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The Buffalo Courier
The Buffalo Courier
Contributed by New York Contributors

Description: Partial List of Individuals Named in this Newspaper.

Date: January 10 1891

Newspaper published in: Buffalo, NY

Source: New York State Library Microfilm

Page/Column: Page 5 and 6

Page 5
E. L. Cook, Plumber, Fire, 99 Pearl Street
Thomas Toye, Owner, Fire, 99 Pearl Street
Howard Cary, Fireman, Injured, 99 Pearl Street

C. A. Haist, Abandoned Baby, 1043 Ellicott Street

Elections Merchants Exchange:
John N Scatcherd
George Sandrock
Rensselar W Daniels
John L Williams
Charles B Armstrong
H F Shuttleworth
Harlow C Palmer
William G. Heathfield
Howard H Baker
H D Folinsher
Pierre A Rosseel
Edward L Anthony
S S Guthrie
Robert R Hefford
George Clinton
F L Danforth
Thomas Hodgson
Phillip Houck
Walter J Shepard
Melvin Dunning
George H Wolcott
Arthur D Bissell
Harvey J Hurd
S M Clement, Jr
J H Rodebaugh
C H Gibson
H J Harvey
P G Cook, Jr
G S Gatchell
C A Warfield

Scientist's Meeting:
Frank W Low
Dr. Lucien M Howe

Richard Sharboeau, Injury

Francesca Gorski, Murder of her Baby, Trial, 143 Colt St
Special Riebold, Trial
Franceski Zratska, Trial

Frank Van Corf, Conductor, Injury

Michael Sullivan, Arrested
_______ Hammer, Arraigned
Fred C Walters
Arthur Bronson
George Baltz, Tax Collector

Marine News:
James Reid
E W Hudson
Proctor Josiah Cook
Thomas Tuney, Injury

Local Gleanings:
W F Ragan
James Mahoney
Eliza Crawford
Margaret Greer
Ernest Sempiel
William R Hart
Ferdinard W Suydam

Mrs. Newton, Robbery, 188 Swan Street

William Carson, Disappeared

Patrick Nolan, Arrest

New Lawyers:
Nathan M Clark
William Palmer
James Le Seur

Police Court:
Julius Schwander
Frank J Haas
Marjy Ignatz
Charles Woelkers
George Reinhart
Arthur Orcutt

St. Joseph's Alumni:
William J Dunphy
O. B. McNamara
M. J. Burns

Rev. William Hanley, Funeral
Pallbearers from Branch 20, C. M. B. A.:
Joseph Whitwell
John J Lynch
John E Cleere
J E Wellington
Harry Kalser
E C Calianan
J J Donovan
John Roche

Real Estate Transfers:
Adam Herrmann
Lettita Allen
Ann E Clark
Frederick Leibler
Hiram P Trull
Lafayette L Grove
George E Reid
Joseph Ehrenfield
Henry F LeBeau
James H Smith
Lillian M Best
Gottlieb E Willet
George L Thorne
Harvey L Brown
George H Thornton
Daniel Chadeayne
James McElroy
Helen E Gill
Frederick W Haake
A Frank Gorski
Franz Felski
John L Kohler
Solomon Kohler
Margaret Goetzmann
Guy C Martin
Frederick W Haake
George L Thorne
William W Pierce
Charles P Stein
Peter Leis
Harriet E Stafford
Lillian M Best
John Werner
John Leorenz
Ernest Leorenz
Frederick Schwartz
William Schwartz
Charles Groben
Margaret Leiblee
Samuel Zumstein
Charles Mayer

Niagara County News:
S. Cady Murray, Obituary

Chautauqua County:
A N Broadhead
F E Gifford
A C Wade
George E Maitby
T E Grandin
W J Corkery, Injury
Horace S Pemberton, Injury
John G Lonngren, Pardon
Maj. S Huntley
T G Barrett
S D Zahm
C W Beebe
J C Davis
George Clark
T G Barrett
T L Curway

Genesee County:
Le Roy Election
Peter Schlick
Frank Hoffman
Charles Daggs
Frank Kemp
M C Decker
John Brown
James Hewitt
Arthur Kavanaugh
Henry Moody
Dr. R Andrews
John Davey
George Emerson
M Bower
Charles Badey
J Snyder
W C Walker
M H Parme??
George Sacket

William H Prentice
W H Granger

Page 6
Banking Association Elections:
Michael Nellany
Frank Hammond
F J Riester
R Hutchison
Fred Greiner
R B Davenport
Charles M Greiner
R Harg
F R Hickman
R B Hoffman
Charles H Hofheins
L C Hope
Charles J North
Charles E Potter
Charles H Rodges
George Troup
Charles W Mann

National Saving and Loan Association of Mayville:
Hon. A A Van Dusen
W G Martin
N Y Elliott
C R Cipperly
C A Tinkcom
G E Leet
Herman Sixbey
J W Willet
D C Sixbey
W G Martin

George D Emerson, Special Census Agent
Charles F Schlagter, Obituary

The Women's Union:
Mary E Walker
Miss Wadsworth
Miss Caldwell

Court News:
New Attorneys Appointed:
Nathan M Clark
William Palmer
Montgomery Gibbs
Charles P Lotz
Achilles J Oshel
Lansing G Hoskins
A Ralph Serven
James A Le Seur
Charles S Orton
Glen G Dudley

Court Matters:
Charles A Griesa
Sanford R Knapp
Sophia Shaw
Miles Bradstreet
William S Pattison
Joseph H Delaney
Edward N Anderson
George W Crouch Jr.
Gustave Muller
William Hart
Elmer R Rowe
Augustus F Jedd
John Dick
Caroline Kelaar
Gilbert M Cooley
Alvin O Cooley
Isabel Sidway
Burton P Hooper
William Shepherd
Peter B Sicard
Dominicus Greeser
Roswell W Driggs
George W Ziegler
Warren F Miller
John C French
Jacob F Johnston
Louis M Kimball
Anna Schneeberger
Gabriel Reich
Harrison B Mixer
Nikolaus Schiemer
Louis Knell
Wilhelmina Freudenberg
Martha Berghauser
Hattie E Johnson
Huldal E Johnson
Mary Behmer
Thomas Behmer
Johanna Corrigan
Thomas Corrigan
Thomas Mack
Daniel Mack
Ambrose Hertkorn
Edwin G Rogers
James H Lee
George C Netter
Julius Rinz
William Goellner
Charles H Dodd

John Leichtnam, Obituary
Charles H Patterson, Death


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