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Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Governor Pardons Ben Jenkins

Date: January 29 1886

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee Co., MS Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 2

THE Governor of Louisiana has pardoned Ben Jenkins, who was sentenced to the penitentiary for life for killing Rev. J. L. Borden, in Mansfield, La., in 1883. Borden was president of the Mansfield Female College, and it was alleged, as a reason for the killing, that he had mad dishonorable advances toward a young lady pupil to whom Jenkins was engaged to be married. The Governor’s pardon was ostensibly based upon physicians’ certificates, stating that Jenkins was suffering from a serious disease which would result fatally unless he was released. The fact that Jenkins belonged to a wealthy and influential family furnishes the true reason for his release. The only surprise is that the farce of imprisoning him has been kept up as long as it has.


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Submitted: 12/07/17

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