Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: Our Trip To The Sunday School Convention at Trinity

Date: July 21 1887

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 1

Our Trip To The Sunday School
Convention at Trinity
On Saturday morning July the 16th as the glorious orb of day was rising in the Eastern horizon, in company with Messrs. W. A. Boger, L. S. Witt, C. H. _ooper and John A. Rogers, departed by private conveyance over the rough roads to the fair “Mountain City,” the ‘Athens’ of Morgan County. The drive was pleasant and the company agreeable. We noticed on the road some of the finest crops that we ever saw and passed through some of the most fertile lands of old Morgan. On our journey we viewed quite a number of neat farms and happy and contented homes, our heart leaped with pride as we looked upon them. At 11 a.m. we arrived at Trinity and found it to be the neatest and prettiest little town in North Alabama, surrounded by some of the most fertile lands in the South.
The duty of our visit was as a delegate to the Morgan County Sunday School Convention, so we hastened to the beautiful Methodist church where we found the Convention in session and the house filled with interested Sunday school workers, from all over the county. The President Dr. J. T. Banks was present and presided over the meeting with much dignity and grace. The secretary being absent Prof’s J. C. Ott and F. M. Davis were elected secretaries pro tem and Mr. W. A. Boger statistical secretary. Rev. M. N. _rris, the pastor of the Methodist church of Trinity in behalf of the Sunday School’s and the good people of the town and surrounding country extended not only a formal, but a hearty welcome to every Sunday School worker and visitor present.
The President responded to the address of welcome in behalf of the Convention. The names of the different schools and delegates were enrolled. Dinner was announced and we had the pleasure of dining at the residence of Mr. James Nevill, where we fared sumptuously.
The different delegates were each allotted homes and every preparation was made for the entertainment of all. We had the pleasure of stopping at the hospitable home of Rev. J. Gann, where we enjoyed ourselves very much.
Trinity is a beautiful little place, and is well suited to make a fine health resort, and the Trinity Land Company is lending every effort to accomplish the work. We hope that their efforts will be crowned with success. A more generous, liberal, warm-hearted, hospitable, open-mined, tolerant, peaceful and law-abiding class of people cannot be found than those that live in and around Trinity.
At Trinity, they have perpetual sunshine—save at night—and cloudy days; tis’ there where nature and art combine and make a spot suitable for a dwelling place of noble people—generous __ns, pure sweet daughters live there among the perfumed zephyrs which flitter from the violet and the rosebud to fan their cheeks with health freighted beings—sweet as a poet’s dream. Where the bright winged butterfly chases the golden sunbeam through the wide spreading oaks and in at the open windows of a happy habitations, and with the dawn of day come the songs of many birds from their orchards and gardens. There the sky is a little purer, and stars brighter, the flowers sweeter and fresher than elsewhere. There is no section of Alabama that is more favored and has more fair and accomplished women than the Trinity country. We were perfectly delighted with that section of old Morgan, and am proud that we visited it on this occasion for we spent moments of sunny joy, and radiant pleasure and will be remembered until life is extinguished in the utter annihilation of death. They are traced indelibly on the pages of our heart, in the velvet volume of memory, and clasped by the hand of omnipotence. On Sunday eve with reluctance, with our party we bid farewell to Trinity and started for home and arrived at 8 p.m. feeling glad that we had made the trip.


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