of men they saw fit, besides offering a reward of $1,000. The Sheriff of Pontotoc said he wanted to see the men taken, but would not attempt their arrest. When the Texas officers had gone to the locality, thirty-five miles from Oxford, alone, they could not find a man to summon to their assistance who was not a friend of Lamar and Bishop. They secured the county and found several illicit distilleries running with no effort being made by the revenue officers to break them up. Learning where Lamar lived, and being told that if at home the house would be closed tightly, they rode up and demanded admission. Getting no answer, they broke in the door to find Lamar and family gone. They went to every house in the locality, but not a man was to be found, while the women were terrorized, the country being full of the wildest rumors about the bloody Texas, some of the natives declaring there were fifty of them, who intended killing everyone who had aided the murderers. The little towns were all excitement, the men hiding out. Finding their first search unavailing, they returned to Jackson to see Gov. Lowry. He told them to take no chances with the men, but to kill them at any show of resistance. Hurrying back to the place the Sheriff offered to summon 100 men to go in daylight, but would go with no less. The Texas officers told him no such scheme would work, when they went in open day through the country finding terrorized people, but their men gone. Buchanan says the people are ignorant, poor and lawless, the few good men dare not speak out as their lives have been threatened. Wise’s friends here purposes making another effort with more men to bring the outlaws to justice. Will Wise, the man murdered, was a deputy marshal of this city.


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