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Description: Davenport and Scott County Send another Bunch of Men.

Date: July 29 1918

Newspaper published in: Davenport

Davenport and Scott County Will Send Another Bunch of Men to Uncle Sam Tuesday

About 120 selectmen from Scott county will leave at 10 o'clock Tuesday evening from Davenport for Lytle, Ga., to join other contingents at Camp Forrest. The call for Scott county includes 49 men from Board No. 1, 51 men from board No. 2 and 21 men from the Scott county board. Several of tese men will go to Camp Forrest from other places. There will be a special meeting at the quarters of each board at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to give the men final instructions.

During the afternoon R is planned to have a special drill for any of these registrants who care to report at Bander Veer park. The Scott county council of national defense will have charge of the entrainment of the men in the evening and expects to complete plans today for that event. It is thought that the usual program for honoring registrants leaving will be followed.

A revised list of the men who expect to go, including a few who will act as alternates, follows:
Board No. 1
Walt, Ackerman, 1008 1/2 West Sixth
Harry L. Miller, 1341 West Fourth
Anthony Siegfried, 1611 West Sixth
Henry F Grimm, 1307 Davie
LLoyd T Potter, 2115 West Fourth
Hugo Willliam Knuth, Dixon, Ia.
Henry Henschen, 1427 Union
Bernardt O. Schreck, 1727 Agnes
Carl Petersen, Montevidio, Minn.
Frank Roenfeldt, 2602 Diehn
Walter Moore, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Julius Walland, 195 Indian
Hugo E Peters, 1127 West Sixth
Albert O. Kurth, 327 1-3 Marquette
Henry Heuer, 808 1/2 West Third
Henry W. Riecke, 2431 Rockingham
Alfred F Bremer, 1362 1/2 West Third
Wiliam Schnoor, 1606 West Fourth
John Lapehn, 1701 Taney
S. Guglemeyer, 1515 Franklin
Rudolph Schultz, 1771 Union
Clement Otten, South and Davis
Ludwig Daniel Claussen, 609 Clark
Arne Chasan, 1415 1/2 Ripley
Otto Gilbert, 621 Division
Paul H. Schebler, 1123 West Sixth
Carl O.A. Andresen, 607 W. Fourth
Henry Wulf, 723 West Eleventh
E.J. Werthmann, 1104 West Fourth
Earl C Stickel, 1547 West Eighth
Henry A Hoffmann, 2302 Hancock
John H. Hagge, Indian Rd and Center
Grover H Lemburg, 1620 West Third
J.L. Philebar, 1448 1/2 Rockingham
A.J. Epping, 1428 Prairie
Carl J. Fick, 1035 West Sixth
J.J. Kambach, Jr. 116 S. Lincoln
Henry Hochmuth, 804 West Seventeenth
C.G. Riecke, 1718 1/2 Eola
Claus H. Martens, 2235 West Second
Harry H. Malone, 1434 West Fourth
Herman Lippen, Durant, Ia.
Arthur J. Wiegle, 1549 1/2 West Eighth
Jesse Thomas Ruick, Taney street
Edward F. Scheel, Davenport, Ia.
Fred B. Otten, 1031 West Third
E. Pechenschneider, 1118 West Locust
F.O. Goldschmidt, 1010 Western

Wm. Dittmann, Long Grove, Ia.

Harry L. Wakefield, 522 Camanche avenue, Clinton, Ia. laborer
Arthur Schorr, 326 Dover Ct ave, Clinton, Ia.
Martin J. Tracy, 2800 Eastern avenue.
Fred Christ Bein, 306 1/2 Brady street
Eldon I. McCrellias, 1124 East Thirteenth street
Thomas Wilson, 119 East Third street
James Brown, 208 East Fifth ave
Adolph J. Anderson, 329 West Tenth street
Edward J. Donegan, 2800 Harrison street
Louis L. Blackledge, 424 1/2 West Eighth street
Clarence R. Burgert, Box 30, Odebolt, Ia.
John Lee Holcomb, Bardolph, Ill.
Edgar L. Stafford, 315 East Twelfth street
Rosewell H. Robeson, 2304 Eastern avenue
Elmore Bascom, care Summerfield's Furniture Store.
Joseph H. Uken, 421 West Seventeenth street
Forrest L. Brownlie, 721 East thirteenth street
Ira C Thomas, Room 23, National Bank Bldg, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Olaf Nielsen, 617 Seventh avenue, South Minneapolis, Minnesota
Paul E Mead, R.F.D. No 5, Corydon, Iowa
Henry H. Shoemaker, 3413 1/2 Sixth avenue, Moline, Ill.
Paul Frederick, 215 West Eighth street
John F Traeger, Naven Fuel Co
Charles W. Powers, Hotel Davenport
Raymond M Reidy, 1217 Fulton avenue
John M Kurtz, 606 Main street
Henry R Dean, 413 Twelfth street, Moline, Ill.
Robert Burlingame, 150 South Pine street
Sylvester L Shanley, 746 Sixth street
Harry C Rindle, 1315 LeClaire street
Wm M Slattery, Atlantic Hotel
Ralph W Sterling, 926 East Sixth street
E.H. Hoehn, 121 Bridge avenue
Lawrence E Osborne, 413 East Sixth street
Waldo H Fahrner, 410 West Eighth street
John T Morey, Jr 116 West Sixth street
Lee A Murray 1048 Tremont avenue
Marinos Andonelos, 108 North Adams street, Peoria
Joseph W Crowder, 1006 East River street
Wm J Murray, 1046 Tremont avenue
Joseph Cools, 34 Porter street, Detroit, Mich.
Walter C Haeglee, Fulton, Ia, RR1
Herman Lamp, Jr 1216 Brady street
Gus M Brasch, 420 Eighteenth ave, Rock Island, Ill.
Arthur Schneider, 2531 Arlington ave
Henry W Wallarsh, 2002 Fair ave
John B Parker, YMCA, Memphis, Tenn.
Cecil R Noe, Gwinn, Ia.
James E McCabe, 523 Brady street
Michael F Connelly, 322 West fifth street
Fred S Weaver, 115 Harrison street

Scott County
Victor Mueller, Herman, Mo. RR1
John Eckstein, Walcott, RR3
Albert W Gruvell, West Branch, Ia.
Weaver A Davis, Montrose, Ia.
Frederick A Wessel, Long Grove, Ia.
Knute Nord, Bettendorf, Ia.
Freddie Nicholsen, Davenport, RR3
Ralph L Hobart, Lone Tree, Ia.
Clyde A Brown, LeClaire, Ia.
Henry E Voss, Davenport, RR1
Grover Zabel, Davenport, RR4
Julius Moeller, New Liberty, Ia.
Walter H Bickel, LeClaire
John E Frahm, Eldridge
James W Helsinger, Bettendorf, RR1
Axel A Ahlgren, Davenport, RR1
Harry Schmidt, Davenport, RR2
Alfred Arp, Davenport, RR3
William W Drummond, Donahue, Ia.
Peter P Freund, Davenport, RR1
Herbert A Michael, Davenport, RR1

James E Higgins, Bettendorf
Richard Thade, Bennett, RR2
John W McGraw, who registered with the board No. 2, was inducted into the tank corps, while at Sheffield, Ala. He is an iron worker.
Eltel F Boehlke asked to be transferred to Dickinson, N.D. Andrew C Wingler, will go August 5 instead of tomorrow because of the death of his mother near Kalona, Iowa.

Submitted: 05/27/05

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