Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
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Description: Huntington's Butter - How He Sold to A Fastidious Customer

Date: July 24 1885

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee Co., MS Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 3

How the Great Railroad Man
Managed to Suit a Fastidious Customer
Collis P. Huntington, the railway magnate, years ago kept a general store in Sacramento. One day a trader came in from a mining camp to buy stores and among other things he wanted butter. Huntington had several tubs brought from Orange County, the famous butter producing region of New York. The miners had all the good things that money would buy, and the storekeeper from the mining camp was bound to take back the best he could find.
"I want some bang-up butter," was the way the storekeeper from the camp signified his desire.
"Well," said Huntington, "here is some all the way from New York State, the real genuine Orange county article."
Huntington ran the trier down to the bottom of the tub, and the storekeeper ran his nose along it when it was pulled out.
"What's the tax on that grease?" he asked.
"That's thirty-five cents a pound," replied Huntington.
"Hain't you got something a leetle better?" asked the storekeeper.
"Yes," said Huntington, going to another tub of the very same kind of butter. He knew the storekeeper would not be satisfied if he did not show something better, and he was equal to the occasion. "Here's some for fifty cents," said Huntington, as he drew the trier out, and the storekeeper's nose followed it from one end to the other.
"Now, that's a little like it," said the storekeeper, "but," he added with a wink," "come now, hain't you got something that the flies won't settle on, that's fur-lined and hair-topped? There's nothing too good for us, and we've got the dust to pay for it."
"Yes," again said Huntington. "Here's something that we don't often bring out." The trier went down into the third tub of the same lot, and the storekeeper's nose followed the line of butter for the third time.
"How much is she assessed at?" asked the storekeeper, as he looked affectionately on the butter.
"Sixty-five cents a pound."
"You hain't got too much for me," said the storekeeper.

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