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Date: February 8 1901

Newspaper published in: Davenport

Buffalo, Ia., Feb 5- Mr. Eipper, of Port Byron, Ill., paid his brother, August Eipper, a visit this week
-Mrs. Mary Moritz spent Saturday in Davenport with friends
-S.M. Reynolds and A. Von Koeckerts, two of Davenports well-known traveling men were doing business in this city on Monday
-Miss Bessie Moorhead returned home yesterday after a week's visit with relatives in Davenport
-Rudolph Wragge was a passenger to Montpelier this morning
-The people here have begun to use the ice bridge for crossing with teams now. Louis Hoffbauer was the first to cross
-The ice harvest still continues. Fourteen inches is the average thickness and quality as fine as it can be
-Freddie Neumeister's delivery horse runs away on an average of about once a day this cold weather
-W.H. Crawford is agent for the Davenport Times. If you want to subscribe for the paper pay any back dues or anything due connected with the Times, contact him. He will attend to your wants promptly and satisfactorily. Better subscribe now and be in line.

Le Claire, Ia., Feb 7- C.S. Simpson returned Wednesday from a business trip in Newton, Ia. Mr. Simpson is the owner of some of the best bred cattle in the state at that place and reports them all in good condition
-C.S. Hilbourn is in Davenport today
-Will Shirk, Jr. has recovered from his recent illness, and has resumed his duties as mail clerk on the Rock Island road
-Miss Lottie Graham is now a student at the Davenport Business College
-Willie Blasick came home from Des Moines Wednesday evening for a short visit
-Miss Bessie Smith came up from Rock Island Wednesday to attend the home talent play
-Mrs. A.H. Marshall has returned from a pleasant visit with Moline friends
-Dr. Campbell will preach in the Presbyterian church on next Sunday morning
-Invitations have been issued for the Knights of Pythias dance to be given Friday evening, Feb. 15
-Mrs. Jennie Goodloe spent several days of this week with friends in Davenport
-The "mite" social was held last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Marshall
-Will Davis of Valley City spent the day with his brother, George H. Davis, above town
-Mrs. C.C. Hilman has just returned from a week's visit with relatives in Davenport
-Next Tuesday evening is the regular meeting night of the K.L.G. P. lodge and it will meet in the city hall as usual
-George Brown, Jr. was in Davenport on a business visit Tuesday
-Miss Helen Dayley is home from a weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Davenport
-Sam Moore's little granddaughter, who is here on a visit from Iowa City, is having an attack of scarlet fever in a mild form. The house has been properly quarantined and there seems little possibility of the disease spreading
-Great interest is being manifested in the coming Spinster convention at the rink on Feb. 13.

STOCKTON [ Muscatine Co.]
Stockton, Ia., Feb. 5- Everybody is either shoveling snow or sleigh riding these days
-The elevator company is adding to its sheds. They are now feeding bout 75 head of cattle now
-The morning passenger on the B.C.R. & N. had quite a time getting through the drifts here on Monday morning. There was three feet of snow in the cut just east of the switch on the C.R.I. & P., but a snow plow cut through it about 11 o'clock on Sunday
night. No. 2 was hauled by two engines on Monday morning
-Rudolph Warner is getting to be a mighty hunter. He has killed 40 rabbits up to date. He goes armed with a stick and a little dog
-If the ground hog had put on his specs last Saturday morning, he might for the space of a half hour caught a faint outline of his shadow
-Miss Haller was unable to be at her desk this morning on account of sickness. So the pupils in room B had a holiday
-Mrs. Jensen's house plants all froze on Monday night and undoubtedly "there are others"
-The new Sunday school was started here last Sunday and in spite of the storm two sessions were held, one in the forenoon and another in the afternoon. The attendance was about 25
-Read The Times. It comes here regularly. One dollar for three months daily by mail.

CAMANCHE [Clinton Co.]
Camanche, Ia., Feb. 7- Wm. Dunn, of Clinton, was in Camanche on business Tuesday
-Fred Evers is reported quite ill, threatened with pneumonia
-Fred Horn, an ex-editor of Clinton county, is quite ill at his home in this city
-Rev. J.K. Shiffer, pastor of the M.E. church in this place, is sick with the grip
-Miss Anna Horn was in Clinton Tuesday
-Wm. Eckerman, Carl Kirk, H. Farnsworth and H.J. Steele were in Clinton Tuesday
-A genuine snow storm and blizzard prevailed here all day Sunday. Services were suspended at night at both our churches on account of the inclement weather
-Our people were busy all forenoon Monday cleaning sidewalks and making paths so as to be able to get around in our city
-L.A. Brown of Kilbourn City, Wis., who attended the funeral of his brother, S.C. Brown, last week, returned to his home last Saturday
-Mrs. M.T. Sweeny, of Clinton, has sold her residence in that city, and will for the time being make her home with her son-in-law, John Sweeny, of this city
-Rumor has it that our hotel is soon to change proprietors
-Mr. and Mrs. R. Brown celebrated the 56th anniversary of their wedding last Wednesday, Jan. 30, when a goodly company gathered to participate in the festivities. One person was present, who witnessed the marriage ceremony performed 56 years ago. Mr .Brown is in his 82nd year, but for all is still quite active
-Concert at the Baptist church Tuesday, Feb. 12, under auspices of the B.Y.P.U., Prof. McArthur of Clinton to direct.

WELTON [ Clinton Co.]
Welton, Ia., Feb. 6- Mrs. Wm. Smith, of Fayette, Ia., is visiting friends here
-Mrs. David Kindig who has been visiting relatives here for some time, returned yesterday to her home at Kingley, Ia
-A son arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Van Horn yesterday. All are doing well
-The wedding mentioned last week at L.A. Loofboro's proved to be a double one. Miss Orpah Loofboro to Mr. Wells and Miss Sadie Loofboro to David Ring of Milton, Wis. Both couples left next day for their new homes, the former at Chicago, the latter at Milton, Wis., where Mr. Ring is principal of schools. Their many friends congratulate them
-Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, who has been visiting at Chicago, returned home this week
-An ice cream social at the home of J.B. Davis, Thursday evening
-There will be a grand ball at Paulsen's hall, Feb. 15. The holder of the lucky number will receive a top buggy
-John Calahan and M. Sullivan are in Chicago with stock this week.

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