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The Houston Herald
The Houston Herald
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Killed By Her Brother.

Date: May 29 1902

Newspaper published in: Houston, MO

A dispatch to the Springfield Republican states that Willow Springs was the scene of another horrible accident Thursday afternoon of last week. Nora, the eight year old daughter of Fred HOLLOWAY was shot and instantly killed by her brother, Harry, aged 14 years.

Mr. HOLLOWAY lives a mile east of Willow Springs and his mother, Mrs. Ellen Springs and his mother, Mrs. Ellen HOLLOWAY, resided in a house on the opposite side of the road. The children were playing in their grandmother's house when the accident occurred. The latter was away from home at the time, being in Colorado on a visit.

Harry, it seems, had found an old rifle in the house. The rifle was one of those old fashioned powder and ball guns and it had neither lock nor hammer. Finding a box of caps and a hammer, the boy took the gun to the top of the stairway in the house. He placed a cap on the tube attached to the gun barrel and struck it a blow with the hammer. The report was almost deafening, as the powder in the barrel exploded when the cap went off.

Little Nora happened to be passing the bottom of the stairs just as the gun exploded, and the rifle ball with which the weapon was loaded struck her in the side and penetrated a vital spot. She ran outside the house and fell in the yard and in a few moments passed away.

The gun that the boy was playing with had not been used for at least five years, and it is quite likely that the load it contained had been in the weapon that long. It was one of those old fashioned weapons that have long since been laid away as relics of the early days.


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