The Cairo Bulletin
The Cairo Bulletin
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Description: Death of Charley Bullock

Date: September 7 1879

Newspaper published in: Cairo, Illinois

We have heard, in our time, of but few accidents or mishaps that involved the life of but a single person, that were more horrible or sickening in their details, than was that of yesterday morning, that resulted in the death of Charley BULLOCK. Mr. BULLOCK was a boiler-maker by trade, and worked in the shops at Centralia; but the business becoming slack, a year or two ago, he adopted the calling of railroad brakeman, and took a position on the Illinois Central. At Ashley, yesterday morning, he was in the act of adding a car or two to his train, and being on the left hand side of the train he concluded that he had time to cross over to the other side; and acting upon the idea he started across the track. When he gained a point midway between the rails the link in the bumper of the approaching car struck him in the stomach, and shoving him back against the bumper behind him, crushed its way entirely through his body - almost impaling him on the ring and two bumpers! Of course the poor fellow lived but a few minutes. It was a most shocking affair -- the mere description of it being sickening. The body of the poor fellow was tenderly cared for and conveyed to Centralia, where it will probably be buried. Deceased was a nephew, we understand, of Capt. John C. WHITE, of Cairo, and an industrious, circumspect young man who enjoyed the respect and confidence of all who knew him.

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